Chapter 199: Everyone’s Busy

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Gill’s Otou-sama had been back for a week, and now it was Otou-sama’s turn to leave. He rushed towards Kaylie and will be returning after staying there for a night. 

“I think I could stay a little more than ten days with the increase in magic, but we can’t afford to experiment with Kingdom’s barrier, either.” Otou-sama sighed. But I think we should experiment with it. I counted down the things that could be done on my fingers.

“Firshth, go outh during thhe daythime. Howwowsh don’th shhow up.” (First, go out during the daytime. Hollows don’t show up.)

“Lei, you…”

“Second, thhe othher Four Marquishesh can do ith in your pwace.” (Second, the other Four Marquises can do it in your place)


“Third, puth thhe barrier down during thhe daythime and puth ith bacw up ath nighth.” (Third, put the barrier down during the daytime and put it back at night)

It’s easy to count this way since I don’t have to hold my hand out to count. Two won’t turn into three. Satisfied that I counted well, I lifted my eyes from my hands and puffed out my chest.

Oh, everyone’s looking at me with their mouths wide open. What’s wrong with Hans?

“How did you come up with that?” Otou-sama uttered. How you say? Rather, why haven’t you thought of this? It’s okay to quickly replenish the magic stones the moment the barrier disperses. Barrier boxes can be turned on and off in the first place. 

“Thinw abouth thhe shthructhure of thhe barrier.” (Think about the structure of the barrier)

“Structure. It’s made to keep the Hollows out, I suppose.”

“Ai. Howwowsh come ath nighth. Whath abouth daythime?”

“They don’t show up during the day,” Otou-sama was stunned. 

“Accidents will increase if you turn the barrier on and off. It is safer to have the barrier on all the time since someone might forget to put the barrier back up. Safety is the only thing that cannot be achieved with efficiency.” 

“Luke-sama, you’re amazing.”

Hans should always compliment me in front of Nii-sama. 

“But that’s an afterthought. It’s possible that the large barrier box wasn’t created to be turned on and off, so that conclusion was made. I’ll research about the history of barrier boxes.”

Nii-sama put his hand on his chin and pondered. 

Small barrier boxes can certainly be turned on and off. But what about big barrier boxes? I recalled the barrier boxes in Lentforce. Also how was it in Wester? Barrier boxes were only used in times of emergencies at Lentforce, and in Wester, I have a feeling that they accepted my suggestion of only having the barrier up when it was a holiday. 

So those barrier boxes are designed to switch on and off.

“The barrier box in Weshther thurnsh on and off.”

“Come to think of it, it does. Then does that mean Kingdom’s barrier box is the only special one…?”

We all pondered. 

“The royal family is in charge of the barrier box, so I should talk to the royal artisans about it. Well, it’s probably a ‘top secret’ matter.”

“The most important matter is the safety of Kingdom’s citizens, but if things change from how they are, then we’ll have a bit more freedom too.”


I nodded meekly at Otou-sama and Nii-sama. The two instantly erupted. 


“Hahaha. Lei’s so cute.”

Weren’t you two talking about something important? Geez.

“Anyway, I’ll be off. I’ll bring back stories from my trip, so look forward to it.”


“Safe travels, Otou-sama.”

Then, Otou-sama was off. 

“So, the only Four Marquises left in the city are Lisburn and Molesey,” Nico said after Otou-sama left. 

“Remington is here too.”

“Ange-dono is here, but Felicia isn’t.”

“But, Nee-sama isn’t working as a Four Marquis.”

“You could say that.”

Could you? Or was Chris right? Chris was a bit grumpy. 

“I would have liked to go too if Nee-sama was going with Otou-sama.”

Chris’s Otou-sama is in charge of diplomacy in Easter in place of Ange-obasama. It’s a rare example of a husband and wife sharing the work of a Four Marquis. 

Just the other day, I thought it was rare for Ange-obasama to go out of the royal capital, but now it was Felicia’s turn. I glanced at the guards. My eyes met with a young guard. Graces wasn’t here. 

“The Captain is with Felicia-sama.”

“Don’t say a word!”

The young guard, who had answered the question I had, was being scolded by an older member of the squad. 

“Leila-sama, you can’t talk to the guards either.”

“I didn’th.”

“You can’t look as if you want to ask them anything either. They won’t be able to react if something happens if they are talking to you.”


The sarcasm in his voice when he said that they wouldn’t be able to react if something were to go wrong wasn’t appropriate to say to a two-year-old, so I nodded meekly. 

“I want to travel too.”

“Both Nico and Lei aren’t being fair. I want to go too.”


I know how she feels since I also want to travel if Nii-sama does. 

“Nee-sama said it was her first time travelling too. She said that she never left the mansion when she was Chris’s age.”

“Buth you wanth tho go.”

“Of course, I do.”


I felt like the people around us were looking at us hopelessly, but I want to travel if I can.

“Uncle went somewhere again. He isn’t in the castle. I wish he took me along with him.”

It would be difficult for Al to take Nico with him because of security reasons. But I don’t have to bring this up. 

“Oh, I haven’th sheen Prince Aw in a whiwe.” (Oh, I haven’t seen Prince Al in a while)

“He’s really not here.”

“Nee-sama isn’t here either.”

It’s quite unmotivating. 

It’s best to play at times like this. Can’t I persuade Odds-sensei somehow?

“It would be nice to observe the animals in the garden since the weather’s nice.”

“Reawwy nice.”

“That does sound nice.”

What a difference three people can make. This was the spring day where we put our heads together to convince Odds-sensei to let us play.