Chapter 233: Free Mind (Dean’s Perspective)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Sthupid. Weaw. Bweh.”

Lei ran away with Prince Nico when she shouted those outrageous words with a face covered in tears and mud, which didn’t look like it belonged to a daughter of the Four Marquises. She was in such a hurry that I thought she might fall again. Then they stopped. The two of them talked about something, and this time, they picked up some branches and swung them around. 

She wasn’t acting like a daughter of the Four Marquis, but she was acting like herself. My heart hurt a little when I recalled how she hung her head down without saying anything last winter. It’s much better for her to cry and scream like she had just now. 

“Hahaha,” The sudden sound of laughter startled me and turned around. I saw Alistair laughing while holding his stomach and Gill smiling wryly. 

“Wasn’t she looking forward to seeing me? She’s always worried about others and puts aside what she wants.”

That’s right, even after that horrible incident, Lei acted as if nothing had happened and tried not to worry the people in the mansion. Though, since it’s her, it’s possible that she really thought nothing of it.

“She acts as if nothing’s wrong and doesn’t let people care for her. There’s no way she’s that good of a child. I’m sure she’s holding back. We have to realise this.”

“Nico…” It was Prince Lambert who reacted to Alistair’s words. Alistair probably wasn’t being sarcastic or anything. He was just telling us about what Lei was like in Wester. 

However, it was also Prince Lambert who had flinched at each of Lei’s words, as if she had hit him. He’s usually annoyingly lazy, but it must have been a shock to him to find himself held captive and unable to move while Prince Nicholas was taken hostage. I have a young daughter, so I understand his feelings well. 

However, Prince Nicholas is very smart like Lei. He thought he was causing trouble, so he didn’t do anything in order not to worry everyone. Prince Nico is surrounded by the royal family. It must be suffocating. 

“But what if something like this happens again? We got Easter under control, but the perpetrator ended up getting away and we don’t even know where they are.”

I can’t answer that question, because the anxiety never went away, no matter how many guards I hired after Lei returned. However, it would be meaningless if I were to overwhelm her with my anxiety and make her hold back and not live life carefreely. 

I was honestly reluctant to lend Hans to the royal family since Lei would be missing her guard. 

After moving their bodies for what seemed to be a long time as if they were letting go off all they were holding back, they eventually came back while gasping for breath. 

The smile on their faces gradually faded when they saw Prince Lambert and the guards around him, and their steps became smaller. 

“Father, hmm…”

Prince Nico’s eyes fell down to the floor as if he had said that unconsciously. Lei looked straight at Prince Lambert. 

“I know it’s better to let you do whatever you want like before. But what if the same thing happens again? We’ve increased the numbers of guards, so that no matter what happens, they can’t get through the gate again. But if they think of another way to infiltrate the castle then…”

I would have said the same thing as Prince Lambert if Lei had said that to me. 

Lei turned towards Prince Lambert and folded her arms. She wasn’t going to back down.

“He won’th come anymore.”

“How can you say he won’t? We still haven’t caught him yet.”

“He hash no reashon tho come.”

Lei told me what Cyrus had told her. I reported this to the castle, and I’m sure Prince Nicholas had heard what Cyrus had said directly. He is certainly an evil man who doesn’t hesitate to put his hands on babies, but now that he’s far away from the Easter royal family, Lei concluded that there was no reason for him to attack us. 


“If he doesh come bacw, thhen he doesh!” Lei declared loudly. 

“Fine,” Prince Lambert muttered in dismay.

“Lei and Nico wiww do our beshth again. Whath can’th be hewped, can’th be hewped!” (Lei and Nico will do our best again. What can’t be helped, can’t be helped) 

“What can’t be helped, can’t be helped.” 

Next to Prince Lambert, I also felt conflicted. Lei was lecturing an adult; she was lecturing Prince Lambert. I felt like laughing, and a little sad, but most of all, I wanted to hug her. 

“How adorable, Lei,” Luke, who was standing next to me, said in a small voice, and he is right. 

“And you’re so free Lei.”

“Ai, Awishthair.”

Lei nodded firmly at Alistair. 

“I haven’t forgotten what you told me: ‘You’re part of the Four Marquises and have power, but you can do whatever you want. You’re free’.” 

“Ai your mind ish free.”

Alistair crouched down in front of Prince Nico.

“A Prince has more power and responsibilities than a Four Marquis. It must be tough.”

“The royal family exists to protect the citizens. That’s why we’re here.”

“You’re amazing, Prince Nico.”

 Alistair ruffed Prince Nico’s hair.

“Do you think you will have the power to protect the citizens if you stay indoors and be a good boy?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll trouble everyone again if I don’t behave.”

Prince Nicholas looked down again.

“You’re wrong. You practice magic circulation with Lei, don’t you? Why do you practice?”

“I do it to manage my magic.”

“Right? Listen, you can’t acquire power unless you master it yourself. And you can’t master that power if your mind isn’t free. You can’t shut yourself in.”

“Is it alright for me to run around freely?”

“Yes,” Alistair declared. Lei saw this and also nodded. 

“Lei and Nico can run freewy. We don’th have tho worry abouth thhe aduwthsh. The aduwthsh can thry hard amongshth thhemshewvesh.” (Lei and Nico can run freely. We don’t have to worry about the adults. The adults can try hard hard amongst themselves)

“You’ll fall backwards if you puff your chest out too much.”

“Nico can puww me up if I faww over. Ith’sh fine.” (Nico can pull me up if I fall over. It’s fine)

“Is it really?”


I don’t know how touched Prince Lambert was from the two’s exchange. But at least he didn’t look as unhappy as he did before. 

I cleared my throat lightly and stepped forward. 

“Prince Nicholas and Prince Lambert are both princes of our country. Lei and Alistair, you should be a bit more polite when talking to them.”




That should do it.

“Kuku, hahaha!”

Prince Lambert who had been gloomy earlier, suddenly burst into laughter. He startled me and the people around us. 

“Albans, you’ve been the rudest towards the royal family until now, kuku, and now you’re telling the children to be polite, hahaha.”

“Really? I haven’t been rude to the royal family. I just wasn’t interested.”

“Haha, hahaha.”

Well, I guess it’s worth Lei falling if she’s feeling better.

“Now, Alistair who Lei has been waiting for is here.”

“Ah! Awishthair ish here!”

“I was talking before. Geez Lei.” Alistair complained as he held Lei high in his arms.

“Oh, what’s wrong Prince Nicholas?”

He’s amazing for immediately putting on a polite tone.

“I’m lining up since it’s my turn next.”

“I see. Then, up you go!” 

Prince Nico was held up high by Alistair and handed over to Gill. A smile returned to Prince Nico’s face.  I hope their everyday life will return little by little.