Chapter 217: I Get Sleepy After I Eat

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The hard bread didn’t look appetising, but the dried fruit looked delicious. 

“Leth’sh thry shome?”

“What are you saying? Didn’t we just have breakfast?”

“I gueshsh.”

I knew. I knew this but I thought we could at least eat a small piece of fruit. 

“You’re really a glutton, Lei.”

“Food ish importhanth.”

“It’s not time to eat now.”

“Fruithsh are shnacwsh.”

It was as if nothing had changed as we bickered about this. There was a small table and chair here, but we leaned against the bed while stretching out our legs and chatting. 

“Do you think it’s Easter?” Nico suddenly asked. 

“Ai.” I nodded firmly. 

“You might not know this Lei, but there are a lot of soldiers at the castle. How the hell did they make their way to the back of the castle?”

There were a lot of Rug Dragons in the garden. If I could have calmly faced the dragons, then I could have asked them what was wrong. But I was far away, and I didn’t have time to think about that. 

“Remingthonsh and a group of Rug Dragonsh eshcaped tho Eashther.”

“When the Remingtons left? I did hear that we lost sight of a lot of Rug Dragons. So, you’re saying it’s not a coincidence?”


I don’t know where the dragons were brought from, but they were probably released in the castle, and the soldiers blended in with the dragons to enter the castle. The castle soldiers probably didn’t even know what was happening, let alone how to stop dragons from running past them. 

Perhaps, there were fewer enemy soldiers than the castle soldiers. 

“What did they do this for?”

“I don’th wnow.”

I have no idea why they are attacking Kingdom. What benefits does Easter get from ruling Kingdom?

But I know they’re trying to control Kingdom. They invaded the castle in one swoop. In other words, “Nico, Thhe King and Thhe Princesh, and maybe Marw.”

“The royal family and the Four Marquises.”


The Four Marquises has already decreased by one since the Remingtons left. Missing one of the Four Marquises isn’t enough to shake Kingdom. However, the next generation of the Remingtons has escaped from Easter and returned to Kingdom, and she’s coming of age in a little over a year. 

In other words, it wasn’t as profitable for them to have the Remingtons anymore.

“The barrier won’t be activated anymore if they injure us. The citizens would be troubled.”

“The cithizensh of Kingdom wouwd hathe Eashther thhen.” (The citizens of Kingdom would hate Easter then)

“Hmm. I don’t think they would want that if they want to make Kingdom theirs.”

Even children know this. If they want to have Kingdom in their hands then they can’t be hated by the citizens of Kingdom. Rather, they need the citizens to like this. 

For example, they’ll have to save Kingdom from a crisis. Otherwise, they would need to try to rebel against the current Kingdom’s royal family. 

However, there’s no crisis in Kingdom as long as the barrier is in place. 

“Whath if thhe barrier ish gone?”

“Impossible. Father and the others will make sure to, ah.” 

Nico and I managed to escape but what if the King or Lambert-ojisama had already been captured?

“I wonder if father, uncle and grandfather are alright.”

“They’re fine. They’re shthiww awive even if thhey’re capthured.” (They’re fine. They’re still alive even if they’re captured)

“What about mother?”

“She’sh fine,” I reassured him. Any normal man would never do what he’s told if his wife is harmed. Lam-ojisama is royalty, so the citizens might be more important than his wife, but there’s no reason to harm Nico’s Okaa-sama in the long run. 

“Hard. My head wiww expwode.”


“Why did you move away, Nico?”

My head won’t actually explode, geez.

“We ran away to here, but would it have been better to get caught?”

If we had been caught then I feel like we would have been taken hostage and used to blackmail Lam-ojisama and Otou-sama, so I’m glad we ran away. 

However, I have a feeling that we will get caught sooner or later if we stay here. 

“We’ww be caughth eventhuawwy.”

“It’s not good to give up, Lei,” Nico said in dismay, but it would be easy for them to find us since this is a dead end. 

“Don’th weth thhem cathch ush if poshshibwe.” (Don’t let them catch us if possible)

“Well we did get away from them after all. But what are we doing to do if they stick around?”

“He shhouwd, thhe third prince shhouwd be throubwed.”

“He should be troubled, you say Lei.”

Nico looked at me and seemed a bit taken aback. What is it?

“You have a bad expression on your face.”


There’s no reason to threaten Otou-sama or Lam-ojisama if we’re not found. We should stay undetected for as long as possible and annoy them as much as possible. 

“Since ith’sh wiwe thhath, weth’sh eath firshth.”

“I thought you would say that.”

Nico didn’t stop me this time and got the bag out from under the bed. I went to the washroom and filled my cup with water before coming back. It helps that there’s a decent amount of water and a toilet. 

“We’ww jushth thry a withthwe.” Nico looked surprised at my suggestion.

“Only a little? Lei are you alright?”

“You don’th need tho thouch my forehead.”

Why do you think I have a fever? 

The hard bread could have been replaced, and the time-consuming meal was satisfying even if it was just a little. But when I’m in a quiet place with a full stomach, I feel sleepy even though it wasn’t naptime. 

“Lei, your head is swaying.”

“I’m noth shweepy.”

When a toddler says they’re not sleepy, it’s usually because they’re sleepy. Didn’t you feel sleepy? But I know it would be dumb to just crawl into bed and sleep now.

“Under thhe bed.”

“Under the bed?”

“Leth’sh pway thhere,” I mumbled to myself and crawled under the bed.

“The pwace where you can shee thhe bed paththernsh.”

“No way.” Nico’s words were the last thing I remembered. When I woke up, I was still under the bed and Nico was next to me. 

When I turned over to Nico, who was lying down, I saw there were two bags in front of him.


“Shh,” Nico told me not to talk.

“I can still feel someone in the room.”


I woke up at once and listened. There were certainly sounds of people talking and walking on the other side of the wall. 

Only the Four Marquises and royal family can enter the barrier room. They wouldn’t make that much noise even if they were all in here. In other words, “Eashther ish here.”


And I slept peacefully without realising this. Sorry, Nico.