Chapter 193: The Castle on Top of the Hill

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

It was already spring.

“We’re going to the Rug Dragon stables today.”




“… Okay.”

Today is Mark’s teaching day. We responded cheerfully to mark while raising our hands. The last small voice was Felicia. 

“Felicia, if you want to be a student, then you should reply in a louder voice.”


Nico said something plausible, but it was terrible to ask an adolescent girl to match the rhythm of children. But Felicia embarrassingly raised her hand half-way up. 

“Like this? Okay!”

I think all the guards fell down. Felicia looked cute as she hugged Chris and smiled embarrassingly. 

“Hmm. That’s good.”

But the only thing that seemed to matter to the three year old was Felicia raising her hand. He folded his arms and nodded in a pompous manner. 

“Though I’ve never actually been there either.”


Nico looked at me as if it was strange.

“Because a carriage would be ready for you when you need it. See.” 

Indeed, there was a carriage ready to go to the stables in Mark’s line of sight. 

“I only know a little bit more about the castle than you guys. That’s why I research beforehand on days when we have classes and it’s my first time going to most of them. In fact, that was the first time I went to the greenhouse too. Haha.”

“Mawk…” I couldn’t help but look at Mark in amazement, but after thinking about it, it seemed rather strange if he did know a lot about the castle. I’m grateful if he really did do his research before he took us out. 

“Well, I heard that there are five stables, so let’s hurry and visit them all~.”


This was surprising.

“There’s a separate pasture and they only bring the Rug Dragons there when needed. They also take care of the Rug Dragons that visit the castle.”

I’m definitely learning something. Then, we rode the carriage and took a tour to the stables. 

Even though they were called stables, they all had small pastures attached to them, and the Rug Dragons seemed to be spending their time in a relaxing manner. 




I called out and the Rug Dragons came up to me. 

How rare, ride me, I could tell that was what they were saying, but I shook my head. 

“I’m noth riding. I’m onwy vishithing thoday.” (I’m not riding. I’m only visiting today)

Really? You can ride me anytime, they put their noses against me, and I laughed. Chris and Nico were also snuzzled by the dragons. They were teasing us. 

“The Rug Dragons really seem to love you Lei.”

“Lei awsho wovesh thhem.” (Lei also loves them)


Somehow, all the Rug Dragons, no matter which stable they came from, knew us. It’s a mystery. 

The castle stood in the middle of the royal capital, atop a slightly elevated hill. We went around the castle by visiting each of the stables. I don’t know how much time this would have taken had we not been in a carriage. 

“The castle is located in the middle of the royal capital, so we have no choice but to hold the castle if we’re surrounded by enemies.”

Mark muttered just as we were about to return to our usual location. I don’t know if he wanted Nico to hear this or Felicia. 

But I don’t think that’s possible. The castle standing at the top of the small hill is quite large. I don’t think the other three territories have enough men to surround it. But Mark said something surprising, “The royal capital has never been attacked even if there have been skirmishes on the borders of Kingdom. Do you know why?”

“Because they can’t hurt people who can create barriers,” Nico replied seriously. Felicia looked straight at Mark.

“I think it’s the other way around, Prince Nico.”

“What do you mean?”

Mark started saying something difficult, “I think it’s because they only need to hold down the royal family and the Four Marquises if they want to capture Kingdom.”

“But then the barrier would be gone. What about the citizens?”

“You’re right, Your Highness. Your Highness is a good boy.” Mark patted Nico’s arm.

I turned away from Mark and looked out the carriage. The citizens who are being protected by the barrier were there. 

They may fight over fief, or the rights to Rug Dragons, but there has never been a territory that has wanted to destroy Kingdom. 

But Mark was asking what would happen if the enemy didn’t care about Kingdom’s people. 

“Mark, even if they can hold down the royal family and the Four Marquises for a while, those who can’t protect the people can’t rule Kingdom,” Felicia answered quietly. That’s correct. Felicia was able to think of things from the standpoint of protecting the people. 

But what if they didn’t want to protect or rule over the people? 

I shivered. 

“Lei, we’re almost there, hang on.”


“You should have relieved yourself at the last stable.”

“Thath’sh noth ith!”

What are you saying to a one-year-old when her diaper has slipped? It’s something even a smart toddler would have trouble with.