Chapter 226: The Albans’ Garden

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


I stood alone with my arms crossed. It’s been a long time since I’ve stood here in the Albans’ garden.

“Don’t forget that I’m here too.”

“Me too.”

“I didn’th forgeth.”

Nii-sama and Gill are here too, but they’re standing behind me, so they don’t count. 

A breeze blew through the short well-kept grass in the garden. I always stood like this in the garden when I came back from Wester and got along with Natalie. 

This was how I realised that being able to spend time in this garden, which has always been a part of my life, isn’t a normal part of my life. 

“Too many thhingsh are happening.”

“Pfft. You’re right.” Nii-sama, who was watching me from behind, laughed. 

An unprecedented event took place a few days ago. The royal family of Kingdom had been captured. I was also in the castle with Prince Nico, so I was locked up as well. I was caught up in the castle siege and was an extra. However, according to what Nii-sama had said, both Nii-sama and Gill were also targeted, so even if I hadn’t been in the castle, I might have been hunted down anyway. 

“It wasn’t only Lei who was targeted this time, so I guess that’s a relief.”

Nii-sama made it sound like I’m the only one who is always targeted, so I pouted. 

“I onwy geth thargethed shomethimesh.” (I only get targeted sometimes)

Nii-sama smiled as he poked my cheeks. 

“You’re right. Including this time, you’ve only been targeted four times.”

“I jushth goth caughth thhish thime becaushe of Nico.” (I just got caught this time because of Nico)

“Then, you’ve only been targeted three times.”


This is fine.

“But I was worried this time too. I just couldn’t stand the thought of being by your side and not being able to do anything, and having you caught up in another incident.”

“In fact, we did our best not to get caught until we all started activating our barriers.” There was a hint of bitterness in Gill’s voice. Gill is already as tall as an adult. That’s why it was hard for him to be in a position where he had to protect himself by staying inside. 

“Marw’sh thhe shame.” (Mark’s the same)

The adult Mark, who is bigger than Gill, was also being protected in Gill’s mansion. It’s not strange that Gill, who is younger than him, was protected.

“You’re right. Of course, the most important thing for us was not to get caught by the enemy. But now that we know that Kingdom’s barrier system can be taken away this easily, I wonder if it’s really alright for the Four Marquises to just fulfil their duties and stay in the capital.”

I saw Nii-sama pat Gill on the back as he was seriously worrying about the next generation. Nii-sama was probably worried about the same thing. The two of them looked dazzling to me. 

Or rather, the summer sun was really dazzling. I kept my hat on and crouched down on the short grass. 

“Lei, are you not feeling well?”


I was tired of standing, so I crouched down, and then I just sat down. 

“Ah!” I heard a small scream, but this was the voice of the nearby maid. Natalie was used to me doing this, so she just stood close to me without saying anything. She’s a great maid. By the way, Hans is often called to the castle these days while I’m in the mansion. 

The ground is close when I sit down with my legs stretched out like this. A dark green grasshopper jumped in front of me. A lizard darted around and stopped on a small rock. 

The trick to catching insects and lizards is to move your hand quickly and mindlessly. You can’t brazenly chase after them even if you miss. I gave the lizard I caught in the garden the other day to Natalie. I gave the lizard that I caught before that to Hannah. 


I moved my hand quickly while acting as if I wasn’t interested in anything. A small lizard fit in my small hand and its rainbow-coloured tail swayed. Cute. 

“Lei, did you pick some flowers? Show Nii-sama too.”


Then I’ll give this to Nii-sama. He squatted down and held out his hands, and I placed the lizard on his hands with a plop. 

“Here you go.”

“Thank… woah?”

The lizard jumped out of Nii-sama’s hand while he was surprised and ran away in a flash. I’m sorry for suddenly catching you.

“Lei, Nii-sama isn’t really interested in insects or lizards.”

“I didn’th wnow thhath.”

I never noticed this even though I played in the garden a lot with Nii-sama when I was little. Gill, who was standing next to Nii-sama, held his stomach and laughed. 

“You were trying so hard to hide the fact that you hate them.”

Nii-sama complained while swaying the hand that had held the lizard, “I was putting up with them.”

“You would have been fine even if you weren’t putting up with it. You’re so careless.”

I stood up and looked up at Nii-sama while smiling. 

“You’re sho coow for puththing up withh ith.” (You’re so cool for putting up with it)

There’s nothing wrong with not liking insects or lizards. I think it’s important to put up with things sometimes.

“Lei, up.”

Nii-sama tried to pick me up, but he stopped when he realised that he had touched the lizard with his hand. 

“Lei awsho thouched thhe wizard.” (Lei also touched the lizard)

I showed Nii-sama the palm of my hands. I also held the lizard. Now, what will you do?

“Lei’s hands are cute. Hmm. It’s fine!”

“Hahah! Summer days sure are bright.”

I looked at my palms which had grabbed the lizard as Nii-sama held me. Would Hannah be able to handle lizards if she had stayed in this mansion for a long time? I held my hand up to the sun.

From now on, I’ll probably think about Hannah every time I go out in the garden. Hannah. Lei’s doing well. 

The Easter royals, as the Third Prince had said, put all the blame on him and denied any involvement in the incident. But that wasn’t the end of it. 

At the end of summer, Kingdom went to war with Easter.