Chapter 186: Presents

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When we got to the library, which was also the classroom, Chris fidgeted and looked like she wanted to say something. Is it about the blind date?

“Hey, Lei.”


“I’m curious about that box, about that box you’re holding.”


I held the bag and puffed out my chest. 

“Thish ish a preshenth from my triph.” (This is a present from my trip)

“It wasn’t a trip, we were inspecting the fief,” Nico said seriously. At first, but I felt like we had just played around since we got to Ojii-sama’s fief. Then, I’ll rephrase it, “Thish ish preshenths from thhe inshpecthion.”

“Show me!”

I sat down on the carpet, flipped open the box and opened it on the floor.

“Wow, huh? What’s this?” Chris’s delight changed to confusion. 

“Preshenths. I picwed thhem up from everywhere.”

The presents that I had spread out onto the floor were collected from all over the place. First, I picked up a flat and slightly bluish stone. 

“Thish ish a shthone from Miwsh Lawe.” (This is a stone from Mils Lake)

“Mils Lake is here. It’s to the northwest of the royal capital.” I thought that Odds-sensei wouldn’t be here since we didn’t have class, but he was here. He immediately drew a map on the blackboard and explained where Mils Lake was.

I stood up with the flat stone in my hand and imitated throwing it to the side. 

“Ith fwiesh on thhe wather if you thhrow ith wiwe thhish.” (It flies on the water if you throw it like this)

“I don’t know what Lei is saying.”

“Lei, it’s like this, right?”

Nico picked up another stone and did the same thing. 

“If you throw it like this onto the water’s surface, then the stone will bounce over the water.”

“What?! That’s amazing!”

“Ith’sh becaushe thhe shthone ish fwath.” (It’s because the stone is flat)

“You’re right! The stones are flat.”

I don’t think there’s much difference from how Nico explained it and how I explained it though. Why does Chris look like she understood him well? Fine. Let’s move onto the next item. 

“And I cowwecthed a woth of them.” (And I collected a lot of them)

The stones varied from bluish to reddish ones, and if you looked closely, there was a mix of different stones in there as well. Everyone went up to the stones and looked at them.

“I guess the waves from Mils Lake rubbed the stones together and the edges were grinded down to form round stones,” even Odds-sensei picked up a stone and explained this to us while demonstrating how the waves would rub the stones together. 

I picked up another stone and showed it to them. 

“Thish pointhy shthone ish from Purgathory Ishwand.” (This pointy stone is from Purgatory Island)

“Lei, you picked up stones in that situation?” 

Nico looked amazed, but I picked this up before everything happened.

“Really!? Leila-sama, that island is….! Don’t tell me His Highness went as well?”

“H-hmm. I think I went.”

Nico averted his gaze.

“And thish ish hepathica.”

Odds-sensei seemed like he was going to start lecturing, so I interrupted him. I accidently mentioned Purgatory Island, but I didn’t want to tell him, I just forgot for a moment that it was a secret.

“The flower is flat.”

“Thish ish withhered. If you puth ith intho a boow, thhen ith’ww go fwath wiwe thhish.” (This is withered. If you put it into a book, then it’ll go flat like this)

When I returned, the maids stuck it onto a piece of paper with glue.

“Ith mawesh a good boowmarw.” (It makes a good bookmark)

“You can see the flower whenever you want. It’s amazing.”

Chris was happy with this.

“Thish ish a cave shthone.” (This is a cave stone)

“Lei-sama, what the hell did you do?” Hans said in amazement. That’s rude of you to say that. 

“I picwed ith up shince ith wash where I feww.” (I picked it up since it was where I fell.”

“So, turning anything to profit means this.”

“I didn’th thrip. I feww.” (I didn’t trip. I fell)

“That’s even worse.”

Isn’t it fine since I didn’t fall because I wanted to.

“Look, this stone is black.”

“You’re right. There’s something different about this stone.”

It seemed like Chris understood how valuable the stone is.

“Aren’t these stones unique to the northern hills?” Odds-sensei looked at all the stones.

“There wash a cave ath Ojii-syama’s manshion.”

“I knew it. I see, that’s very interesting.”

After enjoying my presents, Nico signalled the maid to bring a small box. 

“This is my present to Chris.”

“What is it?”

It was a small box without any ribbons on it. I looked at it curiously. 

Chris opened the box and a loud sound echoed in the room. There was a beautiful green stone inside.

“It’s a malachite from Wellington Mountain which is located on the other side of Mils Lake. It’s beautiful to look at, but I also heard that a lot of people make brooches out of it.”

It was quite different from the malachite that I remember, but I guess this is what the power of a Prince is all about. 

“Nico, thanks.” Chris smiled happily. Then, she looked at me, “Thanks Lei,” and smiled happily. Chris has also grown since she could say thank you now. I nodded and there was a knock at the door. Then, a group of maids came in pushing carts. 

Natalie stepped forward and coughed. 

“This is a present to everyone from Leila-sama.”

Everyone was confused since there were sweets and tea on the carts even though it was a present. 

“We have recreated the secret recipes from Earl Coulter’s mansion, which Leila-sama has asked the chefs to teach her. The only place where you can eat these sweets in the royal capital is the Albans mansion.” Natalie proudly emphasized the words, ‘secret’, ‘Leila-sama’, and ‘asked’. This evoked a shout of joy from the castle maids. Odds-sensei also looked happy. He must actually have a sweet tooth. 

“Hmm. Well then, let’s take a break and have some tea.”

“Sweethsh! Importhanth!”

“What do they taste like? I can’t wait to eat them!”

It’s okay to have days without studying.