Chapter 229: Everyone’s Still the Same

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“They’re noth here yeth?”

“Soon,” Nii-sama answered gently as I waited impatiently for our guests outside the entrance. Lately, I feel like all the fun has been happening outside. 

“They couwd have jushth shthayed here.”

“I know how you feel. But, you know, the Lisburns are Alistair’s family.”

I knew that Nii-sama was right. Alistair and I aren’t real family even though we had lived together for months like a family. 

“But I can’t keep up with this either.”


“I know that Alistair is Gill’s uncle. But Alistair being Stan-ojisama’s brother, even though they have different mothers is a little…”

“You’re righth.” 

The thought of Otou-sama suddenly having a stepbrother, and it being a boy one’s own age, would be complicated, I think. 

“Stan-ojisama said he was used to it, but even I was surprised at how much he looked like Gill. Stan-ojisama must have been very surprised.”


While we were talking about this, Otou-sama staggered out of the front door.

“Don’t come out first without Otou-sama.”

“But Otou-sama, you seem tired.”

Yeah. He finally came home yesterday, told us that Alistair would be coming this evening, and fell asleep. Today, he woke up and ate, but fell asleep again afterwards, so Nii-sama and I quietly waited outside. 

Otou-sama hugged Nii-sama first and Nii-sama laughed shyly. Then, he picked me up. 

“I always wanted to leave the capital when I was younger, but now I’m so tired that I think it would be fine for me not to leave for a while.”

“It’s rare to hear you whine, Otou-sama.”

Nii-sama tilted his head, but I didn’t think so. Nii-sama lives in the dormitory and only sees Otou-sama once in a while, so he probably only saw the cool parts of him, but Otou-sama is just a normal guy who is tired from work. He always says he’s tired and spoils me. 

Jude, the butler, who was standing a few steps behind us with a complicated look on his face, thinks like me. I looked over Otou-sama’s shoulder and exchanged an exasperated look with Jude, then heard the sound of the carriage, so I quickly turned towards the gate while still in Otou-sama’s arms. I was very sensitive to the sounds of the carriage since I always wait for Otou-sama and Nii-sama.

“Oh, Lei, the carriage Is here!”


 Two carriages bearing the Lisburn crest rushed nimbly towards us and stopped in front of us. The person who jumped out of the carriage before the servant could open the door was…



Otou-sama gently lowered me to the ground and I ran to Alistair. Alistair kneeled to the ground with his arms outstretched to me. It has been more than half a year since we last met, so Alistair must have grown taller and a little more mature like Nii-sama. But at that time, I just wanted to be close to Alistair and didn’t have time to look at him carefully. 

I ran up to him and he immediately picked me up in a big hug. His strength, which was different from Nii-sama’s, hadn’t changed. I can still smell the faint scent of leather when I buried my face into his shoulder. 

“Ah, ah, you’re still tottering like always.”

That was probably Bart. When I looked up from Alistair’s loose arms at the nostalgic voice that was mixed with a smile, I saw Alistair, who had become a little more boyish, laugh with a face that said, “He’s still the same as always.” I have to say this. 

“I washn’th thoththering!”

“Of course not. Now, show me you walk briskly over here.” 

That carefree voice was Mill. Judging from his teary voice, he must have forgotten his handkerchief again. 

Alistair turned towards the carriage with me still in his arms. Next to Gill and Stan-ojisama, four people were standing there carefreely. These four always act relaxed no matter where they are.

“Barth! Miww! Kyaro! Cwyde!”

Other than the slightly teary-eyed Mill, they all nodded at me while smiling. Alistair gently lowered me to the ground, and I rushed over to everyone as quickly as a released fish. 

“You can really walk fast now. You’ve gotten big.”

Bart scooped me up in his arms and held me high in the air. I couldn’t help but laugh. He used to hold me up like this a lot. But I have to say something important.

“Lei washn’th wawwing, Lei wash running.” (Lei wasn’t walking, Lei was running)

“Hahaha. It might have looked like you were running. Here.”

I was handed to Mill like a piece of luggage. I pushed Mill’s face before he could get snot on me, pulled out a handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped his face with it.

“Miww, handwerchiefsh are importhanth.” (Mill, handkerchiefs are important)

“I only forget it once in a while. You’re as cute as always, Lei.”


There was no point in denying this because I am cute. Mill hugged me a little as if he was worried about his runny nose and then Clyde picked me up.


Clyde didn’t say anything, but looked at me kindly, then passed me to Kyaro. 

“Wah, shmaww.” (Wah, small)

“I’m not small. It’s because you were passed to me after you were held by Clyde.”

Of course, the fact that he’s small is something that only he was worried about. He’s just a normal man with a handsome face.

“You don’t have to say I have a pretty face.”

“I didn’th shay thhath.”

“Your face is saying that you were thinking it.”

I put my hand on my cheek.


“I washn’th thhinwing ith.”

There was laughter all around me and I was finally put back onto the ground.

“Everyone sheemsh weww.”

“We are.” Bart chuckled and squatted down in front of me. 

“It’s good to see you being taken care of by your Otou-sama and Nii-sama. I’m happy for you.”


I replied to Bart’s whisper with a small, but firm, voice. They’re taking good care of me. 

“But, Lei, you’re really a girl from a good house.”

Mill whistled as he looked at the mansion in front of him and the maids and servants. 

“I was really doubting that you were a Four Marquis’s daughter when you stuffed the dry bread into your pockets.”

“You. I haven’t heard that story yet.”

“Eh. Hyah. No, it’s not something I can tell to Lei’s Otou-sama.”

Mill panicked when Otou-sama spoke to him. Otou-sama was also squinting a little. 


I hit Mill’s legs. 

“Give up.”

“I’m not.”

It feels like a fun summer is finally about to begin.