Chapter 227: This Summer

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I was in the Albans mansion, looking out the window of my room and feeling a little worried. My study sessions with Nico had been cancelled since that incident. 

“I wonder if Hansh ish weww.” (I wonder if Hans is well)

“Of course, he is,” Natalie quickly answered. 

“There’s nothing wrong with that resilient idiot. As you know, he’s better than any of the castle guards.”

I can almost hear her snorting. They’ve been my guard and maid for a long time. There must be a bond between them that I don’t understand. I nodded in agreement.

“Lei-sama, you seem to be misunderstanding something, but Hans and I are purely work colleagues.”

“Lei wnowsh.”

“No, you’re misunderstanding something.”

Natalie mumbled something, but I knew what she meant. There’s no point worrying about this. 

Hans is probably in Easter right now. 

Kingdom was so weak that another country could easily invade its castle and detain the royal family. I never thought that we would go and invade another country. However, Otou-sama said that it was something that needed to be done and couldn’t be left unsettled. 

We were saved since the Third Prince received roundabout and stupid orders like: “Secure the royal family and the Four Marquises and let the people of Kingdom know of the barrier’s vulnerability,” and “Destroy the royal family and the Four Marquises’ authority.” If his order had been to end the royal family and the Four Marquises, then Kingdom would have ended then. 

The Third Prince’s strategy was brilliant. Kingdom was too pathetic for allowing itself to be holed up for a few more days after the prince’s palace and barrier room were taken, and the main culprit escaped. 

The incident that caused the Remingtons to run away to Easter was also carried out by the Third Prince. It’s sad that the cute Rug Dragons were used for his operations, but they have a strong herd mentality, and will work for their flock. They don’t understand the human standards of right and wrong, so they won’t act on their own. 

If the leader of the group starts running, then they will run with him, and if the leader of their group invades a castle, then they will invade it with him. Rug Dragons are used for better or for worse depending on their handler. 

And it’s because the Third Prince had the power to think and act like that, that Easter got cocky and made a pass at Kingdom. 

But it didn’t end with just that pass. They messed with Kingdom’s royals, since they wanted to expose the citizens of Kingdom to the Hollows.


“What is it, Lei-sama?”


If Easter’s plan had succeeded and Kingdom’s barrier disappeared for a night…

It would be a big mistake to think that the central part of Kingdom couldn’t be affected just because they were aiming to harm the people in the border area of Frontier. In fact, Lake Mills is filled with Hollows even though it’s within the barrier. 

“They appeared in Weshther’sh prairie ash weww.”

They can probably hide anywhere if the rocks are rugged. So, it’s possible that Hollows can appear in the castle or even in the Albans mansion. 

Chills went down my spine when I thought the harm that would have come from that.

The citizens’ anger may be directed at Kingdom royals, but it will also be directed at Easter. Easter never imagined that could happen. 

The Third Prince, who Easter pushed all responsibly to, fled. 

The incident only occurred in the capital, but even the citizens who live in the capital don’t know what happened. They only know that there was trouble at the castle. So, if they wanted to hide it, they could. Depending on the situation, it wasn’t good to let the people know that there are times when the barrier can’t be erected. 

 However, the royal family made this public and let the people of Kingdom know the evil acts of Easter. At the same time, they gathered their troops and attacked Easter. 

The royal family took action swiftly even though I thought they were incapable of doing their job. And of course, strong people were gathered and sent to Easter. There was no way that Hans, who had planned and executed the plan to rescue the royal family, wouldn’t be sent away.


“He’s fine. He’s very strong, and Master is there too.”


Otou-sama also went to Easter’s border, so I might have to worry about him.

“I feew wiwe Otou-syama wiww be fine.”

“Of course, he will be.”

Natalie nodded strongly at my words.

“I’m shure he’sh shiththing on a chair.”

“Are you talking about when he went to get you? Yes, I can certainly picture him sitting elegantly with his legs crossed in a chair on the prairie.”

That’s right. He must be sitting there while looking cool in the summer breeze. 

Wester offered full cooperation when Kingdom dispatched their troops to Easter. Easter and Wester are separated by a large mountain range called Yulas Mountains, so they can’t travel directly to each other. Trade between these two countries is done through Kingdom, and they have a weak relationship with each other. Wester chose to strengthen their relationship with Kingdom. 

And so, they sent their elites, albeit a small number, to follow Otou-sama. 

Farland, on the other hand, expressed their regret for what Easter had done, but they said they had nothing to do with it, so they were just watching the situation play out. 

“Whath wiww happen from now on?”

“Lei-sama,” Natalie called out in a gentle tone. 

“It doesn’t help anyone even if we think about the future. I’m sure everyone is doing their best where they went, so let’s enjoy our time here.”


It’s true that my worrying won’t help Hans or Otou-sama. It’s no use thinking about diplomatic relations. 

“Awrighth, weth’sh go pway outhshide.” (Alright, let’s go play outside.”)

“It’s hot, so let’s put on your hat.”

“Ai!” I replied cheerfully and got off the chair that I had climbed to look out the window. Natalie watched me silently. Graces would have picked me up and put me down, but he went to Easter too. The rules that the guards can’t go outside of the barrier didn’t matter in times of emergencies. 

“Nii-syama’s coming bacw.”

“It’s nearly time for him to return. Let’s go pick him up.”

Nii-sama, who should normally be home during summer holidays, was busy going around with Gill and Mark. Even so, he should be home soon, so I’ll wait for him to come back while playing outside. 

The third summer since I was born was not going to be an ordinary one.