Chapter 209: The Burden the Prince Carries

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When Prince Cyrus left the dragon room, I thought the tension in the air would ease, but it didn’t. 

“I’m disgusted. At the Remingtons and at Easter,” Hal-ojisama said clearly. 

Indeed, Remington said that she wanted to be free. It was irritating because she spoke about how she moved to Easter since it was easier and freer there, as if it was a beautiful tale. 

“I don’t think there’s any point in what Remington said. We, Moleseys, think of the Remingtons as if they didn’t exist in the first place. And we have nothing to do with Easter. Our family’s role is to maintain the barrier around Kingdom. Please excuse us,” He said before quickly leaving the dragon room by himself. Mark looked troubled, but he remained in the room. 

“What father said is the Moleseys’ principal. But I will remain here as an individual and a young noble. I have a feeling that this problem wouldn’t go away even if we don’t have anything to do with Easter.”

I wonder if Hal-ojisama will scold him. I was a little worried, but Mark gave me a grin. 

“You have my permission to do what you want.”

“Ash expecthed of Haw-ojisyama.”

“You can just say Mark-niisama did great.”

I smiled since I had a better opinion of Mark now. However, Nii-sama quickly replied, “Nice speech, Mark.”

“Luke, do you not want Lei to call me Nii-sama that much? You’re so narrow-minded.”

“I’m taking back my compliment.”

There are many things to think about, but we as children will continue on as usual. Otou-sama squatted down and said, “Lei, we have to chat and network from now on. Molesey said he wouldn’t participate, but that’s not what’s going to happen. But, Lei. Your work ends here. Can you go home quietly?”


I couldn’t say yes straight away because I didn’t think that my current exchange with Prince Cyrus was enough to make him understand the danger. 

Just as Otou-sama was about to open his mouth again to persuade me some more, a voice came from Nico. 

“Lei, I’m not going to the party after this either.”

“Nico, what are you talking about? You said that you wanted to talk to Prince Cyrus in person since you’ll be meeting him more often in the future,” Prince Albert, who treasured Nico, immediately chimed in. However, Nico glanced at Prince Al and spoke to me without replying to him. 

“So why don’t we spend our time together like always until our fathers are done with their work?”

“Nico, what’s wrong? Albans, why are you trying to make Lei go home? Lei is a little naughty, but weren’t they friendly towards each other a while ago?”

I felt like Otou-sama’s temple twitched because of those words. But Nico answered first before Otou-sama could speak.

“Uncle, if Lei is my younger sister, then I wouldn’t want her to be in the same room as that man. He’s a wicked man.”

Nii-sama and Gill looked as if they agreed with Nico. 

“I’ll leave that to father and uncle to find out. If you don’t want to go home, then come play with me Lei.”


I didn’t feel comfortable waiting alone in a home where Otou-sama and Nii-sama weren’t there. I can have fun while waiting with Nico, and at least I won’t be alone when I go home later.


“Yes, Leila-sama?”

“Sthay withh Nii-syama thoday.”


Hans looked at Otou-sama first, and when Otou-sama nodded, he reluctantly agreed. I don’t think Nii-sama is in danger at all. But I also want Hans to take a good look at Prince Cyrus. 

“Then, Lei and I will leave first.”

“We’re weaving firshth.”

Nico and I were protected by more guards than usual, probably because Hans wasn’t with us. We held hands as we headed towards the library. 

“There’s something strange about that man.”

“Ai. Dangeroush.”

I couldn’t tell Nico that he was the kind of guy who didn’t mind hurting others with all the guards and maids around. 

“Lei, it isn’t good if Prince Cyrus is a dangerous man.”

“Whath do you mean?”

“Hmm. A Prince is responsible for their country. If Prince Cyrus is dangerous, then that would mean that Easter is dangerous.”

I was blown away. Prince Cyrus was the one who had directly attacked me. So, I hate him and think of him as a bad person. 

However, Nii-sama and Otou-sama said that the diplomatic relationship between Kingdom and Easter is good. So, I had a feeling that Prince Cyrus did that on his own. 

“Lei, do you think that Kingdom wouldn’t know what I do if I act as I please when I’m an adult?”

How could they not know? A Prince doesn’t have that much freedom. 

“Even if he’s the Third Prince, no because he’s the Third Prince, I think that Easter knows everything that man does.”

“Then Lei ish…”

I couldn’t say anymore that that. So, Nico is saying that I was kidnapped because Easter was pulling the strings? But why?

“Tawing ush down one by one.” (Taking us down one by one)


“Firshth Lei. Geth rid of thhe Awbansh shpare. Then thhe Remingthonsh. Tawe down thhe Four Marquishesh one by one.” (First Lei. Get rid of the Albans spare. Then the Remingtons. Take down the Four Marquises one by one)

I stopped and looked at Nico.

“Then whath nexth?”

“…… I don’t know.”

Maybe something more terrible would happen. Nico and I stood here until the guards urged us to move from our spots.