Chapter 207: The Remington’s Letter

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Usually when I go to the castle, I go around the castle and take the carriage directly to Nico’s place. But today, I was coming to the castle as a member of the Four Marquises, the Albans, so I entered from the front. The carriage I was riding wasn’t a normal one either. It was a special carriage with white, gold and violet on it.
Both Otou-sama and Nii-sama were wearing white jackets with gold and violet embroidery on it together with black trousers. I was also wearing an easy to move in white dress with a violet belt around my waist. I think it would be more accurate to say that the belt was around my stomach instead of my waist. It’s lovely that it isn’t bulky or thick. Plus, it’s also nice that the slightly dirty Rug Dragon looks very childish. I nodded to myself.

Normally, no one would come to greet me at the castle entrance, but Linus was here today. He was someone who I hadn’t seen in a while. Neither Otou-sama nor Nii-sama noticed Linus bowing his head and looked as if it was natural for them to be greeted and shown around.

I’ll raise the Albans reputation.

“Linush, good worw.”

“Leila-sama,” Linus replied in a whisper, and his expression relaxed a little. But it quickly changed into a serious one.

“Today, we’ll be heading this way,” he began to guide us.

It was said that emissaries from foreign countries were greeted in the reception hall, and they had done that yesterday, but in the end, we had to meet in a different room on a different day because ‘the letter from the Remingtons is to be passed onto the entire bloodline of the Four Marquises’.

“Annoying guy.”

“Lei, your thoughts are leaking out,” Nii-sama reprimanded me.

“And besides, it’s the Remingtons’ request, not his, so this is just a formality.”

“They shhouwd have been cwear abouth ith from thhe beginning.”

“Ahem.” Nii-sama cleared his throat.

“Lei, let’s walk quietly down the corridor.”


Nii-sama was the person who said all this in the first place.

“This way.”

“Oh, the dragon’s room?”

“Dragon’sh room?”

“It’s a room for special guests.”

Otou-sama has hardly been in here either. They didn’t have to treat him like a special guest. No, he’s the emissary and a member of the royal family, so of course they would.

“Marquis Albans is here,” with a brief announcement from Linus, we entered the room through the open door.


It wasn’t a small room. In the front were three flights of stairs, an elevated stage and a throne. The Lisburns and Moleseys were standing at the bottom of the stairs, and at the top of the stairs was an unfamiliar Oji-san. Prince Lambert and Prince Albert were on either side of the Oji-san, and in front of Prince Lambert was Nico.

They all have beautiful golden hair and eyes.


“Hahaha, that’s right little Albans. Now, come here.”

The King held out his hands, so I walked straight up the stairs and approached him.

“I am Leiwa Awbansh.”

“Good girl. You are as lovely as they say.”

I don’t care if people keep talking about me like that.

“Now, come.”

The King reached for me and I called Nico as well. I didn’t feel comfortable with being hugged before his grandson.

“Nico two.”

“Oh. Your Majesty, is it alright for me to go over there too?”

“Of course.”

Thus, Nico was put on the King’s right knee, and I was put on his left. The King looked satisfied.

“Your Majeshthy, you have a beard.”

“I won’t look dignified without a beard. I had no choice but to grow it.”

“I personally don’t like it, but what can I do? He’s the King.”

Nii-sama looked subtle, but I also think Nico’s too honest.

“The messenger is here,” after Linus’s brief announcement, I got off the King’s lap and returned to Otou-sama.

“Oh, you’re tottering.”

“I’m noth thoththering!”

“Ah sorry. You’re walking briskly.”

Of course, I am. Even Nii-sama recognises this. It was just that I was wearing a different dress than usual, so I was a little cautious when I went down the stairs.

Then the big doors, which had been closed when we had entered, slowly opened outwards.

“The Third Prince of Easter, Prince Cyrus Fay Easter.”

I didn’t know he had such an extravagant name. I was about to open my legs wide and cross my arms, but Nii-sama stopped me with his eyes, so I just put my right hand on Otou-sama’s left leg and tilted my head to the side a bit.

“Gufuu.” A strange sound came from across us. It was Gill. He’s already 15 years old, but he’s behaving like this. I shook my head.

He may or may not have known about this scene, well, I don’t think he knows, but he walked through the door proudly.

Once he stopped, he put his right hand on his chest and bowed.

He has always seemed like the military type, with good posture and a toned body.

When he looked up, his unforgettable, almond yellow eyes pointed straight at Nico and the other royal family members.

“Cyrus-dono. I’m grateful you travelled such a long way.”

“It was our fault for not telling you about the Remingtons wishes in the first place. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to do so.”

You’re speaking properly, aren’t you? I stayed quiet and waited for him to continue.

“I’ve gathered all the royal family members and the descendants of the Four Marquises that are in the capital here today. However, I think my grandson, Nico, is the only person you haven’t met.”

“I happen to meet Gilbert Lisburn-dono, Luke Albans-dono and little Leila over there at Wester castle.”

“I see, that’s unexpected, albeit a coincidence.”


Empty words were exchanged. Where did you see little? Geez.

“Well, I’ll let you introduce yourself, Nicholas.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Nico stepped forward and puffed out his chest.

“I am Nicholas Manfred Kingdom.”

“My name is Cyrus Fey Easter.”

Now the greetings are done.

“Now, let’s read the Remingtons’ letter out loud.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Cyrus produced a letter in an envelope from his chest pocket and began to read it slowly, “To everyone in Kingdom. I’m sure you’re surprised to learn that we’ve suddenly moved.”

Of course, we would be. It’s amazing that they could write something like that so easily when they ignored the fact that they were told not to leave.

“The current Kingdom has three royal family members and is strong, and young Prince Nicholas will take over when he grows up, so there is nothing to be anxious about.”

The Remingtons, Lisburns and Molseys all have one person to succeed in the position of the Four Marquises. Even if Alistair returns to Kingdom, I’m not sure if he has enough magic power to succeed the position, so I didn’t include him as a heir candidate.

The Albans also have Nii-sama and I.

What part of this situation are you saying isn’t worrying? I was dumbfounded.

“Under such circumstances, I have always been distressed that the benefits of our power have only gone to Kingdom.”

First of all, you should be worried about Felicia and Chris.

“Through my interactions with Easter, who the Remingtons are in charge of, I have come to believe that we should use our Remington power to benefit the people of Easter as well.”

I’ve heard that Easter is mainly on the prairie, so they are least affected by the Hollows. If you want to use your powers to benefit people on Frontier, then you should have moved to Wester or Farland.

He hadn’t even finished reading yet, and I was already quite annoyed.