Chapter 206: Those Who Inherit the Four Marquis Blood

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Easter has been dodging questions from Kingdom about the Remingtons. 

And now they sent a messenger here instead of a letter. Furthermore, that messenger is a member of the royal family. This shocked Kingdom.

But I had other things on my mind. Suppose that the Third Prince had attacked me, well, he did attack me in Wester. Then, we met again in Wester’s capital to the east. This time he was coming to the royal capital. 

Isn’t the royal family a little too eager to act? And what are the First and Second Prince doing?

Anyway, the way he moves around is like, “He’sh wiwe Prince Aw,” I muttered, and Nii-sama looked at me curiously.

“How so Lei?”

“He’sh a wanderer.”


A guard just happened to hear me.

“Prince Al goes on inspections. But yes. He’s been to Wester and Kingdom, and this will be his second time at the royal capital. Cyrus-dono, that is.”

“He doeshn’th have tho come.”


Even Nii-sama thinks so, because he sighed. 

“We went to the north to avoid meeting him, but we end up having to meet him anyway.”


I gripped my Rug Dragon and held it in front of me. 

“Lei, he was able to achieve his previous attack since he caught us by surprise. It won’t happen again, and you don’t have to meet him.”


“Why? Don’t tell me you’re actually going to meet him?”


I will make the Third Prince take a proper look at me when we meet. 

“Infants don’t usually participate in diplomacy or socialising.”


“You can’t meet him even if you act cute. Besides, there will be no socialising this time. Depending on how you look at it, it’s the country that kidnapped one of the Four Marquises from Kingdom. I don’t know what kind of argument he will make, but there’s no guarantee that the discussions will go amicably.”

“Wiww thhere be war?”

However, Nii-sama shook his head without faltering at the infant’s disturbing question. 

“I heard that there were wars in the past, but there aren’t enough armies in the countries to start a war. I haven’t heard of any country building up its army.”

“Whath abouth guardsh?”

“There aren’t many of them. Since their main role is to guard the Four Marquises. There are guards in the royal capital, so security here is taken care of.”

I thought carefully about what Nii-sama said, in short, Kingdom, which is covered by a barrier, is too strong. 

“If we lack one of the Four Marquises, or if the royal family doesn’t survive, then the citizens will resent the country that destroyed Kingdom. Would they risk that? Well, we are lacking one of the Four Marquises right now though.”

Anyway, I have to see what the messenger will say, or else nothing can be done. 

There was no way they would let me see him no matter how much I asked, and I was stuck waiting for Nii-sama and Otou-sama’s report to see what the bad guy would say. 

On the day the Third Prince came, I didn’t go to the castle and waited quietly at home. Nii-sama and Otou-sama weren’t here, so it couldn’t be helped. I was going to take it easy for the day, but the maids made me change three times, but well, it was fine since I had fun, however, the day turned out surprisingly busy. 

As I waited for Otou-sama while dressed as if I was going to go to a party, I had a feeling that Otou-sama was home.


I, who is two and a few months old, ran up to Otou-sama.

“Oh, Lei! I’m home now.”

I was about to jump into Otou-sama’s outstretched arms when I noticed that Nii-sama was next to him, so I stopped in my tracks. 


“Don’t worry about Luke right now, hug your Otou-sama.”

Otou-sama lifted me up in an immature manner. 

“The fluffy stuff on your outfit is pointless.”

“Everyone dreshshed me up.”

The dress itself is simple, but I had a lace-filled pannier underneath the skirt, and the satin belt was tied into a bow. That apparently got in the way of him hugging me. 

“Otou-sama you shouldn’t say that. Lei is dressed up today and looks as cute as ever.”

I think Otou-sama’s reputation has gone down among the maids, and Nii-sama’s reputation has gone up. But why did Nii-sama come home when it’s a weekday? I think he’s supposed to stay in the dormitory for safety reasons.

“Nii-syama, why are you here?”

“About that…”

Otou-sama continued to carry me while shaking his head.

“Lei, you know that the Third Prince came here today, right?”


Otou-sama and Nii-sama looked dark. 

“Apparently, Easter couldn’t refuse the Remington’s request to move there.”

“Hah? Move? No?”

“You’re right. Even you understand this.”

Nii-sama was a bit rude, but he’s right. 

“On top of that, he said that he had a letter from the Remingtons.”

Why they moved to Easter is written in the letter. I waited for Otou-sama to speak while being nervous about what was written in the letter. 



“He said that he had a message for all the Four Marquises and those who have their blood to hear.”


Which meant that he was dragging out Nii-sama, Gill and the others, who aren’t involved with diplomacy yet.

“Nii-syama though.”

“It’s okay Lei. I also wanted to meet the Third Prince at all costs, so it’s favourable for me. But…” 

Nii-sama looked at me hesitantly.

“Lei you look like it’s none of your business, but you’ll have to go too. He asked for all those who have inherited the blood of the Four Marquises, not just the heirs.”

“Lei thwo…” 

What would a two year old have to do with the Remingtons’ desire?

“I advised the royal family to ignore it. The Remingtons won’t return no matter what excuse is given. So, the sooner we set up a system that doesn’t need the Remingtons the better.”

Otou-sama looked bitter. 

“If he asks that we bring all those who have inherited the blood of the Four Marquises, that is, all the colours of the Four Marquises, would that not mean, in other words, that we should bring Lei to him?”

“Is that the Remingtons’ intention, Easter’s intention, or is that the Third Prince’s intention? Either way, it’s infuriating for them to involve an infant.”

“Reawwy ish.”

It is infuriating for them to use underhanded methods. However, if this requires my presence, then I can go. What can he do in front of people at the castle? 

“Lei wiww go.”

I went with Otou-sama and Nii-sama to the castle the next day. 

“Ah, Lei, shall we leave your stuffed animal behind?”

“Of courshe I’m bringing ith withh me.”

“Hmm. Alright. You won’t need it anyway.”

Along with the stuffed Rug Dragon.