Chapter 197: Someday, it’ll be a Memory

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Just as Gill’s father, Stan-ojisama, went to Farland, Chris’s parents also went to Easter as well. However, there was a new transaction taking place in Farland, so there wasn’t anything particularly unusual about Easter. 

“Usually Otou-sama goes in place of Okaa-sama who can’t leave the capital, but this time, she said 『I’d like to go for once, Felicia will be useful when it comes to it』,” Felicia said while shrugging. 

“You still can’t charge your magic into the barrier magic stones, right?” Nico asked seriously. 

“Yes, not yet. But I am training. So, I’m sure she’ll make it back in seven or eight days, way before the ten day deadline.”

“If it comes to it, the royal family has Prince Lambert and Prince Al. Even the Moleseys have two people, my father and I. It’s not like the Four Marquises can’t leave the royal capital for more than ten days. It’s because there’s an unspoken rule that we don’t touch the magic stone of other houses,” Mark also added to Felicia’s explanation. Today is magic practice day, so Nii-sama, Gill and Mark are here. 

Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that before. Otou-sama said he barely made it back in ten days when he went to rescue me when I was kidnapped. He said it was hard to get permission from the Supervision Department.

“Supervishion Departhmenth.” 

“Woah, Lei knows some difficult words,” Mark patted my head. 

“Well, I’m sure both Gill’s father and Felicia’s mother received permission from the Supervision Department before they left.”

“Otou-syama shaid ith wash hard.”

“I don’t know if it’s your Otou-sama’s fault, or if it’s thanks to him,” Mark chuckled. 

“I’ve been wondering about the Supervision Department too. I heard that Otou-sama will go to Wester, or rather Kaylie. I’m afraid that he’ll have another argument with the Supervision Department,” Nii-sama seemed a little worried.

“My father’s the only one not going out.”

“It’s because the Moleseys are in charge of domestic affairs.”

It seemed that Mark’s House wasn’t going anywhere. 

“But it’s become more troublesome because of Dean-sama’s unconventional trips, so the Supervision Department is more forgiving when giving permission. It’s thanks to Lei and the Albans that the Four Marquises can leave the capital with ease.”

“Lei’s?” I was surprised to hear my name pop up. 

“It’s because Albans worked hard to get you back. Gill’s House, the Lisburns also did what they could.”

Gill was a little down this week, probably because Stan-ojisama scolded him a lot last weekend. Mark turned towards Gill and included him in the conversation. 

“Oh, we went to Farland for a bit, didn’t we?” 

“We did. The hunters completely betrayed us.”

Gill was laughing with Nii-sama as if he remembered something. It sounded like an adventure-filled story.

“Lei hashn’th heard abouth thhish.”

“Oh, I told you that I went to the north to train, didn’t I?”

“I wnow thhath you were shthudying.” 

That was all I heard about their trip.

“Luke, won’t you tell us about it?”

“Yeah, do tell. What was so interesting about your trip? Maybe I should go on a trip too.”

“Is it a scary story?”

Nico, Mark and Chris all had a twinkle in their eyes. Felicia looked as if she found it questionable and it was interesting. 

“Hollows appear in this story; will you be okay Chris?”

“Of course!”

She probably didn’t know what a Hollow was, but she proudly said it was alright. 

Me? Of course, I’m alright. 

I remembered they treated me with the utmost care when I first returned. Otou-sama, Nii-sama and the people at the mansion were considerate and avoided mentioning my kidnapping, or what happened when I was kidnapped. 

I never imagined that one day it would become a mere memory, something I can brag about to entertain my friends. 

But it was one spring day when I thought that the end of my tough baby days was coming. 

However, Nii-sama and Gill’s story was a little too scary to be entertaining.

“Back then, a hunter ran out of the barrier with the barrier box to help his comrade who had gotten out of the barrier.”

“What?!” We were sitting on the lawn, but as that part of the story came up, Nico stood up in surprise. 

“Luke and Gill will be killed by the Hollows!”

“Your Highness, we’re still alive, aren’t we?”

“Oh, you’re right.”

Nico sat down in relief. Chris and Felicia were sticking to me.

“But we both secretly carried a newly developed barrier box with us.”

“Oh, I’ve never heard about that.”

“A newly developed barrier box?”

“I wish you could have seen the surprised looks on the hunters’ faces.”

The boys got excited. Nii-sama casually dropped a bomb after he told us that they had successfully killed the Hollows and ended the story. 

“Come to think of it, we don’t need a barrier box to make a barrier.”

Is that something you can say in front of Mark and Felicia? I panicky looked at Mark and Felicia. 

Mark narrowed his eyes and he was frowning. 

“That night two weeks ago?”

“You noticed?”

“I felt something strong pass through my body. I knew something happened. And if I were to say what…”

Why are you looking at me? I averted my gaze and looked at the garden. That reminds me, the story was so interesting that I hadn’t taken a nap today.

“I can make it too.”

“I’m practicing too.”

Gill said and Nico also puffed his chest with pride. 

“Lei can do ith.”