Chapter 188: I’m Only Two

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

We began our training by swaying magic to feel our magic. Chris has done it a few times before, so she knows the procedure. 

Felicia, who said she would just watch, was surprised to see an unfamiliar training method. She was worried about whether Chris was okay and began to fret about whether she could do it too. 

She was really just watching, but it was annoying to see her act like that. Nii-sama must have thought the same because he spoke to her, “Felicia, would you like to try for a bit?”

“No, hmm. I’m just watching.”

“It’s fine for you to join in with the children.”

“Really?” She fidgeted as she spoke. 

Isn’t she cute? 

“I’ll help sway your magic.”

“No thanks.”

She shut Gill down. Well, it’s a bit sensitive for a woman to hold hands. 

“Then, Lei wiww do ith.”

“Oh my. Is that alright?”

I think she’s figured out that I was mentoring Nico and Chris even though I’m small. Felicia is also quite a good judge of character. 

“Lei wiww channew magic from here.”

“You’re channelling it through my right hand. Channelling magic is a mystery.”

“Ai. See.”

“Oh my!” Felicia raised her voice in surprise and tried to take her hand away from mine. She can take her hand away, but it’s easier to control if our hands are connected. 

Nii-sama advised her, “Try to sway your magic just like that.”

“Sway magic instead of circulating it.”

Felicia closed her eyes and her body swayed. That should be enough. I let go.

“Oh, it’s shifted. Curious.”

“Then circulate your magic slowly like you normally do.”

“Alright. But…” 

Felicia opened her eyes and was troubled. 

“I can’t circulate my magic well since it’s shifted.”

“Realising that is the key to using your magic well.”

Nii-sama laughed since she had noticed this. 

“I thought the same with Mark, but Felicia, I don’t think your magic nor Mark’s is inferior at all. It’s just that the way you circulate your magic is wasteful.”

“I’ve been training how to circulate my magic for years.”

Gill nodded as if that was the case.

When I was still too young to walk, Otou-sama didn’t seem to have taken much interest in Nii-sama. Nevertheless, he began training Nii-sama’s magic at home at the same time Nii-sama started training his magic at the Academy. 

Which meant that all the Four Marquises properly train their successors. Of course, that included the Lisburn’s, Gill’s House.

“In addition to that, I discuss with Luke and train by myself.”

“Giww amazing!”

“Well, yeah.”

I think it’s truly amazing that Gill didn’t care that Nii-sama is younger than him. 

“I think you’re only aware that you’re circulating your magic around, but like water seeping out of a wet cloth, your magic is seeping out and becoming useless,” Nii-sama explained. This wasn’t explained to Nico and Chris since small children would have trouble understanding the theory even if you explain it to them. All that matters right now is that they have fun moving their magic around.

“Think of it as trying not to force it out of your body.”

To be precise, you can force it out. For example, it’s like making a round ball outside of your body when you make a barrier. The important thing is to not let magic leak out from there. 

“So, does that mean I’m not channelling all my magic into the magic stones when I’m doing it?”

“Probably. I’ve never seen you do it before, so I can’t say.”

Felicia’s quick to understand, and she’s too serious. I looked into Felicia’s eyes and smiled.

“Fewicia, magic ish inthereshthing.”

“Interesting? No, handling magic is the duty of the Four Marquises. It’s not interesting.” Felicia reminded me rather politely as if she was reprimanding me. That’s probably how she tells it to Chris as well. 

“Nii-syama, magic shthone pweashe.”


I received a small magic stone from Nii-sama. This is used for light. I gently channelled my magic into the magic stone. Felicia tried to stop me but gave up. We’re the teachers right now. 

“Thish wiww thurn intho money.”

““Money?”” Chris and Felicia’s voices overlapped. 

“Thish ish a job. Channew magic in. Then itsh becomesh shweethsh bread.” (This is a job. Channel magic in. Then it becomes sweets and bread)

“Puff it becomes sweets? By doing this?” Chris was surprised. Nico was also looking at the magic stone with new eyes. To them, magic stones were used for the barrier, and they don’t feel that it is a necessity of life. 

“There aren’th many magic ushersh.” (There aren’t many magic users)

“That’s why there’s jobs for channelling magic into magic stones in town. Those stones become light and heat to cook,” Nii-sama added.

“Sway magic. Channew ith outh. Magic becomesh bread.”

“Isn’t bread just a little too different?”

“Food ish importhanth.”

Hans interrupted me and huffed at my serious reply. 

“I’m sorry, Lei-sama. Bread is important, isn’t it?”

“Ai.” I nodded firmly. In the end, it ends up like this. 

“Magic ish inthereshthing. You can pway withh ith.” (Magic is interesting. You can play with it)

Felicia had her mouth agape, then quickly closed it. I see. Having your mouth agape isn’t lady-like. I made a note in my mind. 

“Lei and I also practice moving our magic before bed. Although, that’s just for fun.”

“Me too. I don’t have any siblings, so I do it alone.”

Nii-sama and Gill also spoke. Gill seemed a bit lonely when he said he did it alone.

Chris, who had been silently listening to our conversation, bounced up and down. Ladies shouldn’t bounce, should they? But Felicia was too confused to pay her any attention. 

“It’s simply fun.”

“It’s fun.”

You can just simply enjoy it like Chris. Felicia’s face lit up. 

“You’re right. We can do this together whenever we want since we’re home together.”

“Yay! I get to practice magic with Nee-sama!”

Since then, Felicia has been coming to class every week, and she had completely forgotten about the etiquette classes that she was supposed to teach since she was so busy with Nii-sama’s class. But that’s fine with me. Since, “I’m shthiww onwy thwo.” (I’m still only two)

I stretched my index and middle finger.

“Lei-sama, your thumb is out too, so you’re three.”

“Don’th woow ath thhe thumb.” (Don’t look at the thumb)

“… So, you’re around two, yeah?”


I don’t need to learn about etiquette right now.