Chapter 214: Something’s Wrong

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Felicia and Chris got rid of their fatigue while staying at our house. They became a little cheerful and moved to the Lisburn House a few days later. 

“It would have been fine if they came to our house. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think I needed to say anything. Father and mother are fond of children.” The next week, Mark grumbled as we had our study group in the castle. He said it now, but he should have said something at the time. 

Hearing this, Gill, who had been staying in his mansion with Felicia and Chris looked a little troubled, “I wonder about your place Mark. We’re used to taking care of children at my place because of my grandfather’s relatives, so everyone at our mansion is used to children.”

“I’m certainly the only child at my place. But it’s sisters, sisters. I’d like to act like an older brother.”

Nico and I looked at Mark in disbelief. In the end he just wanted to be called Nii-sama even though he was saying this was for Felicia and Chris. Because currently it’s, “Gill-niisama.”

“What is it Chris?”

They’re like this. Chris seemed happy to have someone else care about her besides Felicia. Of course, there are times when she feels lonely, but she didn’t seem lonely whenever she came to the castle. 

I also have a Nii-sama and like Otou-sama, he only cares if I’m around so he doesn’t care where Chris goes or who else calls him Nii-sama. Although Nico didn’t have a Nii-sama, he had Prince Albert, and he didn’t complain that other people were being taken care of since Prince Albert dotes on him. So, Mark seemed a little insignificant.

“It’s true that Mark would have two sisters, but that’s not the same in my case,” Gill’s voice was hushed but I could hear him.

“Oh, Gill. Are you saying you’re not happy with having a sister?”

“I’m not complaining. But Felicia is only a year older than me. It’s the same as if she’s the same age as me.”

“Even so, the older one is always older.”

Felicia puffed her chest out with pride and is indeed Chris’s Onee-sama. 

Both Felicia and Chris are freeloading at the Lisburn House so to speak, but they didn’t seem to shrink back while interacting with Gill, so they seem to be living a carefree life there. I knew Julia-obasama and Stan-ojisama could look after them.

“Isn’t it nice to have a sister?” Nii-sama said to Gill the moment Felicia and the others left. It was funny that he had a bit of a seniority complex. It was weird to hear him brag about his sister. I decided to chase after Chris and the others and left. 

“… Yeah. Chris is quite selfish and cheeky unlike Lei, but it’s nice to see her come up to me and call me Nii-sama.”

They seemed excited afterwards, but I was too far away to hear them. Yup. 

After the incident with the Remington, it seems that the Four Marquis children have gotten closer, but the adults were different. 

It’s not like they became less friendly towards each other. However, the hole left by Remington leaving couldn’t be filled by Felicia, who is only 16 years old. She will be able to channel magic into the magic stones, but that won’t officially happen until she’s 18, so right now, Felicia can only study. 

Incidentally, the Remington’s share of the magic stones is filled by the royal family except for when Felicia channels magic into it for training. In addition to the current King, the royal family has Prince Lambert and Prince Albert. The royal family has so many magic users right now that we probably won’t be troubled even if we were missing two of the Four Marquises. 

The Four Marquises do their roles and channel magic into the other magic stones. 

Both Easter and Remington are silent on this matter, but diplomatic relations remain strained. 

In other words, Otou-sama and the other Four Marquises are so busy that they even make Mark help out. 

The Moleseys take care of domestic relations, but it was no longer enough just for them to take care of the capital. 

“Otou-syama, wiww you go tho Weshther again?”

Since the Four Marquises can’t go to Frontier, the discussion will happen in a town near the border with the royal family of Wester.

“Yeah, there’s something that bothers me this time. We might need to have Prince Hubert and the hunters come to the capital depending on the circumstances.”

“Huu and Awishthair?”

“Of course, it won’t be straight away. But still, times have really changed when you see Frontier royalty going in and out of this country.”

It’s fine if the Easter’s Prince doesn’t come. 

“You’re pretty relentless Lei. Stan’s going to Farland too. I’m glad Felicia and Chris went to stay with the Lisburns since they would at least have Julia with them, and they have a lot of people at their mansion.”


“Lei was smart. That’s my Lei.”

I don’t think being cute or smart has anything to do with being your daughter. But, Otou-sama was hugging me happily so it doesn’t matter. 

“The Moleseys will also be taking a carriage from the capital to visit the town for a day. I’m a bit worried since Harold has never left the capital before, but Mark is still not reliable enough to go on his behalf.”

Otou-sama has little interest in others but said he was worried about Harold-ojisama. He also cares about Felicia and Chris when Stan-ojisama isn’t around. 

It’s been a little over two years since I was born and Otou-sama has changed. 

“Otou-syama, good boy.”

 “Oh, is Lei patting me on the back? Otou-sama is an adult, but strangely enough, I don’t feel bad about being called a good boy.”

And so, Otou-sama departed and I began going to the castle without him. 

“Uncle also went with Lisburn to the north. He’ll be back quickly since things in the capital haven’t settled down yet, but it’s boring.”

“Chrish and Marw aren’th here thoday eithher.”

It was only the two of us for the first time in a while. We were waiting in the library for Odds-sensei while grumbling to each other, when Linus came in. 

“Odds-sensei will be late. I haven’t received any notice that he wouldn’t be coming, so he’ll come here sooner or later.”

“Really?” Nico’s voice sounded a little happy. Students being happy that a teacher is absent is their fate. 

“Leila-sama, what will you do? Milord isn’t here and we don’t know when Odds-sensei will come, so I suppose you can leave for today.”

“No.” Nico quickly stopped him. 

“I’ww pway quiethwy withh Nico.”

“That’s fine.” 

Linus put a hand on his chin and looked at me and Nico. 

“Well, it’s fine to have one of these days once in a while.”

“Yay! Let’s go outside!”


We quickly slipped past Linus and ran outside while listening to Linus’s exasperated voice, “Aren’t you two not being quiet?” 

But we stopped before we descended the stairs and walked outside. There was something wrong. 

“Huh? There’s a lot of noise outside.”

“From thhe window. Leth’sh woow outh from thhe window.”


We peeked through a large window that led directly outside. 

“Lothsh of Rug Dragonsh.”

There were a lot of Rug Dragons like the ones I saw at Wester’s pasture. 

“Wait, Lei. There aren’t only dragons.”

There were certainly a lot of soldiers on the dragons. Something’s wrong. Nico and I stood there, not knowing what to do as we peered out the window.