Chapter 221: Bad Person

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

It’s strange to say, “Don’t you realise you’ve been caught?” to a two and four year old child. Nico and I quietly sipped our tea while wondering what this person was upset about.

“Gah. Calm down. Remember how many times you’ve been outsmarted even if they look stupid,” the Third Prince muttered to himself. Are you saying we look stupid? Rude. I’m adorable. 

“Don’t you dare call a lady stupid even if it’s just a joke, Cyrus-dono,” Nico clearly stated what he always says in this situation. But can I say something? Why do you think he’s talking about me when he said stupid? He might be talking about you, Nico.

“I’m sorry, Leila-dono.”

So, it was about me? Isn’t it ruder to apologise for saying it? I felt annoyed. However, he wouldn’t do anything to us right now since we were talking. I was a little relieved, though I’m sure he should have been politer towards us. I wonder where his restraint went.

However, no one in this room will criticise him for this. The Third Prince ordered the only guard in this room to go somewhere and he hasn’t come back. We were in a miserable situation where even if he hurt us, we are the only ones who can stop him. 

“Well, Cyrus-dono.”

Nico put down his cup and turned to face the Third Prince.

“I’ve been spending time with Lei because of an unavoidable situation.”

How can he be sarcastic in this situation! I looked at Nico in admiration. 

“I want to go back to my parents soon. Lei feels the same way.”

Normally, people would ask what had happened and why they are here. But Nico knew exactly what was important; it was the future. 

“You know that’s not possible.”

“Why? Why are you keeping us here?”

Nico will talk with the Third Prince. I was taking things easy. I quietly reached for a piece of soft bread that was on the table and took a bite. 

“The fact that I have you is meaningful in itself.”

I explained since Nico looked like he didn’t know what the Third Prince was talking about. 

“Nico, we’re hoshthagesh. Here, thawe a bithe.” (Nico, we’re hostages. Here, take a bite)

“You’re also a hostage,” the Third Prince immediately pointed out. I’m a two year old so I don’t know what you’re talking about. *CHEW CHEW*

“You’re really annoying. It wouldn’t have gotten this troublesome if I had taken care of you back then.”

He must be talking about when I was in Wester. What a horrible thing to say. 

At least I have bread in my stomach. I also knew that the royals couldn’t do anything since their family was taken as hostages. Otou-sama is close to Wester, so he probably hasn’t come back to the capital yet. So, the Third Prince won’t do anything to me yet. 

“I was naïve and only removed one magic stone, so things ended up like this. I don’t know how you replenished the magic stones, but I’ve removed all five of them this time. There are more guards in that room too. Kingdom will definitely be attacked by Hollows tonight.”

So that’s your goal. I sighed a little. Unlike me, who had given up, Nico asked the Third Prince strongly, “How does Easter benefit from Kingdom losing its barrier?”

I wanted to ask that too. I didn’t think the Third Prince would answer, but I was wrong. 

“I don’t know what those fools back home are thinking. I’m just doing as I am told.”

I looked at the Third Prince in surprise. I had avoided making eye contact with him until now. 

His face, which had always been shrewd, was now even shrewder, perhaps from the fatigue of the past few days, and his bright yellow eyes, which should have been the same colour as Nico’s, looked dark and sullen. 

I’m just doing as I am told, he said. 

Indeed, when I think about it, the Third Prince is still a young man who is just over 20. Wester’s Prince Huu is a reliable man, but he’s around the same age as Prince Al and Mark. When I think about it, even though he may look shameless, he has just graduated from being a child. 

Could he have had no choice but to come to Kingdom like he had been told to? 

“Has it been a year since then? You were looking at me straight in the eyes back like this back then too.”

I did. He put a sword to the attendant’s neck and told them to give me up. 

“Lei hashn’th forgoththen. You thowd thhem tho find me even if i’m weaw or dead.” (Lei hasn’t forgotten. You told them to find me even if I’m weak or dead)

Isn’t that what you said at that time? The Third Prince raised his eyebrow in amusement.

“You were close enough to hear me? It’s really a shame since you were close enough for me to catch you.” 

This was the Third Prince’s real personality. It must be true that he came here because he was ordered to, but he knows why they made him come here, and more importantly, he carried his mission out with pleasure. 

Don’t be fooled. He’s a bad guy who has done bad things. 

Just then, there was a knock on the door. The door opened.

“Your Highness, it’s nearly time.”

“Oh, it’s finally time. It’ll be troublesome if they replace the magic stones. We have no choice but to wait until we’re sure the barrier won’t be activated tonight.”

“That’s troublesome.”

I’ve heard this voice before. I heard it from the person who stood next to the Third Prince at that time. He had said, “Precious violet.” That person looked at me and widened his eyes in surprise. 

“What a surprise. I only saw the back of your head that time, but you really do have violet eyes.”

“Precioush vioweth. Thath’sh whath you shaid.”

“No way! You remember what happened back then!?”

I should have kept my mouth shut, but I wanted to tell him that I knew him too. I couldn’t forget the attack that night even if I wanted to. I understood once again that these people, no matter how ordinary they looked in the light of day, were formidable enemies. 

“My country always does useless things. Then and now. If we had just killed from the start, then it would all be over.”

See, he is with the Third Prince.

“Lei, here.”

Nico gently gave me a piece of bread. 

Is this the time for eating? I thought as I took it and held it gently with both hands. The bread was already cold, but it was fluffy and smelled good. 

Yes, there’s nothing we can do now no matter how angry or upset we are. Like always, all I can do is keep calm and wait for a situation where I can do something.

“Have shome thoo Nico.”


Nico nodded and turned towards Cyrus and the other person as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Cyrus-dono, I would like two more cups of tea and some food. For the both of us, of course.”

The astonished look on the faces of the Third Prince and the other person was the funniest thing I had seen all morning.