Chapter 231: Summer Holiday Plans

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

It took more than a day to piece together my inept story and the stories of Bart, Alistair and the others about my six months in Wester. Realising this immediately, Nii-sama turned towards Bart and made a suggestion. 

“Why don’t you come see Lei when you have time, and we’ll go over the story little by little over the course of the day?”


Bart made a prompt decision. Mill, who was being a little frightened by Otou-sama, seemed relieved that he wasn’t the only one being questioned. 

Otou-sama being himself, hugged me and lamented, “Lei had to eat dry and hard bread… and without water…” He got in the way of our conversation and is hopeless. Finally, Nii-sama scolded him and told him to shut up and listen to the story, so he finally became quiet. To me, they were just memories that have passed. However, the fun that I had with Bart and everyone else remains. Those are the memories I have when we speak of the memories I have until Lentforce. 

“Wewi nuthsh were dewicioush.” (Weli nuts were delicious)

“Lei! They are, aren’t they?! I only choose the best!”

Alistair proudly puffed out his chest.

“Miww’sh shoup. Kyaro’sh cheeshe. The cwothhesh Cwyde choshe. And Barth wash awwaysh around.” (Mill’s soup. Kyaro’s cheese. The clothes Clyde chose. And Bart was always around)

I love everyone. 

“Everyone wash thhere, and wind bwew in Weshther.” (Everyone was there, and wind blew in Wester)

Why is everyone crying when I’m telling a fun story?

“Say, Lei.”


Alistair crouched in front of me like he had done in Wester.

“We’re finally in Kingdom, so we talked about staying in the royal capital for about a month.”


I was so happy that I smiled. 

“It’s cause we’re adults.” 

Mill rubbed the tip of his nose and looked proud.

“We’re each going to visit our workplaces during the day, and at night, we’re gonna go to town.”

“Mill, the latter is too much information!” Then, Bart scolded him. 

“Because we hardly go out into town at night even in Lentforce even though it’s covered in a barrier.”

“I know that, but don’t tell Lei you’re going out at night.”

“Lei wiww come thoo!”

“See, now she wants to come…”

Bart was at his wits end. I’m always in the capital, but I’ve never been out at night.


“Lei, children shouldn’t go out at night.”


Otou-sama was right. But I wanted to go a little. I looked up at Otou-sama and then looked down again.

“Lei, you’re pouting.”

“I’m noth! Ack.”

Alistair pinched my mouth. 

“Of course, Alistair and Luke can’t go out either.”

“I wouldn’t do that, Otou-sama!” Nii-sama cried and Alistair quietly looked away from Otou-sama. I came up with an idea. If I’m told that I have to stay home, then I would want to ignore what Otou-sama said, right? 

“Alistair, if I say you can’t go out then you can’t.”


But Alistair was pressed by Stan-ojisama, so he will stay at home. 

“That said, I’m sure you aren’t convinced, so I’ll arrange a day when the children can go out at night with guards.”

Stan-ojisama smiled so I almost jumped up in happiness.

“Lei thoo, Lei can go thoo!?”

“Lei’s a baby, so who knows.”

Otou-sama looked grimly at the smiling Stan-ojisama.

“Stan, I won’t forgive you if you do something bad to Lei.”

Thanks to Otou-sama, who spoils his daughter, I’m also able to go.

“Whath abouth Awishthair? Ge doeshn’th have tho worw, righth?” (What about Alistair? He doesn’t have work, right?)

“Yeah. But I don’t mind going with Bart.”

Come to think of it, I haven’t been to the castle since that incident. What am I supposed to do? By the way, Nii-sama is on his summer holidays, so I feel like it’s fine for me to be on summer holidays too.

“Whath abouth Lei? Whath shhouwd Lei do?”

I asked Otou-sama again. Of course, I’ll play with Alistair too, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Well, I thought I’ll let you and Luke go to Wester since it’s summer holidays, but there’s no need for that anymore. The reason why you wanted to go to Wester has come to Kingdom.”


Originally, Nii-sama told me that we would go to Wester during the summer holidays. I’m glad Otou-sama thought of letting us go too.

“Then Lei wiww pway withh Awishthair.”

“Well about that, that seems impossible as well.”

Otou-sama frowned as if he was troubled. 

“You seem to be doing fairly well Lei, but His Highness Nicholas seems to be quite depressed about that incident.”

“Nico? He didn’th do anythhing wrong.”

Nico should be closely guarded in the castle since they can’t let anything happen to someone in the royal family. Besides, there was no one to send me to the castle since Otou-sama will be going to Easter on a business trip. Hans still hasn’t come back, so I’ve been told that I shouldn’t go to the castle for security reasons, so I haven’t seen Nico in a while. Of course, I haven’t seen Chris in a while either.

“I’ve been told that they want Lei to come to the castle when I get back. Do you want to go?”

“Of courshe I’ww go. I’m worried about Nico. Buth…”

I looked at Alistair. If I go to the castle, then we’ll only be able to see each other at night. But it’s still much better than not being able to meet at all. 

“Lei, don’t worry.”

Alistair reached out and patted my head. 

“Yes, Lei. It’s summer holidays after all. Me, Gill and Alistair will go to the castle with you.”


Alistair said he was getting used to noble ways, but he hated nobles originally. Won’t he hate going to the castle and associating with the royal family? 

“Isn’t it too late to ask that? I’m with Huu a lot in Wester. He’s the second prince even though he’s from Frontier. I’ve gotten used to it.”

Alistair laughed without a care. He has grown a lot since those days when he would get angry and say that nobles aren’t happy. I was relieved. 

“I’m not a successor or anything like that, but I’m the same as you Lei. I have the Four Marquises’ eyes. I believe the royal family would like to keep me close and test me.”

“Ish thhath awrighth?”

“Yeah. I’ll be back in Wester once summer holiday ends anyway. If they want to see me, then they can look as much as they want.”

“Coow!” (Cool)

I looked up at Alistair in admiration. 

“Lei what about me? Am I cool?”

“Nii-syama, of courshe you’re coow.”

“I know I am.”

It’s funny that Nii-sama is competing against Alistair. For the time being, not only will Alistair come to the castle, I’ll also be able to meet Nico.