Chapter 234: The Relationship Between Huu and I

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I had been so worried about Nico that I had forgotten all about Alistair, but once I saw him, it was as if I was back to those days when he played with me in Wester. I didn’t forget about him because I was focused on playing with Nico.

However, I don’t think I’ve really played for the purpose of playing like this in Wester.

Everyone had a proper day job besides from being a hunter, and it was the same for Alistair, who was always aiming to become independent. So, the fact that he could play with me and Nico to his heart’s content like this meant that he was living a fulfilling life in Wester. I nodded to myself.

“Did you come to some sort of conclusion again?”

“I’m happy thhath you’ve been weww.”

“I see. Thanks.”

As Alistair smiled and patted my head, Prince Albert and someone with a similar build to him walked up to us. It was a familiar person with a slightly sulky face.



I started running too as Nico started running. I started late so there was a gap between us, but I think that’s because of the affection I had towards Huu, not because of my motor reflexes.

Huu’s expression softened a bit and he kneeled down to catch me as I ran.

“What a surprise! I can’t imagine seeing you not totter around anymore!” Huu hugged me awkwardly, and I could hear the excitement in his voice, but I have something to say.

“Lei never thoththered in thhe firshth pwace.”

“Oh, you’re right. You walked briskly. And you’ve gotten bigger… or not?” This was what Huu said as he gently stopped hugging me.

“I d-i-d. Huu, you’re shthiww rude ash ever.”

“Ah, you have a comeback for every remark. You’re definitely Leila.”

Huu hesitated as he reached out for my head.

“I don’t think my relationship with you was like this.”

“You jushth hugged me.”

Isn’t it too late to bring this up?

“You’re right. No one from Wester is watching, so it’s fine.”

He finally rubbed my head, and I’m sure Alistair is watching us. And so what if people from Wester see? Adults with ties of obligation are a pain in the ass. I shrugged.

“Huu, whath abouth Nico and Otou-sama?”

“I’ve already spoken to them. Prince Nicholas is a clever boy.”


“Why are you proud of this?”

Why am I proud you ask?

“Becaushe he’sh my friend.”

“Umm. I’m also proud of you Lei.”


After all, we both had worked so hard in the uproar. I’m also a polite child. I turned towards Huu again and bowed courteously.

“Huu, thhanw you for fowwowing Otou-syama.”

“Hmm. But I didn’t follow him here for your sake Lei. I was just doing my duty as a member of the Wester royal family. What Alistair? What are you smirking about?”

Huu’s acting like his usual self, I thought. Huu looked at Alistair and acted a little suspiciously.

“Weren’t you eager since it was Leila’s relative?”

“I wasn’t eager. As a member of the Wester royal family, I couldn’t connect with those who disturb the peace, so I joined the battle.”

“Yeah, yeah. You go into royalty mode when things don’t go your way.”


It’s refreshing to see Huu being talked down by Alistair. Or perhaps I should say that it’s refreshing to see Alistair act friendly towards Huu. I’ll have to go see how he’s living in Wester someday, since I promised Sebas I would go there someday.

Speaking of Sebas, I remembered the Remingtons. Speaking of the Remingtons…

“Where’sh Chrish?”

Felicia was busy, so maybe she couldn’t bring Chris here. But I’m sure Chris would like to come to the castle and spend time with everyone. Since I was invited to the castle, I think it should be fine to invite Chris as well.

But what I got in reply was an awkward silence.

“If it’s better for us Westerners to leave, then we shall.”

“No, Hubert-dono, that won’t be necessary,” Lam-ojisama stopped Huu. I stared at Lam-ojisama. If something had happened to Chris, then Otou-sama would have told me straight away. So, I’d like to think that nothing serious happened to her.

Lam-ojisama crouched down and looked me in the eye.

“Lei, listen carefully.”


Lam-ojisama took a deep breath and began to speak, “You know that the Remingtons left Kingdom and went to Easter, right?”

“Ai. Chrish and Fewicia wefth.”

“Yes. The Four Marquises have never done that before. And we can’t judge the Four Marquises. So, we settled it by never allowing the Remingtons into Kingdom again. But then, Easter acted recklessly.” 

We experienced something terrible.

“It’s no longer possible to say that the Remingtons can’t be judged because they’re a part of the Four Marquises. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

It was probably the Remingtons who had told Cyrus about the castle passages. Or rather, it was Angelique Remington who had told Cyrus about the castle passages.

“There has also been talk about reviving Purgatory.”

“Your Highness, you shouldn’t…” Otou-sama interrupted Lam-ojisama. I guess he’s wondering if it’s alright to let people from Wester hear about this. I’ve been to Purgatory Island and have seen the Hollows there so there wasn’t any need to hide this from me.

“It’s fine. There’s no need to keep this from people who live in a country where the Hollows are a part of their lives.”

If they go out at night, then they will encounter Hollows and lose their lives. Life on Frontier is like that.

“Someone also proposed that we eliminate the Remingtons. But the royal family and the Four Marquises won’t always produce people with a lot of magic. Therefore, it would be a shame to lose one of the Four Marquises. So…”


“We haven’t concluded our discussions yet. Therefore, Chris and Felicia’s treatments haven’t been decided yet. The Lisburns have custody of the two, and they’re pretty much confined there for now.”

“No way.”

That was the kind of information I didn’t want children to hear. It would have been better if he had just told me that Chris couldn’t come until the situation was settled.

“Don’t look so sad. I thought it would be better to tell you the truth. Besides, it won’t end badly for Felicia and Chris.”

Lam-ojisama said that it won’t end badly for Felicia and Chris. Babies should think further than that. I squeezed my hands at the side of my body and pretended not to notice anything.

“Gill and I have been talking and playing with them at the mansion, so they don’t feel lonely.”

“Ai. Thanwsh, Awishthair.”

Alistair secretly told me as each family headed for lunch. That’s the kind of house the Lisburn’s is. I looked forward in gratitude. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.