Chapter 222: There’s Still Something I Can Do

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“You two stay here for now,” the Third Prince, no longer trying to be polite, said this before leaving the room. I quietly opened the door and found a guard there. Too bad. 

However, we did get more tea and food. The castle still seemed to be functioning properly, but I wondered what the situation was. 

“The escorts are supposed to be the best, but what are they doing?”

“Gracesh ish probabwy noth here.”

“They’re a special force. There should be other units too.”

He said there are other units. I’m not sure what he was talking about, but I’m glad we weren’t hiding under the bed anymore. 

The room we were in was a normal room, or rather a magnificent room, with a toilet, washroom and bath. However, it was only a bedroom, so it wasn’t that big. After finishing my meal, I quickly climbed onto the bed and stood up. Of course, I took off my shoes before getting onto the bed. 

“Lei, what are you doing?” Nico asked in confusion, so I crossed my arms and raised my chin.

“I’m going tho jump.”

“You’re what?!”

I’m sick of sneaking around under the bed and not moving around much. We were told to stay here, but they didn’t tell us we had to behave ourselves. 

I jumped off the bed. It felt nice. 

“You’re not jumping. You’re just stretching and contracting.”

“I am.”

How dare you call a lady something like a worm? Ladies aren’t supposed to bounce on the bed. He had pointed out that I was stretching, so I dived into the bed. My face was buried in the blankets.


This is important.

“Then I’ll do it too.”

Nico climbed onto the bed next to mine. 

“Hmm. I’ll be scolded if I jump on the bed.”

“There’sh no one here.”

“Hmm. I’ll do it.”


So, we jumped and dived on the bed and ran around the room. In the end, we had a pillow fight. We had too much energy since we hadn’t moved our bodies in a long time. I’m sure the racket in the room could be heard from outside, but no one came to check up on us. 

After playing around until we were out of bed, I felt tired. 

“Hmm. Let’s rest while looking out the window.”

“Window? You’re righth!”

There weren’t any windows in the barrier room, but there are windows in this room. We rushed to the window. 

“There’s no veranda, and we’re on the third floor?”

“Ith’sh hard tho eshcape thhrough thhe window.”

“I can probably do it, but you won’t be able to.”

I’m sure Nico can’t either. I know what situation we’re in, but the room faced the courtyard, so I couldn’t tell what was happening outside. There were two soldiers patrolling the courtyard.

“Nico who are thhey?”

“Hmm. They’re not our soldiers, so they must be from Easter.”

“There’sh onwy thwo of them.”

It was hard to believe that they had total control of the castle. We waved at them from the window, not expecting them to notice us. I think one of them glanced at us, but he went back to his patrol as if he hadn’t seen us. 

It has been two full days since Easter had invaded the castle. Today is the third day. They brought us lunch but didn’t bring us any snacks. Snacks are also meals for toddlers. I was so angry that after my nap, I brought out the bread I had left over from breakfast which I hid in the shelf. 

“You’re really something, Lei…”

Nico looked at me in exasperation as I pulled out the bread from the shelf. But I didn’t care. 

“Pour me shome wather Nico.”

“… Ok.”

Nico filled my cup with water. It was something that he had gotten used to doing over the past two days. 

We talked about what we will do afterwards as I ate the bread. 

We didn’t get any snacks. They might not give us any dinner either. I think tonight is their limit, even if they occupy the castle. That was what we were talking about.

I don’t know what will happen when they reach their limit. Will the Third Prince return to Easter while Kingdom is in chaos because Hollows appeared, or will he get rid of us and the royal family so that Kingdom will never be able to put up a barrier again? But…

“I don’th thhinw he wiww do thhath.”

“Me neither.”

We both nodded as I clapped my breadcrumb filled hands. 

The Third Prince is probably the only one who would have got rid of us quickly, but he hadn’t done so because his country ordered him not to. Then…

“We can shthiww do shomethhing.”


“Reshonathe thhe barrier.” (Resonate the barrier)

I taught Nico how to put up a barrier, but I hadn’t taught him how to resonate the barrier. Lam-ojisama might have taught him how to do it, but I haven’t felt him resonate the barrier before.

“We jushth need tho reshonathe ith a withthwe. We’ww creathe a momenth for ush tho run.” (We just need to resonate it a little. We’ll create a moment for us to run)

“Just like what you and Luke did?”


I nodded strongly. This will be easy if he remembers what he felt at the northern fief. The longest I’ve ever kept up a barrier was 10 minutes when I was a year old. I don’t know how long I can keep it up right now. 

“Ith’sh fine if ith’sh near thhe capithaw. Ith’sh fine if ith’sh onwy for a withthwe whiwe.” (It’s fine if it’s near the capital. It’s fine if it’s only for a little while)

“I’ll do it too.”


Two people are much better than one. 

Contrary to my expectations, they brought us dinner, and earlier than I’d expected. However, the menu wasn’t much different from what we had had in the barrier room: bread and uncut fruit. 

They probably didn’t have any more time to pay attention to our meals. 

We ate quietly without any complaints and waited for night to come.