Chapter 210: It’s Finally My Turn

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The Third Easter Prince returned to his country soon after, so I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him face-to-face.

“He showed a special interest in Lei, but that doesn’t mean that he kidnapped her because of that interest.”

That was the unanimous opinion from the adults. I don’t believe that I was kidnapped because he liked me or was curious about me. I wonder if he became more interested in me because he failed to kidnap me in Wester.

It ended with the people closest to me being more vigilant. 

But I want the adults to think more about Easter’s purpose since they’re backing the Prince. I believed this, but I felt like it wasn’t a toddler’s job to tell them what to do, so there was nothing I could do in the end. 

I have fun every day and cherish my family. That’s how I spend my days. It’s fine for me to spend my days like that. 

Like before, I spent the afternoon with Nico, morning and night with Otou-sama and days off with Nii-sama. 

However, it was a big problem for Nico to lose an energetic playmate. He’s bored while I’m napping. Therefore, he wanted to do more things. 

“Lei still naps a lot even though she’s turned two.”

“I thhinw I nap weshsh.” (I think I nap less)

I argued back. I certainly still fall asleep after lunch. But I’m sure that I play more when I get up. 

“You’re right Lei. But look at this.”

Nico looked proud as he wrote something on a slightly biggish piece of paper. For some reason, Odds-sensei looked proud. 

There was a graph on the paper with the date on the horizontal side and the time on the vertical side.

I looked a bit fed up. 

“I was really bored when we first came back from the northern fief, so Odds-sensei asked if I wanted to learn how to tell time.”


It was certainly difficult for a genius three-year-old to tell the time. Oh, he’s four now. 

“So then, I recorded how long you slept and stayed away after you went home. I drew up the entries like this, and look.”

“Loow ath whath?”

“The time you sleep increases and decreases, but it doesn’t change much throughout the whole graph.”


Nico spoke proudly without realizing that I was grumpy, then he puffed out his chest with pride. 

“So, you aren’t sleeping less, but you play more since Albans comes late to get you. This paper over here has the times that Albans comes to pick you up.” 

Nico is smart and I think this is a good way for him to learn the basics of numbers. I can also see that Odds-sensei is proud of Nico but, “Ith’sh noth powithe tho meashure a wady’sh shweeping thime.” (It’s not polite to measure a lady’s sleeping time)



That last laugh was probably from Hans. Geez.

Nico looked around, wondering where the lady was then suddenly realized.

“Lady?! Yes, yes, Lei is a lady. Hmm, if she says she is then she is.”

“You can’th record your friend’sh shweeping thimesh.” (You can’t record your friend’s sleeping times)

“I see. I’m sorry,” Nico apologized, frankly.

“Then what should I record next? This is pretty fun.”


Even if Chris isn’t here, he replaced the time with something else. Nico casually said to the lonely me, “Just like how you have Luke, Chris has Felicia. I’m sure Felicia is making Chris study since she’s a serious person.”

“Ai. I’m shure shhe ish.”

I pictured Chris sulking.

“Now, Lei. Let’s play until Albans picks you up so that we don’t waste time while you’re awake!”


This is a child’s job.

The seasons have changed, and the rainy season that occurred before summer is here. 

“Even sho ishn’th ith raining thoo much.” (Even so isn’t it raining too much)

I wonder if I hadn’t noticed this because I was in Wester last year. I went back to the mansion and watched the continuous rain outside the window.

“No, it’s raining more than usual this year. It’s a bit depressing when the rain continues like this,” Natalie explained without changing her usual expression. She didn’t seem depressed at all, but she probably felt down. 

“Ith’sh thime tho pway in thhe mud outhshide.”

“In the mud?”

I guess I can’t. I glanced at Natalie.

“Then shall I make some play clothes that can get dirty for you? I need to get in touch with your designer group.”

I didn’t know there was a group like that. I decided not to ask her about it and looked out the window. 


A carriage surrounded by Rug Dragons came running in past the gatekeepers. Did something happen at the castle since Otou-sama is home?

“Nathawie woow.”

“What is it? Oh my, isn’t that Graces? He’s wearing the special forces uniform.”

“Ith doesh woow wiwe thhath.”

Then that is not the so-called enemy. I was sort of relieved.

“I’ww go tho thhe enthrance.”

“Lei-sama, you can’t. You will be summoned if it is something. Even if he’s a guard, he’s in such a hurry, so I’m sure there’s trouble.”

Usually when we were at home, Hans rests in the evening since he’s not expected to serve as a guard then. Hans, who was supposed to be resting, banged on the door, quickly entered then locked the door from the inside.

“Hans, what happened?”

“I don’t know but it’s noisy at the entrance. I determined that it was better to stay by Lei-sama’s side since we don’t know anything.”

“Alright. Come, Lei-sama. Wear this jacket, keep quiet and don’t move no matter what.”


I obediently put on the jacket and sat on the sofa. Natalia and Hans quietly waited for someone to tell them what was happening.


“It’s Jude. Lei-sama, can you help us?”

It’s not a sign to move. It seems they need my help with something. I nodded at Hans.

Hans softly opened the door. 

“What happened?”

“It’s Felicia-sama. She took Chris-sama with her and fled from Easter.”

“And you need Lei-sama for?”

“We thought she would calm down if she saw Lei-sama.”

I stood up.

“I’ww go.”

It’s finally my turn.