Chapter 195: Sloppy

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

There was a knock on the door, Otou-sama slammed the door open and walked in without waiting for an answer, “You didn’t tell your father that you were having fun, oh, Gill.”

“Otou-sama…” Nii-sama looked at Otou-sama with disappointment. 

“Oh yeah, you were going to stay with Gill in this room today. I see, so this is the guest room?”

He came to the source of the barrier as soon as he found out where it originated from, but he finally realised that it wasn’t Nii-sama’s room nor mine. Otou-sama had never been in the guest room in his own mansion before, so he looked around curiously and finally stopped his gaze on Gill.

“That was a pretty sloppy barrier, but it came from you Gill?”


“That’s rude to Gill, Otou-sama.”

“M-my bad. I thought that it was Lei or Luke being sloppy since they hadn’t produced a barrier in a while.”

“That’s not a good follow-up Otou-sama.”

“B-but the barrier was clear enough for Otou-sama to feel. You’re amazing, Gill.”

“Giww, amawing.”

We had to do our best to compliment him. 

“Haha. Thanks. Sloppy, was it?”

Otou-sama walked over to the other bed and sat down, not caring about the depressed Gill.

“Since you’re here, you should be aware of what sloppy means and improve the accuracy of your barrier.”

Otou-sama seemed cool when he said that making a barrier is neither good nor bad, and that it should be done properly and not half-heartedly. I looked up at him with sparkling eyes. 

Then, I softly looked away. 

Otou-sama was also looking at Gill with sparkling eyes. It seemed as if he had found a good playmate since he has been bored lately. 

“Otou-sama, I’m sure I can teach him about barriers on my own.”

“But I’m sure you’ll feel safer with me around, right? I’ll watch over you. Stan is also away, so I’ll act as his parent.”

“Now, do it,” Otou-sama opened his arms wide. Nii-sama also turned towards Gill to hide his smile. 

“Then, I’ll set up a small barrier. Please try to feel the amount of magic needed to create the ward and the nature of it.”

“Yeah, alright.”

Nii-sama quickly set up a barrier while Gill was watching him intently. The range of the barrier was just enough to loosely surround Nii-sama.

“Now, try moving your hand in and out of the barrier.”

“Okay. Wow.” Gill tried to put his hand in and out of the barrier.

“This is a reference to a portable barrier box, so hopefully you can use that as a guide, Gill.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that was possible. I see. I had a feeling that my barrier hadn’t been turned into a barrier with magic. Got it.”

“Ah, wait a minute!” Nii-sama quickly put out his barrier.

“Barriers made by people resonate and spread wide. It’s easy for this to happen, so you have to make sure that you can produce a barrier properly by yourself.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right.”

Gill nodded meekly, probably because he recalled what had happened on the trip and made a barrier while suppressing his magic. Although his barrier formed after his magic was released, it was a good barrier and was less sloppy. 

“Oh, it’s pretty good. It’s a bit inferior to Lei’s first barrier,” Otou-sama added unnecessarily. 

“How sloppy was Lei’s first barrier?”

“Ith washn’th shwoppy.”

I was the one who came up with this original idea in the first place. Nii-sama poked my puffed out cheek with his finger.

“Otou-sama, Lei was the one who thought of making a barrier in the first place. It’s rude to call hers sloppy.”

“Sorry, Lei. Anything Lei makes is the best.”

Lie. Didn’t you say it was sloppy before, Otou-sama? I pouted and turned away.

“Aaah, Lei.”

“Let’s leave those two to their own world and make a few barriers.”

“Yeah, I’m starting to get a feel for it, so I want to do it right.”

Otou-sama picked me up and held me tightly to his chest. I couldn’t stay angry at him like this.

“Lei can do ith properwy thoo.”

“Lei and her barrier are cute.”

There’s nothing cute about barriers. But I came up with a cute idea.

“I’m going tho mawe a shmaww barrier on my pawm.” (I’m going to make a small barrier on my palm)

I wonder if I can make it outside by body, like putting a ball on my hand. I reached out my right hand and tried it.

“Shmaww barrier.”

Pop, a barrier the size of a melon was formed. 

“Lei, what are you…?”

Nii-sama felt the fluctuation of magic and looked at me. Gill also looked at me, “Woah!” He had turned around with the barrier still up, so his barrier shook and expanded. 

It engulfed my small barrier while expanding then disappeared.


An awkward silence filled the room. Otou-sama cleared his thoughts and so did Nii-sama.

“Since it’s gone, it’s the same as never having happened.”

“Yes. I think that’s enough for today.”

“Ith’sh bedthime.”


I felt like it wasn’t a good idea to act like an Albans for everything. That happened because Gill didn’t have good control in the first place, isn’t it good that we didn’t blame him?

However, I fell asleep quickly while chatting, and unreasonably ended up in a troublesome situation the week after.