Chapter 205: The Fast Dragon Came

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Despite all that was happening, life went on. 

“Did Your Highness or Lei notice anything,” even if we’re asked this,

“Fewicia wash awwaysh thired.” (Felicia was always tired)

“She was tired, but she always had fun.”

We could only answer like this. 

As the heiress of the Four Marquises, Felicia was solitary at the Academy, and she didn’t have anyone to confide her worries to since she wasn’t close to anyone. Besides, I don’t know if she knew about her parents’ plot in the first place. 

Maybe I should be thinking about Kingdom’s future, but I was solely worried about Chris. I wondered if she would have time when her Okaa-sama and Otou-sama are no longer busy. 

“I wonder if Angie-obasyama wiww pway with Chrish when she ishn’th bushy anymore.” (I wonder if Angie-obasama will play with Chris when she isn’t busy anymore)

“The Four Marquises are always busy.”

It’s fine as long as she’s happy even if she goes to Easter. Just like how I had a good time in Wester.



“I mighth be abwe tho go vishith when thhingsh sheththwe.”

“Lei might be able to go,” Nico muttered sadly. Come to think of it, the royal family wasn’t allowed to leave Kingdom even if they aren’t adults. 

“Then weth’sh go tho Eashther’sh border.”

“The border? Why?”

“Writhe Chrish a wethther.” (Write Chris a letter)

“Why are you writing her a letter?”

“We’ll get her to go to the border.”

We’ll be able to talk to her face to face even if neither of them can leave the border. I heard a maid sob in the corner. 

“I’m shure I can run by thhen.”

“Oh, I thought you could already run.”

Nico grinned. 

“I’ww be abwe tho run fashther.”

“You’re right. I guess we’ll have to link arms and test her to make sure she’s studying properly in Easter.”

“Yup. Chrish ish bad ath shthudying.”

“We’ll also have to study as well.”


I don’t know what their circumstances were, but both Nico and I knew that the Remingtons won’t be welcomed back into Kingdom since they have already left. Even if there isn’t a penalty, they will be punished in some way if they return. 

So, they don’t have to come back. Otou-sama told me that they’ve already started to select a noble to replace the Remingtons. There are a lot of candidates, but there aren’t any nobles with that much magic power. 

Otou-sama stopped keeping troublesome things from me just because I’m a toddler, and he properly explained the current situation to Nii-sama and I after dinner. 

“We’ve sent messengers to Easter many times, but they lie and say they haven’t heard from the Remingtons.”

Otou-sama was in charge of the Wester area. The Remingtons were in charge of the Easter area. That’s why it’s been difficult to get information. 

“But I’ve heard rumours from people in town that they live in a splendid house in Easter’s capital, and that they seem to be living very extravagantly.”

“Don’t tell me they were welcomed there?” 

Nii-sama was surprised. Kingdom’s Four Marquises and the citizens of Frontier have no relationship with each other. The citizens of Frontier are either curious about the Four Marquises or hate them since they can’t benefit from the barrier. I think it’s one of those two. 

I made eye contact with Nii-sama and we nodded. That was how we felt at Wester.

“It seems like they are. Now the citizens can go out at night in the capital.”

“So, they are using a barrier box after all…”

The magic stones for the barrier in the capital normally needed to be filled once every five days. But for a barrier covering a remote city, it should only need to be filled once every 20 days. Therefore, they could certainly go anywhere and not be burdened by it. 

“But I’m sure they must be bound by something. But they’re not involved with internal affairs. It’s troublesome for Otou-sama, but I’m certain that the Remingtons love power.”

“Luke, the way you said that…”

“You’re naïve Otou-sama. The Remingtons betrayed Kingdom!”

Otou-sama made Nii-sama angry. 

“The Remingtons betrayed the Four Marquises, who share the same responsibilities, and have betrayed the people. You say you don’t care about the Remingtons, but you’re wearing yourself out from cleaning after their mess.”

Nii-sama stretched his hands to touch Otou-sama’s face which was starting to form eyebags. 

I also copied him and reached my hands out. I can only reach Otou-sama stomach, but it’s alright since Otou-sama picked me up.

“Thanks, you two. We all have no idea what lies in the future. It’s hard to know how to deal with the situation with the uncertainty.”

Otou-sama hugged us and sighed. 

“I’ll be heading out to Wester again soon. I’m worried about leaving the capital at a time like this, but Wester was really shocked by this incident as well. However, Wester doesn’t seem to be working with Easter. To confirm that, and take measures…”

“Otou-syama, worw hard.”

“We’ll behave, so travel safely.”

Oh yeah, I haven’t seen Graces at all lately. I’m sure he was accompanying the Remingtons, but what’s he doing now?

“Whath happened tho Gracesh?”

“You like Graces, don’t you Lei?”

“I wiwe Hansh more.”


Otou-sama smiled teasingly.

Hans isn’t here right now. I can say this because he’s not here, but it’s Hans who I care about. I’m just curious about Graces because of my personal involvement with him. I’ll admit he’s a bit cool.

“Graces set up base in a town next to the border. He’s staying there to act as a messenger between Kingdom and Easter. He’s not working as a guard, but he’s better than civil officials who don’t take initiatives.”

So that’s why he’s a captain at a young age? Hmm.

A few days later after Nico had quietly celebrated his fourth birthday, a fast dragon came from the border town. 

“There’s a messenger from Easter. It’s the Third Prince.”

I squeezed the Rug Dragon on my shoulder when I heard that. The magic stone was throbbing.