Chapter 185: In the Royal Capital

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When Nico’s group, or rather, Prince Albert’s group returned from the matchmaking in Farland, it was already the season of young leaves sprouting in the royal capital. That is, it was spring when I returned. 

“Lei!” Otou-sama’s voice echoed in the mansion. I’m usually in my room, so there’s no point in shouting at such a distance. 

“Otou-syama ish woowing for me! Hansh!” (Otou-sama is looking for me! Hans!)

“Yes? I think it’s useless.”


“Yes, okay.”

Hans picked me up, took a quick look around the room, and gently lowered me to the edge of the bay window. I sucked in my stomach as much as I could and stood up straight against the window curtains. 

“Your stomach is showing a bit.”

“Hans!” It wasn’t me who was offended by Hans’s rude words. It was Natalie. Natalie has been doing a lot of things for me lately. Of course, she also scolds Hans for being rude. 

“It’s cute because her stomach is sticking out!”

“Nathawie come here.”


Rather, why am I surprised?

No, this isn’t the time to be asking this. The voice that was calling my name was coming closer. 

Hans stepped back to an inconspicuous spot by the entrance, while Natalie wandered around looking for rubbish that wasn’t even on the floor.


The door opened with a bang and Otou-sama flew into the room. Why didn’t Otou-sama knock?


He looked around the room and wondered why I wasn’t here.


“I’m here.”


“Yes? Pardon me, I’m in the middle of cleaning.”

The two of them tried to deceive Otou-sama.

However, such small tricks didn’t work.

“Lei! Hide and seek?”

He found me in an instant. His experience in this is definitely different from the little ones from Farland. 

“Th-thhere wash a bird outhshide.” (Th-there was a bird outside)

Let’s pretend that I wasn’t hiding but watching a bird. 

“A bird? If you want to watch birds, then I can have them fed outside the window.”

“No. Thish ish thhe shecond fwoor.” (No. This is the second floor)

It’s a room without a balcony for security. How would he feed them outside my window? 

Otou-sama quickly scooped me up in his arms as I was thinking about this and turned to leave the room. 

“Milord, where are you going?” Hans called out like a guard. 

“My office. I can’t do my job without Lei by my side.”

I think people wouldn’t be able to work with children around. 

I love Otou-sama and I want to spend as much time with him as possible. However, Otou-sama seemed to have become much more anxious during the little time we were apart, and he won’t leave me alone for a short while when he was home. 

I didn’t have to go to the castle as I have just returned, so I will be back at the castle next week. But Otou-sama has work to do and he has to go to the castle. Maybe that was why he came home earlier than usual, but because of that, he also brought his work home with him and ended up staying in his office. 

And, he watches me loiter around his office as he works. 

Frankly, it’s a pain in the butt.

“Lei-sama, let’s give up.”

“Hans, what are you talking about?”

Otou-sama looked suspiciously at Hans, who had spoken to me very quietly. Well, I guess he’s only coming home this week, and it’ll work out somehow since I’ll be going back to the castle next week. Babies also need time alone. I clung tightly to Otou-sama’s neck for now.

“Were you lonely too, Lei?”


A lot of things happened, and I was with Nii-sama at night, so I can’t say that I had time to feel lonely. 

Unlike a baby, Nii-sama couldn’t get special leave, so he had to go back to the dormitory as soon as he returned. I thought that Nii-sama would grieve, but he went back to the dormitory without complaining. 

“I’m going to gather information on what has happened while I wasn’t here. It’s rare for a noble from another country to visit, and it’s also rare for the Four Marquises and royals to meet with a noble from Frontier. I’m sure they’ll be all sorts of rumours flying around.”

Is that something a twelve year old thinks about? I looked at Nii-sama in admiration, and he patted my head and smiled. 

“Of course, I’m thinking about meeting with Remington and Molesey. I’ll have you come with me then.”

“Chrish! I have a preshenths for her!” (Chris! I have presents for her!)

“Aren’t you seeing Chris next week?”

Nii-sama chuckled at my excitement. The Remington and Molesey that Nii-sama was referring to was Felicia and Mark. In other words, the heirs of the Four Marquises. 

I feel bad, but I’m glad I’m in a comfortable position. 


After a week of not resting and resting, I’m going to the castle with Otou-sama today.

“Hmm, hmm, hmmm.”

“Kyee.” The Rug Dragon replied from outside of the carriage.

“I never thought that you would be so close to Prince Nicholas that you would look forward to going to the castle that much,” Otou-sama smiled wryly. It’s fine for me to have a good time, but it’s complicated to be good friends with royalty. 

I tapped the package on my lap.

“I’m woowing forward tho giving Chrish her preshenths.” (I’m looking forward to giving Chris her presents)

“I see.”

Of course, it’s fun to see Nico, but I’m meeting Chris for the first time in a long time. I’m looking forward to giving her the gifts that I’d collected from the northern fief. 

When I got to the castle, Chris was probably looking forward to seeing me because she was already waiting at the castle for me with a smiling Felicia. Of course, Nico was next to them. 



I had Hans help me down from the carriage and ran up to Nico and Chris. 

“Chrish, are you weww?”

“Of course! I even had a blind date.”

Chris crossed her arms and turned away in anger. I was curious about Felicia, who had a complex expression on her face next to Chris. 

“Amazing!” I don’t know what’s amazing, but I said it anyway. Besides, doesn’t she want me to ask how it went? And, I also want to give her the presents. 

“Lei, what’s that?”

“Nico, ith’sh thhoshe thhingsh.”

“Those things, huh.”


Nico looked at me questionably. Rude. 

“Let’s go to the library first. I studied hard last week, so Odds-sensei gave me the day off.”

“Nico, nice!”

I only spent time with Otou-sama last week. The royals sure have it hard. I have to praise him.

“Alright! Let’s go!”



Thus, life returned to normal.