Chapter 200: Emergency Rations

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

According to Nico, “There are only two Four Marquises left in the capital,” but Mark still comes to play. No, I mean, he comes as a sensei, and sometimes as a student. I thought it over in my head.

“He reawwy comesh jushth tho pway.” (He really comes just to play)

That was the conclusion I reached. Nico also worriedly asked Mark, “I’m glad that you’re here, Mark. But don’t you have work to do outside the capital?”

“Hey, hey. Don’t forget. My job is to channel magic into the magic stones for the barrier, and to help my father with his political affairs. The Moleseys job is to manage the royal capital. So, I don’t need to leave the capital.”

Well, if he says so then it’s fine. 

“Geez, don’t make it seem like I’m slacking off just because the other Four Marquises suddenly got busy. It’s disgraceful.”

I made eye contact with Nico then gently turned my head to the side. If that’s what he thinks, then that’s fine. 

“Wait. Hey, why are the babies looking at me like I’m hopeless? Hey.”

Felicia was on an inspection, and Chris isn’t here either, so it was just Nico, Mark and I touring the castle today. 

I sighed a little and took out a candy from my pocket. The candy melts in your mouth, so I’ve been given permission to eat it while adults are present. I held it out to Mark, “Ai.”

“In the end, am I an adult who can be coaxed with a candy?”

“If you don’t want it, then I’ll take it.”

“I didn’t say that I didn’t want it.”

Mark didn’t have the dignity of an adult as he hurriedly threw the candy into his mouth so that Nico wouldn’t take it as he reached his hand out for it. Of course, I handed Nico a piece of candy as well.

“You always have food with you Lei.”

“Oh yeah, you also had snacks with you when we went to the barrier room.”

I do this because I didn’t get to eat as much delicious food as I would have liked when I was kidnapped.

“For when I need ith.”

“For when you need it? Oh, I see.”

“Ai. Food and drinwsh are importhanth.”

I nodded seriously while Hans and Natalie looked at me sadly. Mark noticed this and finally realised why I had snacks with me all the time. However, he also looked towards the guards. 

“You’re not going to get kidnapped again.”

“Even if i don’th geth widnapped, I faww intho howesh.” (Even if I don’t get kidnapped, I fall into holes)


I wonder who it was that looked sad just now. 

“It might be nice to carry around food.”

“Nico ish a prince.”

I don’t think it’s cool for a prince to carry around food with him.

“Lei, you’re a lady of the Four Marquis Houses, aren’t you?”

“Four Marquishe…”

Can you eat that? I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and opened my mouth. A lady of the Four Marquis Houses… Oh!

“I am!”

This time, it wasn’t just Hans who was being rude; everyone was laughing their heads off. No, no. A baby is a baby, they’re not a lady of the Four Marquis Houses.

“If a lady of the Four Marquis Houses can carry candy around then so can a Prince.”


I crossed my arms and thought about it. Nico can carry sweets around with him, but isn’t there a better way for him to do this? I suddenly thought of an idea and unfolded my arms.

“Nico, shecreth bashe!” (Nico, secret base)

“Shecreth bashe? What’s that?”

“Umm, shecreth pwace.”

When I crouched down, Nico also crouched down, so I lowered my voice so only he could hear me, “On thop of a three, or behind a boowshhewf, or shomepwace shmaww wiwe thhath.” (On top of a tree, or behind a bookshelf, or someplace small like that)

“I see.”

“Ith’sh a shecreth from thhe aduwthsh, sho shhhh.” (It’s a secret from the adults, so shhhh)

“I see! That sounds interesting.”

It seemed like he understood what I was saying.

“Hide thhe shweethsh thhere.”

“So, you’re saying that I don’t need to have sweets on me if I hide it in places that I visit often.”

“Ai! Food thhath washth for a wong thime ish good.” (Ai! Food that last for a long time is good)

“Alright! Tomorrow, I’ll ask Odds-sensei if we can make a list of food we want to eat.”

It’s probably alright since Odds-sensei has been helping us with our independent activities. He’s a reliable ally.

“Ith’sh importhanth tho wnow where you’re going tho puth thhem.” (It’s important to know where you’re going to put them)

“I’ll make a list for that too.”

Nico is a planner. 

“Then, why don’t we start with making one in the greenhouse since we go there a lot.”

We nearly jumped when we heard Mark’s voice come from behind us. I completely forgot that other people are here. I looked around and everyone quickly looked away and pretended that they hadn’t been listening in on us. I’m sure they were listening.

“Aren’t you an adult, Mark?” Nico asked coldly. 

“It’s not fair that you’re leaving me out. And if you let me in on this then you can get food easily.” 

Mark is an adult, but he’s a child of the Four Marquises, so I guess you could call him a child. I poked Nico with my elbow.

“What is it Lei?”

I tried to talk to him with my eyes and gestures. We don’t have an allowance even though one of us is a Prince and the other is a lady of the Four Marquis. Shouldn’t we get Mark to sponsor us then?

“Do you need to go to the washroom?”


“I know. You want to include Mark?”

“Chrish thoo.”

Even though Chris isn’t here, she’s still our friend. 

Thus, the day of Mark’s castle tour also became the day to explore the castle for a secret base. 

However, it also became a day that Nii-sama complained about a lot. Though Otou-sama was the one who said this.

“Even I want to play and have fun with Lei, but I limit myself to the weekends and one day a week for lessons. And that’s after I’ve had boring classes in the morning. I’m angry.”

Apparently, he was angry. 

“It’s times like this that you should abuse your privileges as a Four Marquis at the Academy. Tell them you want to be there when Mark goes as well. Why not just say it’s part of your training as a Four Marquis? It’s not necessarily wrong,” Otou-sama insisted.

“I’ve already understood everything I need for graduation.”

What did he say?! Nii-sama is amazing.

“Nii-syama, amazwing.”


He hugged me. 

“Okay, alright. Have fun in a way that you won’t be scolded, hmm, a little seriously, ah,” Otou-sama racked his brain on how to explain. 

“I understand. I’ll write a report if needed.”

Nii-sama chuckled.

“I, I see. The next generation of the Four Marquises are so reliable.”

He’s reliable enough to confuse Otou-sama, probably. He doesn’t just like playing around.