Chapter 187: Join Us

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The week started with presents, and neither Nico nor I fell ill, probably because we rested for a week. Once today ends, it will be the weekend, so it’s a day off. So, “Today ish thhe day Nii-syama comesh home!”

“It’s the tree-climbing day.”

Chris only comes to the castle on days her sister, Felicia, does, so she doesn’t come every day, therefore she didn’t know if she would be able to take Nii-sama’s class until the given day.

“I’ll be here today!”

“Chris, ladies do not bounce around in public.” Felicia escorted Chris to the castle and scolded her for bouncing. I stared at them. Chris is at the castle today. 

I listened to their conversation and secretly learnt that it was alright to bounce when I grow up as long as it wasn’t in public. 

After all, their example is valuable to me since I don’t have any adult women around me. 

“Lei-sama, you’re thinking too much.”

“I’m noth.”

I’m not thinking. I’m just learning. Actually, Felicia seemed very busy, and she never came to teach me etiquette even though she said she would. I’m aware that I’m a two-year-old who didn’t have to worry about etiquette right now.

“Then, I’ll come back this afternoon,” Felicia smiled and said before going back to her work at the castle.

“Ish Fewicia shthudying thoday?” (Is Felicia studying today?) I asked Chris and she pulled Nico and I to a corner for a bit. But the maids and guards were still close enough to hear what we were talking about.

“No. Nee-sama said she wanted to join us during Luke’s class.”


“Yeah. But, you know, it’s a secret.” Chris put a finger to her mouth and made a shushing gesture. Nico crossed his arms and looked conflicted. 

“Why? Luke’s classes are easy to understand.”

His face said that there was no reason to keep it a secret.

“Nee-sama said a lot of things, but I couldn’t understand much. But, it’s a secret.”

“I don’t know.”

I turned to Hans. It’s too hard for me to explain, and it wouldn’t be a secret if Odds-sensei heard this.

“Ah, I’ll be talking to myself from now on,” Hans began talking without looking at us.

“Firstly, Felicia-sama has already graduated from the Academy, but is being taught by a younger Academy student. Secondly, they’re supposed to be equal, but her position is lower if she is taught by him.”

“Isn’t it fine to learn something you don’t know from someone else?”

“That’s why Felicia-sama will be here in the afternoon, right?”

“I see,” Nico seemed like he understood.

“However, even if the person who is learning is alright with this, it doesn’t mean that others will be. Some people might not like it, and if they find out, they could stop her from learning.”

“Hans, language.” Natalie chimed Hans since his words were getting more casual. 

“I’m talking to myself.”

“Hansh, thhanwsh.”

I understood. What about Nico?

“Some people won’t like it. They’ll stop her. That’s…”

“Nico, weth’sh go,” I interrupted Nico.

“Lei wanthsh Fewicia tho come. I’ww weep ith a shecreth.” (Lei wants Felicia to come. I’ll keep it a secret)

“Me too.”

“Lei and Chris,” Nico thought for a moment.

“A secret? Alright. Let’s go.”

It’ll be troublesome if he keeps asking about this. I’ve never heard anything about the Remingtons. But, at my debut, and from my association with Chris and Felicia, I had a vague idea that the Remington House seems to be in trouble. 

There wasn’t much a two-year-old could do. But I can at least do something that wouldn’t hold back someone from learning. 

“Lei will fall asleep anyhow.”

“Nico thhath’sh rude.”

Either way, I’m looking forward to the afternoon.



First was a hug. For some reason, we had the habit of lining up in order, Nico, me and then Chris, to wait for Nii-sama and Gill to hold us. 

“Oh, Chris is here too?”

“We have to treat everyone the same or else it’ll be unfair.”

“Then, okay.”

She had gotten pretty big at five, but Nii-sama held her in his arms without dropping her and smiled softly as he spun Chris around.


“That’s good.”

“Lei wanthsh tho do thhath thoo.”

“Alright. Oh, Felicia.” 

This was the first time that Nii-sama noticed Felicia who was smiling at Chris. By the way, Gill was holding Nico up high. He noticed Felicia at the same time as Nii-sama.

“Do you want to try, Felicia?”

“I’m fine,” Felicia refused straight away.

“I came here since I wanted to study with Chris today.”


Nii-sama gently lowered Chris. Oh, it’s supposed to be my turn. 

“Felicia, you’re already 16. You’ve already graduated from the Academy and should have started practicing how to channel your magic. I may have something to learn from you, but I don’t think you have anything to learn from me.”

Nii-sama looked suspiciously at Felicia. 

“It’s because I’ve just started training. I don’t think I’m weak, but I don’t seem to be as strong as Okaa-sama requires me to be.”

Indeed, I don’t think Felicia’s magic power is inferior to Gill’s or Marks. What’s there to be displeased about?

“I should have enough magic, but if I can’t use it well, then I have to train.”

That’s true, but why is she asking Nii-sama to train her?

Nii-sama has been trained by Otou-sama since he was ten. It would be fine if the Remingtons did that as well. I’m sure Nii-sama is trying to say this. But Gill interrupted before Nii-sama could open his mouth.

“Luke, Mark and I were also trained by the Albans. I don’t think it matters if a Remington joins us.”

“Gill.” Nii-sama’s eyes were asking him why he was defending Felicia. 

“Again, you don’t have to teach me. I’ll watch what Chris does and learn for myself what I’m missing. I just want you to allow me to be present and learn something from this. And…” Felicia looked down for a moment.

“I don’t want Okaa-sama and Otou-sama to know about this.”

“Some people don’t like it, and will stop Felicia,” Nico muttered.

“So that’s what it means?”

That’s what it means. 

“We’re not doing much, but you can observe if you want. I also want to observe Lei’s, my sister’s class.”

Nii-sama only smiled at Felicia. ‘Sisters are important, aren’t they? You can observe. Whatever you do during that time doesn’t concern me, so I won’t tell anyone,’ that was what Nii-sama was saying.

“Thanks, Luke. And Gill.”

Felicia smiled in relief and became our study buddy from today onwards.