Chapter 244: Let’s Go to School 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Nii-sama came back from the dormitory to spend the weekend at home. I felt lonely since until the other day, he used to come to the castle the day before the weekend and ride back in the carriage with me. 

“I’m back, Lei.”

“Wewcome bacw, Nii-sama.”

Otou-sama was still working outside, so I can only rely on Nii-sama. 

“Nii-syama, bushy?”


Nii-sama shook his head. Why don’t you come to the castle if you’re not busy?

“Since the incident the other day.”

Nii-sama made eye contact with me and looked sorry for bringing this up, but he didn’t need to be sorry. 

“The Academy’s security system has become an issue, but in the end, they didn’t think about how to improve security, instead, they’re restricting the students.”


It must be suffocating. It was the same as Nico who was surrounded with people If you restrict the students too much then they would be disheartened, and they will end up doing nothing. 

“I can’t get permission to go to the castle anymore, and Otou-sama isn’t here.”

“Soundsh though.” (Sounds tough)

If Otou-sama was here, he would have made it so that Nii-sama could leave by force, but I guess they won’t accept a child’s opinion even if they are part of the Four Marquises. I didn’t tell Nii-sama that I was going to visit the Academy next week, so I didn’t ask anymore questions about this. I also told Chris not to tell Gill about our visit. 

“Ith’sh awmoshth thime for dinner.” (It’s almost time for dinner)

Let’s end this conversation. That night, I spent my time like I usually did. I told Nii-sama about what happened in the castle in a funny way, I took a bath and did a little magic training. 

“So, Nii-syama, nighthy.”


I couldn’t help but be startled by Nii-sama’s low voice. 

“Are you hiding something?”

“I, I’m noth.”

I turned my back to him, so that I wouldn’t be facing him. Weird. I’m sure I was acting completely normal. 

“You’re talking more than usual. It’s like you’re trying to cover something up.”

“B-becaushe I mishshed you,” (B-because I missed you)

“No. You didn’t go near me even though you say you missed me. It’s as if you’re afraid something would be revealed if you look me in the eyes.”


Natalie shook her head faintly. She was telling me it was alright to tell him. 



“I’ww thaw with Hansh.” (I’ll talk with Hans)

Nii-sama stared at me for a while as I avoided his eyes and then he sighed. 

“Alright. I’ll wait until tomorrow.”

I quickly buried myself under the covers. A calm Nii-sama scares me a little. I feel sorry for the people who will have to be his subordinates in the future. 

I won’t wet the bed because I’m scared. The next day, I woke up in a good mood. I was feeling at ease because I could just leave it to Hans. 

“Ah, ah, he found out? Well, I didn’t think you could hide it from Luke-sama in the first place.”


My guard acted rude early in the morning, but I wasn’t offended by him. I was honestly disappointed since I wanted to keep it a secret from Nii-sama and surprise him. 

“So, what on earth are you planning?”

“Hansh, I’ww weave ith tho you.” (Hans, I’ll leave it to you)

“So, you’re leaving it up to me. Fine.”

Hans stroked his unshaven chin and gave Nii-sama a brief explanation, “Lei-sama and the children want to visit the Academy.”

“By children, you mean Prince Nicholas and Chris, right?”

“Well, yeah. And Mark-sama.”

His aura strongly suggested that the other two weren’t important, and it was great that he remembered to include one more person (Mark). But, Nii-sama’s expression was bright. 

“I see. Then, I’ll make sure Lei isn’t put in any danger there, and what classes should I show you? If you want to see something cool then you can go to see the sword class, and if you want to laugh, then you can go see the magic training class. It’s very interesting because they’re too new at it. No, wait.”

Nii-sama looked at Hans questioningly. 

“You said Mark just now, didn’t you? Were you talking about someone’s guard?”

“No, the Molesey’s Mark-sama.”

“I didn’t want to hear his name. When you think about it, it’ll be a visit from the royal family and the Four Marquises. What a hassle.”

“About that, Luke-sama,” Hans looked troubled. 

“Lei-sama wants to go in secret, ah, I said it wrong. She wants to go unannounced, yes.”


Nii-sama, who had been standing and listening to the conversation, staggered and sat down on the sofa. 

“The Four Marquises and the royal family will go unannounced. Even the Four Marquis who isn’t a child will be going unannounced. Hmm.”

“Nii-syama, are you oway?”

I climbed onto the sofa and snuggled up to Nii-sama. Of course, this was to help calm him down. 

“You’re the ringleader, Lei?”

“No. Marw wash thhe one who ashwed.” (Mark was the one who asked)

I merely suggested the destination. I pouted a little. 

“Thath’sh why I wanthed tho weep ith a shecreth from you.” (That’s why I wanted to keep it a secret from you)

“What do you mean that’s why?”

“You won’th be throubwed if you don’th wnow abouth ith.” (You won’t be troubled if you don’t know about it)

“If I don’t know about it, you say. Lei…”

Nii-sama pinched my pouty mouth with exasperation. 


“Lei is cute even when she’s troubling people.”

I’m upset. I don’t trouble anyone. 

“But you’re right. I won’t be troubled if I don’t know. Alright. I’ll pretend I don’t know.”

“Well, I think it’s fine if you act like you don’t know. By the way, Luke-sama, I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Then, Hans and Nii-sama put their heads together and started talking. I heard them say, ‘guard’ and ‘the route of the tour’, but I lost interest in their conversation. Then, there was a knock at the door, and I answered immediately.


The door opened slightly at the sound of my voice and Jude’s voice projected, which sounded more reserved than usual. 

“Luke-sama and Leila-sama. Um, you have guests.”

The door opened with a bang. 

“Did you hear that, Luke?! It’s a raid!”

“No, Gill. We’re visiting unannounced. Honestly.”

Chris was following behind him with an apologetic expression on her face. 

“Chrish! He found outh?”

“Yeah. Everyone kept telling me I was acting a little different from normal, so I accidentally told them.”

“I shee. Lei wash found outh thoo.”

We both dropped our shoulders sadly, but Chris seemed a little happy. It was nice to have a family that noticed something different about you. 

“This will blow away our bored school life! I’ll do all I can to help!”

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help.”


The big people talked about something, but now Chris was here, so I won’t be bored. 

“Go outhshide?”

“I want to go to the greenhouse.”


We left the annoying things to the big people and ran out of the room.