Chapter 204: Remington’s Intentions

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“To Eashther,” I repeated without thinking, but I didn’t know what Easter meant at that time, because Otou-sama made it sound as if the Remingtons had been run off from somewhere. 

“No way. The Four Marquises aren’t allowed to leave Kingdom.”

Nii-sama shook his head in disbelief. I see, so it means they’ve left Kingdom. That’s when the implications rushed into my head.

Huh? What about Chris and Felicia?

“The Remington mansion and servants are still here. Only the Remington House ran away to Easter. They had probably planned this.”

“What?! What do they think the duties of a Four Marquis is?! Do they think nothing of the citizens of Kingdom?!” Nii-sama said in grief.

“Whath abouth Chrish and Fewicia? When wiww thhey rethurn?” (What about Chris and Felicia? When will they return)


Otou-sama shook his head. Does that mean he doesn’t know or that they’re not coming back?

“Until recently, the Remington have been taking Felicia with them close to the border, but they left Chris here, so it wasn’t seen as much of a serious matter. Both Stan and I have been leaving the capital a lot lately, so in some ways, the Remingtons’ actions were also considered normal. Still, the guards kept a close eye on all of us.”


Yes. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Graces much lately. Graces used to come to the castle every day whenever the Four Marquises children were gathered at the castle, but he hadn’t been there recently. 

“That’s right. He’s the Captain of the special force unit that’s in charge of the area outside the capital. This time, it was also Graces who informed us that the Remingtons had ran away.”

“But the border shouldn’t be easy to cross. How did they cross the border when the guards are with them…?” Nii-sama pointed out, he probably thought about the time when Otou-sama had been stopped at the border. 

However, Otou-sama shook his head at that as well. 

“There’s no line at the border, nor is it fenced off. What separates the borders is the sense in the Four Marquises’ minds. No matter how suffocating it is, we can’t cross the barrier if we think about maintaining the barrier for the people of Kingdom,” Otou-sama continued. 

“But on the contrary, I believe that we can go out of the barriers as long as we can maintain the barrier. This is as long as we return in time to properly maintain the barrier.”

“The Remingtons…”

“According to Graces, they were strolling along the border when they were caught up in a herd of Rug Dragons and had crossed the border before anyone realised. There was a welcome party waiting for them on the other side of the border, and they moved towards Easter. In other words, I suppose we can view this as a planned departure.”

They had made suspicious moves. But I didn’t think they would leave Kingdom. 

People from the outside must be envious of the Four Marquises because of their power and wealth. But I understand it well when I see Otou-sama. In reality, he’s like a busy businessman who doesn’t take holidays and goes to the castle every day and fills the barrier with magic. 

He doesn’t even have a villa even though he’s a noble because he can’t travel. 

Even so, I thought that the cooperation of each of the Four Marquises was required to maintain the barrier. 

“Actually, His Highness Albert has a lot of magic as well. There are three people in the royal family right now who can fill the magic stones even if you don’t include Prince Nico. There are no problems in maintaining the barrier for the time being. But…”

If the Remingtons don’t return, then the system would need to be rebuilt, and it would become the Three Marquises instead of the Four Marquises. Also, how would the Remingtons be dealt with for their selfishness? What about the diplomatic relations with Easter?

“There’s more extra work now,” Otou-sama sounded bitter, but he made it sound as if his subordinate had only made a slight mistake. 

“Why aren’t you angry Otou-sama?” 

Nii-sama sounded angrier than Otou-sama.

“Angry? I’m disgusted and angry at myself for not noticing the signs at all. But I don’t see the point of being angry at what has already happened. I can’t do anything to the Remingtons even if I’m angry.”

That was certainly true, but it was hard to agree with him. But Otou-sama shrugged. 

“Kingdom, the citizens and much less the Remingtons, mean little to me. The only people who mean anything to me are Lei and Luke.”



This was more shocking than joyful. 

“And I don’t know if the Remingtons are really happy at Easter. Kingdom’s capital is a place where you can have everything. The Remingtons, or perhaps Angie, is the person who enjoyed the capital’s richness the most. How satisfied would she be with a rural area like Easter?”

If it was me, I would love to live in a rural area. 

“First of all, we have to deal with the Remingtons, but we don’t know what action to take if we don’t know what Easter’s intentions are for supporting them. Lei and Luke, you’ll have extra guards on you for a while, but I hope you’ll put up with it. Especially you Lei.”


I don’t think I’ll be kidnapped again, but you never know what will happen in this situation, so I listened meekly. 


Will we never meet again?

“Lei don’t think too much. At least the Remington family is together. Surely.” Otou-sama stopped speaking. I know what he wanted to say. He probably wanted to say, “I thought they would leave Chris behind.”

Chris can’t become the heiress, but she has a lot of magic. Do the Remingtons know this, or…

“Fewicia didn’th awwow thhem tho.” (Felicia didn’t allow them to)

“Probably… Angie sticks with one love, so she knows the importance of loving people…”

Sometimes, even if you stick with one love, it’s because you only love yourself. It’s time for Otou-sama to stop having idolised thoughts about Angie-obasama too. 

“For now, it’s safer for Lei to stay at the castle and Luke to stay at the crowded Academy. You two should continue your lives as before.”



“Otou-sama, you’re getting a bit busy…”

Otou-sama sighed, but I hope he’ll only be a bit busy.