Chapter 198: Otou-sama’s Ulterior Motive

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Well, I can’t blame him since I carelessly blabbered it out. However, why did Nico say he’s practicing? 

Wasn’t it earlier this week when Prince Al and Lam-ojisama said that they wanted to learn how to make barriers? I asked Nii-sama with my eyes and he replied, “The academy dormitory and the castle are relatively close. They invited Gill and I here twice in the evenings.”

“Lei wanthsh tho shpend thime withh Nii-sama!”

On weekdays, I couldn’t spend time with Nii-sama since he stays in the dormitory. And yet, I can’t believe he’s spending time with Nico.

“I’m sorry Lei. Luke and Gill came in secret, so I couldn’t make it public.” Nico gave me an apologetic look. But I couldn’t stay angry anymore since Nico smoothly said difficult things like ‘secret’ and ‘public’. In the first place, “Everyone found outh even if ith’sh a shecreth.”

Mark, Felicia, Chris and even the guards found out. The guards will directly report this to the Supervision Department. 

I glanced at Graces. He stood there with a serious look on his face, but he pretended not to have heard anything. I looked at Hans. He raised an eyebrow and grinned. 

“Hansh, faiw.” (Hans, fail)

“Wait, Lei-sama. I don’t understand why you said I failed.”

It might have been a bit unreasonable. I can’t help it, I’m sleepy.

“Nii-syama, Nii-syama.”

“Now, Lei come to Nii-sama. There you go, good girl.”

Nii-sama picked me up and I fell asleep. Can’t I do anything about this sleepy disposition? I don’t know what everyone else did after this. I think I slept well because I was trying my best to stay awake, and when I woke up, I was already being swayed in the carriage home. 

“Ith’sh over…”

The day when Nii-sama came to the castle ended. What a shame. Otou-sama looked at me in surprise. Of course, he would be surprised since a baby woke up from her nap and said something like that.

“Why did you say that out of the blue, Lei?”

“The day’sh awready over.”

“Oh, that’s what you were talking about?”

It’s lively and fun when Nii-sama comes to teach at the castle because both Mark and Felicia come too. 

“The day’s not over yet. You’re going to have a nice dinner with Luke and I, have a bath, chat and get under the warm blankets.”

“You’re righth!”

The day isn’t over yet! Otou-sama continued to talk to Nii-sama as my mood improved.

“So how was the Princes?”

“Well. I guess this is to be expected, but Prince Nico was the first one to do it.”



I didn’t know what they were talking about, but I joined in on the conversation.

“You and Lei also made barriers easily, is it easier to learn at a young age?”

“Otou-syama did ith shthraighth away.”

“Because I’m great.” 

Otou-sama said it was obvious that he could do it. 


“Oh, Lei. You’re embarrassing me.”

Otou-sama doesn’t look embarrassed at all.

“Prince Albert and Prince Lambert seem to be struggling with it.”

“It might be difficult for them to make delicate adjustments because they have so much magic.”

“That’s what it felt like. And then, as we discussed, I told Mark and Felicia about the barrier.”

I was relieved. He had this discussion with Otou-sama beforehand?

“I wonder what the Supervision Department will say. Well, they can’t tell us not to do it since the royal family is involved.”

Otou-sama chuckled. He hates the Supervision Department.

“Did you…”

“That’s right. Graces will have to report this to the Supervision Department.”

The Supervision Department will find out anyway, so they deliberately gave them this information. 

“The Moleseys will be fine since I told Harold beforehand, but what will the Remingtons do when she returns?”

Otou-sama’s expression looked mixed. Nii-sama had an expression on his face that said that it wasn’t a big deal. 

“She doesn’t seem to have much interest in Felicia’s magic training, and she doesn’t even know if Chris is training her magic or not. I don’t think Remington will take action on this either.”

“I was surprised that Angie left the capital even though she’s going on an inspection. I didn’t think she would leave the royal capital, let alone Kingdom.”

Otou-sama is apparently alarmed by the Remingtons’ constant lack of actions.

“I’m more worried about your inspection.”

“Kaylie’s a long way away. Lei, don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to meet with the Second Prince of Wester.”

“Second Prince… Huu~!”

I remembered a nostalgic name. 

“I’m going to ask how that Lisburn boy is doing as well, so look forward to my return.”

“Ai! Awishthair!”

“Is his name Alistair?”

He’s still the same Otou-sama who shows no interest in things he isn’t interested in. He said he’s going to meet the Second Prince but I don’t even think he knows Huu’s name. 

It’s already been six months since I’ve separated from Alistair and everyone. How much bigger has he grown?

“I’ll tell them that Lei has grown even more charming every day.”

“Otou-sama… That’s not very mature of you.”

Nii-sama looked at him coldly. 

“Lei hash goththen more shwiwfuw.” (Lei has gotten more skilful)

“Oh, I thought you could already do it in the first place.”

Otou-sama grinned slightly.

“Of courshe. I can fowd ith more now.” (Of course. I can fold it more now)

“Alright. I’ll tell them that you’ve gotten better at folding your arms.”


I really want to see them, but they’re too far away.

“Lei, let’s go in summer.”

“In shummer?”

“Yes. The academy will have a long holiday then. Otou-sama can only leave the capital for 10 days, but it doesn’t matter how long Lei and I are gone for.”

“Th-that’s not fair.”

Otou-sama panicked. 

Actually, we probably won’t be able to stay away from the royal capital for too long because of security reasons. Especially me since I’ve almost been kidnapped many times. We would need a lot of guards and it’ll be expensive. There are also diplomatic issues. If we go to Wester, then we would have to go to Easter and Farland too. 

Still, I would like to meet them if I can. Even if I want to see them, I can’t.

“Luke, make sure the Princes can make barriers while I’m at Kaylie. I can’t be bothered dealing with them forever.”

“I’m the one dealing with them. Honestly, you always say too little.”

I wondered what those boring days were like when I returned to the capital. Spring was busy not only for me, but for those around me too.