Chapter 208: Just an Accident

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Editor: Sam

There was more in the letter.
“Easter is truly a wonderful place. Felicia has also been relieved of her duties as someone who will channel magic into the barrier and lives peacefully every day. The title of Four Marquis doesn’t mean much here, so she often enjoys time with young people her own age.”

Lies. I squeezed Otou-sama’s hand.

Felicia is cautious, and it even took her a while to break the ice with the Four Marquis children. Besides, she was properly thinking about her responsibilities as a Four Marquis.

If she had wanted to go to Easter, then that’s fine. If she is really living a happy life, then that’s fine. But the Felicia that I know would spend her days worrying about Chris, then think about her responsibilities towards the Kingdom citizens, who they had abandoned, and then finally ponder if the burden would eventually fall upon us that were left behind.

She won’t relax and play around until she dispels those worries.

“Chris also enjoys spending time with friends her age.”

It hasn’t been long since the Remingtons left Kingdom. Both Felicia and Chris must be confused. And Chris isn’t good at making friends. Something was suspicious.

“To the Four Marquis children. It must feel stifling to be responsible for protecting the barrier from a young age. But if you change how you think, then you don’t need all the Four Marquises since you have the royal family, who you can rely on. If you use your heads and find your own way to serve the people, then you don’t necessarily need to be in Kingdom.”

She was addressing the Four Marquis children, but her words were full of criticism towards Kingdom’s royal family and Kingdom, which was protected by the barrier.

“You are always welcome to come and stay with the Remingtons if you wish to take shelter here. Felicia and Chris are waiting for you as well.”

Is that mainly directed at me? Tension ran through Otou-sama’s body.

“Also, I will be ready to visit Kingdom if you ever need the Remingtons’ help.”

No one in the room changed their expression.

“Wishing you all good health and happiness, Angelique Remington.”

Prince Cyrus carefully folded the letter and put it back into the envelope, then he took a few steps forward and handed it to Prince Lambert, who had stepped forward.

“Thank you for delivering this to us,” Lam-ojisama said in a slightly firm voice.

“I only came here as a messenger. Easter’s position is simple and clear. It’s only natural of us to let the Remingtons stay in our country since they wanted to,” Cyrus emphasised that they had only let the Remingtons stay in their country because that was what the Remingtons wanted. Then, he looked at us.

“Of course, if the other Four Marquises wishes to stay in our country as well, then we’ll welcome you with open arms.”

“Thank you for your consideration. But, tell the Remingtons this.” Lam-ojisama’s expression didn’t change.

“Kingdom will no longer need Angelique Remington’s help. Also, she will not be allowed to enter Kingdom again since she threatens the safety of Kingdom.”

Cyrus blanked out for a second, but then quietly bowed his head. Perhaps, he thought that Kingdom would allow her to return if she said she wanted to. I was a little surprised too.

“Only the Four Marquises can decide what they will do. I have something to say about you dangling sweet words in front of the young ones, but if you want to invite them to your country, then go ahead and try. You have all the Four Marquises in this room right now.”

“He said too much,” Otou-sama muttered in an extremely small voice.

“The Moleseys don’t need your invitation,” Harold-ojiisama cut him off in a flash. But, Stan-ojisama and Otou-sama didn’t say anything in particular. When Prince Cyrus saw this, he spoke to Gill first, “Gilbert-dono. Why don’t you try visiting our country once just like you had done when you went to Wester?”

“Cyrus-dono. My stay in Wester, though brief, has broadened my horizons. As a member of the Four Marquises, this will surely help me in the future. I have an uncle in Wester, so I think I will visit there again someday. I also want to visit Easter and Farland at some point. I might have to trouble you then.”

“My country is always open to you.”

Gill’s answer deserves 100 points. He stated that he might visit one day, but only because it would expand his horizons and benefit him as a Four Marquis of Kingdom. I was truly impressed.

“Then, Luke-dono.”

Nii-sama is 12, so although he’s growing, he’s still short. Cyrus looked down at him.

“I would also like to visit Farland and Easter at some point just like how I had visited Wester. Farland borders my grandfather’s fief, so it will be easy for me to visit them.”

Oh, Nii-sama said that in a childish way, that’s not like him at all. Surely enough, Cyrus raised his right eyebrow. I felt like I could hear him say ‘that’s not your real personality’.

“If you’d like, I can send someone to pick you up, so you should definitely come to Easter as well.”

“I may ask you to do so if the time comes.”

He might not go.

“Then, Leila-dono.”

I squeezed my stuffed Rug Dragon and shook my fist in my mind.

“Excuse me, but I’d appreciate it if you could keep your hands off that dangerous thing,” his voice contained laughter. It didn’t make his voice sound any more likeable even if it contained laughter.

“Lei, I’ll take care of it.”

“Otou-syama. Ai.”

I obediently gave my Rug Dragon to Otou-sama. A dangerous aura floated from the royal family members and the Moleseys.

Prince Cyrus didn’t look down at me like he had done with Nii-sama but got down on one knee and locked eyes with me.

“Leila-dono, it’s good to see you again.”

“I’m noth happy tho shee you.”

“That’s very harsh.” Cyrus chuckled happily. I boldly took a step forward.


I heard a moan, I wonder what it was. I crossed my arms too.

“I remember receiving an enthusiastic welcome when I met you the other time.”

“Who wash thhe pershon who thoshshed Lei around before thhath thime.” (Who was the person who tossed Lei around before that time)

“I wonder what you’re talking about,” he chuckled again.

“I will show you all around Easter when you come to visit, Leila-sama. I would also love for you to visit my southern residence. It’s a charming place by the sea and mountains.”

Why are you so persistent with me? I put a lot of force into grounding myself.

“Lei wouwd wiwe tho vishith Eashther one day, buth when Lei goesh, Lei wiww go around awone.” (Lei would like to visit Easter one day, but when Lei goes, Lei will go around alone)

I puffed out my chest.

“I don’th need you tho shhow me around!”

“Oh dear. Kuku. I would love it if you asked me to show you around sometime.”

Cyrus stood up and I also stepped away from him. He looked straight at the King.

“As you can see, everyone is welcome to visit us. Please let me know if you do.”

“Hmm. We appreciate your kindness.”

With this, the audience was over.

“I will show you to the next room.”

Cyrus bowed and Linus guided him away at once. There will be some pleasantries after this.

“Lei, here you go.”

“Otou-syama, thhanwsh.”

“Don’t worry your Otou-sama. There’s no telling what you would do even without your Rug Dragon. Honestly.”

I turned my head to the side. I just don’t like him.

“Lei, you stomped on purpose,” Nico said in amazement. There were giggles all around the room, but did everyone see me do that? But there was only one answer, “Ith wash jushth an accidenth.”

Yes, my feet just happened to do that.