Chapter 243: Let’s Go to School 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

In autumn when everything was over, Chris finally returned to her routine of coming to the castle, so the three of us, Nico Chris and I, returned to our daily routine of studying. 

Every day was fun. However, Felicia started studying for her political job as the head of the Remingtons, so she didn’t show up as often as before and Mark didn’t have much time to show up as well. In Mark’s case, Har-ojisama was working at Easter, so he was busy taking care of all the work the Moleseys had to do. 

“Mark has been playing around too much after he became an adult, so he should act like one now.”

“You’re shthricth thowardsh Marw.” (You’re strict towards Mark)

The serious Nico was probably annoyed by how loose Mark was, but I don’t dislike Mark’s carefree nature. If everyone was serious, then there would be no one to play with. 

“Enough about Mark. I don’t think Luke or Gill-niisama will be coming here either.”

“Marw ish awsho one of ush.” (Mark is also one of us)

Chris was also slightly harsh on Mark. But Chris was right, Nii-sama and Gill are both busy at the Academy, so they can’t come as much anymore. They used to always come a day before the weekend to teach. I’m sure they said they were almost done with their studies. I wonder what’s going on. It was just the three of us studying and playing together but it was slightly unsatisfying since there were some games which were only possible to play because the older ones were here. 

At that time, Mark, who we were just talking about, wandered over.


I ran over to him, and he happily picked me up. The other two were just looking at Mark seriously. Mark looked at them curiously. 

“Oh my, Lei is the only one who welcomes me here?”

“Mark, is your work going well?”

“Nee-sama is doing her best, how are you doing?”

“You’re both so strict.”

Mark smiled wryly and shrugged after putting me down gently on the ground.

“I’m tired too. Don’t you want to reward me for all my hard work?”

“Good boy, good boy.”

I stood up and patted Mark.

“Ah, this is so nice, but I can’t help but feel a chill run down my spine at the thought of the head of the Albans seeing this.”

He rubbed both his arms as he looked behind him. The three of us looked at each other, wondering what he was doing here, then he looked at us as if he was expecting something.

“Say, is there anything fun to do?”

It was a bit pathetic for a 20-year-old to ask toddlers about fun things. 

“We’re the ones who want to ask that.”

Nico was right. 

“Really? I’m a common-sense person, so I can only think of ordinary things, but you guys are eccentric. I’m sure you’ll come up with something interesting. Like you know, the secret base.”

The word ‘secret base’ froze the aura in the room. It was only a short while ago that a shocking incident occurred in which the royal capital was attacked. We managed to end it without incident thanks to Nico and I hiding in the secret base in the barrier room, but it was a major incident that shook Kingdom itself. 

Also, it was certain that the Remingtons’ betrayal was the cause of all that, which meant that Chris’s parents were in the wrong and they are currently being imprisoned. 

Mark’s comment was an insensitive reminder of that painful incident for us. I guess the adults were worried about this. 

I quietly looked at Nico and Chris, but they didn’t seem to be flinching or sad. As for me, I’m not one to dwell on things that are already over. In other words, there was nothing to worry about. 

But I was actually bothered about something else.

“Mark, if you do unnecessary things again, you’ll bother the guards. If you want to play, then you’ll have to figure that out on your own.”

That was it. Nico has been locked up and can’t move around much ever since that incident. I gave the adults a pep talk, but lately, Nico’s seriousness has been spurred again. 

Mark looked at Nico as if he wanted to say something, but then he turned towards me. His eyes were saying ‘is that alright?’.

It’s not good. It’s not good, but I wish Mark would think instead of me. But things don’t move if you stand still. Since this is a good opportunity, I’d like to propose something that has been bothering me for a while.

“Lei wanthsh tho go tho the Academy.” (Lei wants to go to the Academy)

A moment of silence fell over the room, perhaps because it was unexpected. Nico looked slowly over towards me while thinking about something. 

“The Academy? Where Luke and Gill are?”


To be precise, it was a school where the noble children of this kingdom go to study. Yes, if Nii-sama and Gill are too busy to come see us, then we can go see them ourselves.

“Vishith Nii-sama.” (Visit Nii-sama)

Nico’s eyes began to sparkle. 

“We’ll also be going there when we get bigger. It might be nice to visit it at least once.”


Mark immediately made a circle with his right hand. 

“Mark-sama! You can’t!”

Nico’s guards made a fuss, but you know what, it’s fine if we prepare in advance. 

“But it’s a big deal when the Prince comes to visit.”

“Ai. We shhouwd go thhere quicwwy.” (Ai. We should go there quickly)

“You’re going without an appointment? It certainly is better to go without saying anything since we get to see the students act like they always do. Besides…”

Mark grinned. 

“I heard the Academy couldn’t do anything in that attack, so it might be a good idea for me to go and see how much they’ve improved their security system.”

“Amazing Marw.”

I grinned back. 

“Lei, you can’t do something rash like that.”

“Nico. Chiwdren are awwowed tho be shewfishh.” (Nico. Children are allowed to be selfish)


“Chiwdren acth shewfishh. Aduwthsh geth throubwed. Thath’sh fine.” (Children act selfish. Adults get troubled. That’s fine)

Nico looked at Mark as if he wasn’t an adult, but I didn’t care because Mark was the one to decide whether or not he was an adult. 

“Mark-sama. We don’t care about the Academy preparations, but we need to prepare in advance so that we can protect Lei-sama, Well, Prince Nicholas and Chris-sama as well. Oh, three days after the weekend break. Could you please wait three days?”

Hans stepped forward while looking serious. My guard is cool, isn’t he?

“That’s fine with me, but what about Nico’s guards.”

“We’re troubled.”

“You’re not! You guys are really useless!”

If I remember correctly, the royal guard has a higher position than Hans. It makes me excited when he acts like this. 

“If the Master says he wants to do something, then the guards are supposed to protect him against all odds. Don’t say you’re troubled, use your head a little and figure out how to protect him.”

I couldn’t help but clap my hands. Hans straightened his posture and immediately grinned. 

“Then, Mark-sama, you inform Prince Lambert of this.”

“Huh?! That’s the hardest part, isn’t it?”

He was the one who started this whole thing, so he should at least do that. Thus, I had something to look forward to next week.