Chapter 241: First Birthday Party in a Long Time

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When I asked Otou-sama about his previous birthdays, he told me that he had never had a birthday party before. 

“My first debut?”

“Thath’sh thoo wong ago.” (That’s too long ago)

“My coming of age at 18.”

“Of courshe, you wiww have cewebrathed thhath.” (Of course, you will have celebrated that)


Jude, the butler, who was passing by, quickly added as Nii-sama and I were amazed, “It wasn’t a big deal, but your family said happy birthday to you.”

“Oh, they did.”

Otou-sama is this kind of man. 

“This year, I’d like to have a birthday party like Luke’s last year, where both Lei and Luke celebrate my birthday.”

“No, Otou-sama. You told Stan-ojisama and Gill that they could come. And…” 

Nii-sama glanced at some kind of note. 

“People at Mark’s also insisted that they be invited if the Lisburns are, and Prince Lambert also asked to be invited as well since he wanted to take a break before going off to Easter.”

Otou-sama was expressionless. It was his annoyed expression. 

“Of course, we should invite Felicia and Chris too. It’s important to show that the next generation of Remington will be supported by the remaining Four Marquises as well and not just the Lisburns.”

“Alright. We’ll need a lot of guards, but I’ll invite the Four Marquises, I mean, the Three Marquises, the Remingtons and the Prince.”

“Nico two!”

“Prince Lambert will be gloomy if he comes by himself.”

It seems that Nico is better. Otou-sama spoke to Jude, who was loitering around curiously, “Jude, can you help me with this?”

“Of course.”

Jude quickly ran off to give instructions. Is it too troublesome?

I’ll see what I can do for Otou-sama. I’ll mash the potatoes, but won’t it be boring for me to do the exact same things as I did on Nii-sama’s birthday?

“Oh! I’ww mawe a crown!”

I’ll make him wear a king’s crown made of paper. The real Prince will be there, but it’s alright. 

“There’sh no cracwersh. So, I’ww jushth cuth thhe paper intho shmaww piecesh.” (There’s no crackers. So, I’ll just cut the paper into small pieces)

No, it’s the end of summer. Should I get some flower petals from the gardener and tie the flowers together? I thought about different ideas and discussed it with Nii-sama as he watched me with a smile and soon, the day of the birthday party arrived. 

The sky was clear and blue as if it was celebrating Otou-sama’s birthday, and there were no signs of autumn. We had the birthday party in the greenhouse that led to the guest house since there weren’t many guests. It was surprisingly cool since the summer wind blew through the greenhouse. 

Otou-sama, Nii-sama and I greeted the guests at the entrance as they arrived one after the other, and we led everyone to the greenhouse when everyone had gathered. It was just Mark, Harold-ojisama, Prince Lambert, Nico, Gill, Stan-ojisama, Felicia and Chris. 

I almost cried when Felicia and Chris arrived since I hadn’t seen them in a long time.

“Chrish! Fewicia!”


I jumped at Chris who stood elegantly. She seemed to have matured in the time I hadn’t seen her. She was wearing a cool tea-coloured dress that matched her eyes, giving her the appearance of a noble girl. 

“Lei, ladies don’t jump at people.”

“Lei ish shthiww a baby.”

So, it’s alright for me to jump on her. 

“You are.”

Chris gave me a look that said it was alright for toddlers to do this, so I gave her a push. 

“Chrish ish shthiww a chiwd thoo.” (Chris is still a child too)

Then, I looked mischievously at Chris and tempted her. 

“You can shthiww run around.”

“… Really?”

“Yesh. Come withh me for a bith.”

I signalled Felicia with my eyes since she looked a little worried and pulled Chris into the waiting room. We had our own business to attend to. 

“Why must the head withdraw?”

After all the guests had arrived, Otou-sama tilted his head as Jude was taking him into another room. Chris and I took the basket of flowers and moved to the room leading to the greenhouse. 

“You’re going to get Dean-ojisama to wear this?”

“Ai. He’sh thhe shthar thoday.”

“Should I be the one doing that since I’m younger than Chris?”

Nico was unhappy since he always wanted to make a crown, so we quickly got another chair prepared for him, and Chris, Nico and I split up on either side of the door, got on the chairs and waited for Otou-sama to come. While everyone was chatting and waiting, Jude soon brought Otou-sama over.

“Your Highness, and the Four Marquises, thank you for, hmm? Lei? Prince Nico and Chris too. What’re you doing here?”

We looked at each other, put our hands in the basket and grabbed the petals next to Otou-sama who had greeted us as soon as he had opened the door.

“Happy birthhday, Otou-syama.”

““Happy birthday!””

At my cute voice, the flower petals hit Otou-sama’s stomach. Nico’s and Chris’s petals only reached half-way. Damn. We should have practiced throwing the flowers upwards.

Otou-sama froze and stared at the petals that had hit his stomach and fallen to the group, then he crouched down onto one knee. 

I had been a little sad, but I lit up. Now I can make the flowers rain down on Otou-sama.

“Happy birthday!”

The petals fell on his head and shoulders.

“Is it over?”


“Thanks. They smell nice. Thank you as well, Chris and Prince Nicholas.”

We giggled at Otou-sama’s gratitude, and Otou-sama picked me up from the chair and put me onto the floor. 

He attached me to his leg and gently pulled Chris to his other leg. He tried to give his speech again with petals attached to him everywhere, but he made it short, as if he had lost interest. 

“Anyway, thank you for coming even though it hasn’t been a great year.”

There was a round of applause. 

“Please enjoy the rest of the party.”

That was all he said. However, everyone understood, and although they were laughing at Otou-sama for giving a speech while covered in flower petals, no one pointed this out to him and started chatting happily. 

“What shall we do?”

“Hmm. I’ve been bored since no one comes to the castle.”

“I gueshsh you were. Ah, buth, Lei worw.”


I still have to finish the cake. 

“Cake? Can I come with you?”

“Me too.”

We creeped out of the room.