Chapter 230: What I See in the Mirror is Family

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Anyway, we couldn’t leave the guests outside, so we had them come inside. The people in this mansion must have been relieved to see me smiling as Alistair held my hand. The servants warmly welcomed Alistair and his group. 

However, Nii-sama was holding my other hand, so I was like an alien being dragged along, making it difficult to walk.

When Alistair gave me back to Nii-sama in Wester, he restrained himself from touching me, however where did that restraint go? I was surprised when he held my hand tightly while looking aggressive when we were about to enter the mansion. 

“Luke is probably always with Lei. I haven’t seen you in half a year.”

“I usually live in the dormitory. Lei and I only spend two days on the weekend together.”

Please stop making sparks fly over my head. 

“Awishthair I’ww shhow you my room.”

“Lei’s room? Sounds nice.”

Alistair’s eyes twinkled. I shared a room with Alistair in Lentforce, but now I had my own room.

“Then we’ll come and see your room for a bit too.”

Bart and the others were coming along too. 

“Stan and I will be in the parlour, so you guys can join us after you see Lei’s room.”

“Ok-ay,” Mills replied dully to Otou-sama and everyone froze, but Otou-sama didn’t care and left me with Alistair and the crew and went to the parlour with Stan-ojisama. 

“Alistair’s home is big as well, but yours is something else,” Kyaro looked around and spoke. 

“My home? Hmm, my home?” Alistair tilted his head. Gill shrugged, but I was more surprised that Alistair hadn’t made it clear that it wasn’t his home.  Alistair took my hand and walked slowly up the stairs while looking embarrassed.

Then, he said, “I’ve been to the castle to study even in Wester’s capital. I’ve gotten used to the noble way of life. Besides, I met Stan yesterday.”

Stan-ojisama is a cheerful and fun person. Gill interrupted him, “He told you that you could call him brother, didn’t he? He also said you could even call him dad.”

“I can’t just call him that out of the blue. I haven’t even called you anything yet.”

“What do you mean ‘yet’?”

“Shut up.”

The friendly tones showed that Gill and Alistair had gotten used to each other which made me happy. 

“They showed me a picture of my father, and I was also told that I have more than 10 siblings.”

“Ten shibwingsh.”

“That’s right. Ah, I shouldn’t have told you that, Lei.”

Of course not. But I know that the Lisburn predecessor had children all over the place because of Alistair, so this isn’t anything new. 

“Then he showed me a mirror, saying that evidence is better than talking about it.”

“A mirror? They have mirrorsh in Weshther.”

I do remember seeing myself in a mirror at Wester.

“Yes, Gill, Stan and I were all reflected in the mirror.”

“Awishthair and Giww woow wiwe Sthan-ojisyama.”

“Yup. We look so alike that it’s almost funny.”

I looked up at Alistair who was smiling wryly. 

“Actually, Father and I laughed.”

“It’s not very noble-like, is it? The nobles in Wester are more noble-like,” Alistair replied. It seemed like he studied properly at the castle. 

“We’re blood related. There are still people who are related to me by blood left in this world.”

Alistair’s expression told me that he was happy about this. I’m glad.

“We’re here.”

Natalie opened the door for us, and I proudly pulled Nii-sama and Alistair into the room.

“Wow. It’s like a princess’s room.”

Natalie gave Mills a disapproving look when he whistled. My room with a lovely light pink colour looks cute. It’s so big that several people can eat in here. 

I hadn’t chosen this room. Kyaro looked around and said rudely, “Well, I can see that Lei hadn’t chosen anything in this room. It’s mostly her Otou-sama’s taste.”

Bart didn’t join in the conversion. He opened the window and looked out the window to check the window frame.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

What are you talking about?

“Yesterday, we stayed at Alistair’s home and it was lovely, but it wasn’t made from Rhodolite. I thought that would be the case since Hollows don’t appear here, but Lei’s windows have Rhodolite on them. And it’s hard to sneak in from the outside since there’s no balcony. Lei, you’re being well taken care of.”


I nodded deeply. 

“Ah, that’s good. I’m relieved now.”

They would be relieved to know that the child who they had found had returned home and is living comfortably. 

“Yeah, it’s a relief. But just because we’re relieved doesn’t mean that we won’t meet again. I thought that Kingdom, and the capital are a distant and unrelated place to use, but now I know it’s not. I’m sure we’ll be back.” Bart smirked. 

“Lei’s home is much closer to where we live now compared to when we went to Kaylie from Lentforce to sell magic stones.”

“I woow forward tho ith!”

I bounced up and down. 

“Alright, let’s meet up with Otou-sama now that we’ve checked Lei’s room.” Everyone left the room at Bart’s words. Alistair was satisfied with holding my hand, so he went down the stairs first and watched me come down. 

“Lei can do everything by herself.”

“Ai. Of courshe.”

“I know that even if you don’t say it.”

I ignored Nii-sama’s grumble as I heard the guard’s voice in my mind telling me that I will fall over backwards if I turn around and puffed my chest out in pride. I walked briskly to the parlour where Otou-sama and Stan-ojisama were sitting comfortably in their chairs while waiting for us. 

“So, you. You said your name is Mill? Can you tell me everything from the beginning?”

“Huh? Me?”

Bart and the others laughed when Mill panicked, but this wasn’t someone else’s problem. I think they’re all going to be asked a lot of questions. 

“Otou-sama, you’ve changed. You’ve never wanted to hear about Lei’s time in Wester before.”

“Is that so?”


Nii-sama nodded and motioned Jude, who was waiting close by.

“I need something to write with. I’ll take this opportunity to write down exactly what happened to Lei when she was in Wester.”


See, I told you it’s not someone else’s problem. 

“I’ll also ask Lei about what happened too.”


Even I’m involved…