Chapter 213: A Lot of Okaa-samas

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Felicia’s voice was full of passion. 

“I only wanted to do one thing. I care about the people of Easter and Kingdom, but there’s one thing that’s most important to me and that’s keeping Chris happy. That’s all.”

I don’t think Felicia would be able to think of her own happiness before her duty as long as she is one of the heads of the Four Marquis Houses. 

“Chris loves Okaa-sama and Otou-sama. I thought it was unjust to separate her from Okaa-sama. I also wondered what would happen to her position in Easter if we were gone.”

I saw Otou-sama and Stan-ojisama make eye contact for a moment above our heads. It’s a difficult position to be in. 

“Still, I didn’t want to see Chris with glassy eyes. It’s selfish of me. And when we returned to Kingdom, all I could think about was Lei.”

I hugged Felicia tighter.

“Wewcome bacw Fewicia.”

“Lei what should I have done…?”

“You did fine. Ith’sh awrighth.”

For a moment, the room fell into an unspeakable silence. It’s indeed shameful that the royal family nor the Four Marquis adults nor the Remington relatives thought of relying on Felicia and it was up to a two-year-old, me, who managed to come up with an idea. 

Felicia’s eyelids began to close since she felt relieved from talking about it. Then, Otou-sama cleared his throat.

“The Albans will take care of both Felicia and Chris in a responsible manner now that they’ve come to our house. Felicia, you don’t have to worry about the future.”

“Dean-ojisama, thank you very much.”

“Hmm. We’ll talk about it later. Get some rest for now.”


Felicia accompanied the maid and got ready to rest. We decided to move to another location. 

I was given a quick rundown of what had happened once we settled in the parlour.

Felicia said that her Otou-sama had secretly let her escape and they headed straight to the border. She was protected by Graces, who just happened to be checking on the border, and they headed straight to the royal capital with little rest. It’s amazing that Graces waited at the border since he thought something might happen. 

Hans looked proud of his successor, but I think Graces is brilliant. 

“Graces’s march was really forceful. I’m surprised Felicia managed to endure it.”

Otou-sama looked at Graces with a slightly raised eyebrow. 

“As expected, I wouldn’t make a lady push herself like I did with you, Milord.”

“So, you were testing it on me?”

“Hah, no. Hmm…”

Graces looked away subtly. I wonder if something happened between them a long time ago. 

“Anyway, Remington claimed that she went to Easter because she wanted to the other day. If that’s the case, then Felicia is in Kingdom of her own accord. I have no problem with that,” Molesey-ojisama said. Molesey-ojisama isn’t flexible, but he has a simple way of thinking about the Four Marquises, which I think is good since it’s a clear guide. Otou-sama nodded, put his hand on his chin and then counted the things that will happen.

“They can live here.”

“I’m not sure about that.”


Julia-obasama and I looked at each other as we interrupted Otou-sama at the same time. Then we both nodded. We haven’t talked much, but she’s Gill’s Okaa-sama, so she must be a good person. 

“Why are you against it, Lei? I know you want me all to yourself, but I thought you would want Chris to stay here with us.”

Otou-sama is like this. I shrugged my shoulders, “Otou-syama, Lei wovesh bothh Chrish and Fewicia.”

“I know you do.”

“But, Otou-syama ish wrong. Otou-syama woves Lei and Nii-syama.”

“Of course.”

Otou-sama’s face was asking why this mattered.

“You’re an idiot, Dean. You really don’t get it.”

“What did you say, Julia?”

Otou-sama looked at Julia-obasama in surprise. 

“Lei, you know, is saying what would happen if Chris sees Lei being treasured by her Otou-sama.”

“Is that true, Lei?”


That’s Julia-obasama. She knew what I wanted to say. 

“If you can take care of Chris in the same way as you do Lei then it would be fine for her to stay here. But you can’t.”

“… Unthinkable.”

Honestly, this is a big challenge for Otou-sama.

“In that respect, we only have Gill, and he’s staying in the dorms right now. Stan and I will take care of Chris since Gill isn’t at the age where he has to be spoiled anymore. I think Felicia needs a mother figure in her life too.”

“S-so it’s like that.”

Otou-sama was flustered, but I think he’s made a lot of progress since he said he would take them in. I’m proud of him. 

“Dean, I think it’s better to do what Julia says. We’ll take care of Felicia and Chris like a family. We’ll all think about whether we’ll let them act independently as a Remington in the near future.”

“They’ww come over a woth?”

I’d really like to be with Chris, but this way is better. 

“Yeah, Lei. I’ll bring them here. Gill will sulk, so can he come too?”

“Of courshe!”

“You’ll come again?” Nii-sama said happily. I’m happy too. Of course, Mark can come too. I nodded at the silent Mark. 

“I’m glad to be included,” he looked pathetic but happy.


The next day when Felicia and Chris had calmed down, Julia-obasama and Stan-ojisama came over and we all had a talk with Otou-sama and I. We told Chris that she wouldn’t be going back to Easter for a while and that she would be away from her father and mother. 

Chris seemed to have understood that they had separated and nodded meekly. 

“Chris, I’m sure you want to be with Lei, but I don’t think the Albans would be able to take care of a girl since Dean is the only one around. I’d like Chris and Felicia to come to the Lisburns since I can be with you all the time,” Julia-obasama spoke firmly with a serious expression on her face. 

“Chris’s Okaa-sama is in Easter, but you can think of me as your Okaa-sama in Kingdom,” she added. Chris looked at Felicia and nodded when she saw that Felicia was smiling. But she shook her head saying that Julia-obasama didn’t have to be her mother.

“Julia-obasama. I may be far away, but I still have an Okaa-sama, so it’s alright. If I have an Okaa-sama in Kingdom as well, then I’ll have two.”

“You can have thwo. Nii-syama awsho hash thwo.”

Claire-okaasama and Diana-obasama. Isn’t it fine to have two Okaa-samas?

“Lei doesn’t even have a mother, it’s too much for me to have two mothers.”


I was a little embarrassed since I didn’t expect her to feel that way. I’m a rare case. 

Does she feel sorry for me since I don’t have an Okaa-sama? I crossed my arms and pondered while the people around us were surprised and unable to say anything. Of course, my arms are folded properly. 

I miss her, but I don’t ever think about it too much since I’m busy trying to survive. That’s right. I uncrossed my arms and tapped my chest. 

“Lei’sh Cwaire-Okaa-syama ish here. So, I have an Okaa-syama.”

“Lei,” Otou-sama whispered. I’ll keep Okaa-sama in my heart. 

“And Juwia-obasyama ish awsho Lei’sh okaa-syama, sho I have thwo.”

“Can you add another Okaa-sama in your life like that?”

“It’s okay, come here Lei and Chris.”

I pulled Chris’s hand and walked towards Julia-obasama. There’s no need to hesitate when you’re being hugged by someone you like. Even if it’s not your real Okaa-sama. Julia-obasama hugged us tightly.

“I wonder how many Okaa-samas you can have.”

“I think two is enough for now,” the room filled with laughter as Julia-obasama replied in a subtle voice. 

I’m sure Chris will miss her Okaa-sama in the future. Still, I hope that the people around her can support her at those times.