Chapter 224: A Ceiling I Don’t Know

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

But I fell asleep shortly after, probably because I was relieved from seeing Hans. 

I knew I had to stay awake, but my eyes kept closing, and every time they did, my barrier was compromised. 

“It’s fine Lei. I can manage on my own. Sleep.”

“Buth Nico, you’re shweathing a woth.” (But Nico, you’re sweating a lot)

“It’s just hot.”

I’ve been training with my barrier for a long time, but Nico has only just started. I think it’s hard for Nico. His forehead was full of sweat. I thought, but I’m going to pass out. 

When my barrier swayed and disappeared like a fluorescent light going out…

“Oh, this is…”


The vibration in my chest was from Otou-sama’s firm barrier. Unlike us, who have only just started using our magic, he had already been using his magic to fill the barrier magic stone for over ten years. It vibrated powerfully through the barrier as if it was gently embracing Nii-sama and I. 

“Ish thhish enough?”

Well done, Lei. I thought I heard Otou-sama’s voice. 

“Lei, you did well.”

Good girl. Good night. 


I don’t remember what happened next. I fainted, then Nico fainted, and the people around us panicked since they didn’t know what had happened. But soon after, Lam-ojisama activated his barrier, followed by Stan-ojisama and Har-ojisama. The royal family and Four Marquises’ barriers vibrated one after the other. This continued until sunrise, and Nii-sama later told me that the damage caused by the Hollows was minimal. 


“I don’th wnow thhish ceiwing.” (I don’t know this ceiling)

Joking. Well, I don’t know this room, but it must be a guest room somewhere in the castle. It seemed like I hadn’t gone home while I was asleep. 



Natalie had been waiting by my bed for a long time. Her neat hair was a bit loose in some places. I pulled my arms out of the blankets and reached out to her. My hand felt heavy. 

“You’re shafe Natawie. I’m gwad.”

“No! You were being reckless again, Lei-sama…”

Natalie wrapped her hand around mine and gently lowered my arm onto the bed. 

“Whath happened afther?”

“I ran to the south greenhouse with a large stuffed animal in my arms after I left Lei-sama. I’m a fast runner despite how I look,” Natalie said proudly. 

“I was captured by the Easter soldiers before I could reach the south greenhouse, but I attracted the attention of some soldiers who were heading towards you, so it was fine. It was annoying to be thought of as a dumb maid who likes stuffed animals, but yes, it was really annoying.”

She said ‘annoying’ twice. Is it that important? I laughed. 

Natalie is usually calm and sharp, so she must have been really angry. 

“After that, I was locked up with everyone else in the guest room. They served us simple food, but they never harmed us.”

“Thanw god.”

The Third Prince said his role was to secure the royal family and stop the barrier. I thought he wouldn’t harm people much and it seemed like I was right. 

“We, the trapped maids, tried to put the soldiers off guard with our crying, flirting and other actions, but it didn’t happen. Help was definitely on the way, so we planned on reducing the soldiers so that we wouldn’t get in the way.”

This was where I couldn’t hold back anymore and started laughing. I wonder how the serious Natalie and the other maids flirted with the soldiers. 

When Natalie saw me laugh, she finally smiled and relaxed.

“Luke-sama, Master and everyone else is safe. Now, please drink some water.”

After Natalie gave me some water, I felt sleepy again. I’m really sleepy for some reason. 


The next time I woke up, Nii-sama was by my side. He had swapped places with Natalie and was sitting on the chair next to my bed. He was plopped down on my bed and sleeping.

“Nii-syama.” I said in a small voice so I wouldn’t wake him up. Then I stroked his silky golden hair. 

I think Nii-sama was at the academy when Easter attacked. Nico and I were fighting in secret, but I wonder what Nii-sama was doing. I’m sure he came to the castle when our barriers vibrated against each other. 

He must have been worried about me.

“Hmm… Lei!”

Nii-sama woke up and his hair was messy. 



He threw my covers off, lifted me up and hugged me tightly on his lap.

“I was worried about you. I was really worried.”

“Ai. Ith wash awfuw.”

Nico might have been the person who was targeted, but I was also caught since I had been with him, so I think it’s alright for me to be honest and say that it was awful. 

“I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I felt your barrier in that situation. But it was only a matter of time before Gill and I were about to activate our barriers. But you mustn’t act rash like this again,” Nii-sama scolded me. 

“It’s dangerous to circulate your magic before you’re ten years old. You didn’t need to put your body on the line. You’re only two years old…”


If the same thing happens again, then I’ll probably do that again even if you scold me. I can’t swear that I won’t do it again, but I did make you worry, so I’ll just agree obediently. And it’s funny that he didn’t mention Nico again like always. 


“His Highness is also safe. He woke up before you did and is running around energetically.”

“Thath’sh good.”

“You’re not going to ask about Otou-sama?” 

Nii-sama looked a little amused. 

“Otou-syama’s barrier fewth showid.”

“Haha. So, you felt it. I’m sure Otou-sama is disappointed, but he still hasn’t returned to the capital.”


I was surprised. I thought Otou-sama would be back no matter what.

“It takes two days even with a fast dragon to contact Otou-sama since he’s near Wester. The castle was completely shut down for a while, and the academy was attacked as well, so we were stuck there for a while too.”

“Nii-syama too?”

“Yes. They were after Gill and I. You were also targeted.”

Nii-sama grinned.

“They couldn’t catch Gill or me. We realised that they were after us, so we hid for a while before sneaking out of the academy. We knew that they wouldn’t kill us if they caught us, but we would have been stuck as hostages with the other students if we had stayed at the academy.”

Nii-sama is great. I waited excitingly for his next words.