Chapter 194: Gill’s Secret

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Within a month of returning from the northern fief, my life settled down and began to revolve around a set rhythm. 

After eating breakfast with Otou-sama in the mornings, I would go to the castle, and spend the morning studying, drawing and reading books with Nico. By the way, drawing and reading were two things that I had Odds-sensei gradually add to the schedule. 

It’s pointless for a two year old and an almost four year old to spend three hours a day studying. Odds-sensei had us review the places we visited in the north, and he has become more flexible with his lessons compared to before, but he still gets boring in the middle of the lessons. 

It’s nice to move my hands while drawing or reading a book. As the weather got warmer, we went outside to look at plants and catch bugs. 

“Ah.” I quickly caught a lizard while basking in the sun. 

“Lei-sama is only quick with things like this.”

“I’m awwaysh quicw.”

“Lei-sama, I don’t want it.”

“I’m noth giving ith tho you Nathawie.”

Our guards and maid are a bit rude. 

“Lei, what’s wrong?” Nico, who had been chasing a butterfly, came up to me.

“Nico cup your handsh.”

“Cup? Like this?”

I gave Nico all sorts of things, so he knew exactly what I meant when I said cup your hands. He cupped his hands and held it out to me.


I gently placed the small lizard that I had caught into Nico’s hand.


The lizard stayed still for a while, then it flickered its little tongue into the air and crawled onto Nico’s wrist before jumping down to the ground.

“Ah, it’s gone!” Nico looked at the lizard with sparkling eyes, then grieved.

“Ith’sh oway, I’ww cathch ith again.”

I have a knack for catching lizards. I have been able to do it since I was one, and I have no blind spots. I crossed my arms with a huff.

“Lei, you’re not crossing your arms. No, are you crossing them?”

“Unfortunately, you’re almost there Lei-sama.”

Apparently, I’ve been making progress too.

“Catch it again like that Lei.”

“Ai! Leave ith tho me.”

Nico wasn’t going to catch it himself. Is it because he’s a Prince?

After spending my mornings like this and having proper exercise in the afternoon, I take a nap as usual. 

Halfway through the week, Chris and Felicia would join us here. 

Then, Mark would come during the middle of the week and take us on a tour of some part of the castle in the morning. On the day before the weekend, Nii-sama and Gill would come to the castle and all the children of the Four Marquises would train their magic. 

The magic training which seemed like playing didn’t seem enough for the older heirs, and it changed to full-fledged training when a big magic stone from the Albans House was brought out while we, little ones, were swaying our magic. 

That meant that Nii-sama received permission from Otou-sama to bring it here. Nii-sama told us to keep it a secret from our parents, but they’ll probably find out right away.

I asked Nii-sama about this at night while we were practicing our magic. 

“Yes, Mark said it’s better not to inform our parents’ generation, but the royal guards are watching us in the first place. First of all, I’m sure Prince Lambert would have been informed of this.”

“Lam-ojisama acthuawwy wanthsh tho come and wathch ush.”

“I think he’s holding back. I talked to Mark and Prince Albert, so I’m sure he’s holding back.”

Nii-sama and I looked at each other and smiled wryly.

It was easy to picture that Nico’s curious father was itchy to do something but was holding back for Nico. 

“So whath abouth Otou-syama?”

“I’ve told Otou-sama,” Nii-sama said clearly so I laughed. 

“I almost went along with Mark. No, I think he’s right. I’m glad that he boldly declared that the children need to get stronger. But it’s better to talk to our parents and get them to help us instead of keeping it a secret from them. However, the Remingtons…. It’s better not to let them know,” Nii-sama said. 

“That’s why we do it properly once a week, and for the other times, we do things that won’t allow anyone to breathe a word about it.”

“Lei, Nico and Chrish awsho wnow ith’sh a shecreth.” (Lei, Nico and Chris also know it’s a secret)

“You’re great.”

Nii-sama patted my head. I’m a two year old who has no one to gossip to.

The next week after Nii-sama’s class, Gill came over to our house since it became clear that he couldn’t keep it a secret from his parents. He came over often on his days off, but he rarely came over on weekdays. 

We went in different carriages, but after having dinner together and playing, Gill was with us when I talked with Nii-sama, and he was staying over too.

“Giww! Thish bed ish yoursh! Thish ish Lei’s and Nii-syama’s.”

I was excited since it was rare for someone to be here. Nii-sama and I also slept in the guest room with Gill.

“Lei, calm down.”


Nii-sama caught me while I was excited and lowered me onto the bed. Then he sat down next to me and looked at Gill.

“Gill, what did you need to talk about?”


I hadn’t realised this, but it seemed like he had something to say. 

“I’m getting better at making barriers.”

I stopped on reflex and was about to congratulate him when I suddenly realised. Is this good news?

“I did teach you how to do it, but I’m surprised you were able to do it on your own. Amazing,” Nii-sama was genuinely praising him, so I guess I should congratulate him. 

“You two used the barrier to inform each other of your positions in the northern fief, right? I was honestly envious at that time, and after feeling the barrier on my skin a lot of times, I felt like I had grasped it.”

“I shee.”

I nodded in understanding, but why is Gill smiling?

“I haven’t heard you say I shee in a long time.”

“I, I see,” I corrected myself. You should tell me if you noticed this. 

“We’ll know if you make a barrier. You want us to see if you’ve actually done it, right?”


“Alright,” Nii-sama agreed strongly. 

Then, the three of us sat in a circle on a bed.

“I’m making it. Barrier.” 

Magic spread around Gill in a circle. The magic slowly changed into a barrier. 

“Ah, it changed into a barrier…” Nii-sama, who was squinting and feeling magic, blurted. But his eyes immediately widened. I also gasped and shuddered at the same time.

“Giww ith’sh thoo big!”

“Stop your magic!” Nii-sama grabbed Gill’s arm and Gill stopped his magic in surprise. 

“Is your body alright?!”

“Ah, yeah. It’s no big deal.”

*THUMP THUMP THUMP* There were knocks at the door as if interrupting Gill.

“Ah, Otou-sama noticed because it was too big.”

“Crap. My father’s going to find out.”

How much should we keep secret and how much should we tell? It was a difficult question for us too.