Chapter 246: Let’s Go to School 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The teacher was unable to come over because Mark was talking to him, but the students in the classroom seemed to have come to their senses. 

“Wh-what are you doing?!” 

A brave student came up to us. I was busy drawing a large circle, but Nico turned around and answered, “Hmm, we’re observing.”

“No, you’re scribbling.”

I signed in the circle while thinking that some of the children were surprisingly calm. 

“Lei, dere.”

Nico looked at me, “I told you, you’re leaving evidence.”

“Evidence or not, those golden eyes, aren’t you the Prince?”

“Dammit. I should have worn a hat or something.”

Nico quickly covered his eyes with his hands, but it was too late. I crossed my arms. 

“Ith’sh becaushe you’re eyesh are rare, Nico.” (It’s because your eyes are rare, Nico)

“Well, you’re also an Albans. You have the same eyes as senior Luke.”


You’re pretty good. Chris finished drawing her flower and turned around. 

“Then, do you know who I am?”

“You are… don’t tell me, a Remington?”


We clapped while standing on the chairs and the sound made the teacher at the entrance turn around. 

“Ah, the teacher’s coming over here. Run!”



Though, I had to be careful while getting off my chair. Unlike Nico and Chris, who got off their chairs quickly, I had to carefully get off from my feet. A muffled voice echoed through the classroom, “Her bottom is… frilly…”

“Ith’sh rude tho thaww abouth shomeone’sh boththom.” (It’s rude to talk about someone’s bottom) I got off the chair safely and snapped. 

“You over there. Open the door behind you.”

“Why should I?”

“Open it.” 

Nico said and the student at the back reluctantly opened the door and we quickly ran out into the corridor. The doors to the other classrooms were also open because of the commotion.

“Alright! Let’s go next door!”


After running around the third floor uncontrollably, we ran down to the second floor since it seemed like the teacher would chase after us.

“Good, good.”

“Be careful, carefully.”

Nico was watching me anxiously, but of course I was being careful and didn’t push myself. When I got down to the second floor, the door to the classroom was closed and everyone was studying quietly as if they hadn’t heard the commotion on the third floor. 

“The doors aren’t open.”

“Then, it’s time for the second plan.”

“Ai. We’re finawwy where Nii-sama ish.”

We nodded gravely and walked up to the door. I was told that Nii-sama’s classroom was the one closest to the stairs.

Nico knocked on the door normally. A few moments later, the door opened. The teacher looked forward puzzledly, then jumped back when she looked down and saw us. 

“She’s too surprised.” Chris pointed out a little painfully. I’d like to say something too.


“Huh, what?”

“Hmm, excuse us.”

Nico slipped straight into the classroom after saying a few words to the flustered teacher. Naturally, we followed behind him. When we stopped in front of the blackboard and looked around the classroom, we saw around 20 students looking at us in surprise. 

“Luke?” Some of the students looked at Nii-sama when someone said that. Well, aren’t they observant? I made eye contact with Nii-sama while trying not to grin. Then, I quickly looked for a spare chair. In the first and second grade classrooms, they were conveniently placed at the edge of the classroom. I was certain that Nii-sama had moved them in a convenient place in this classroom as well.

“Over thhere!”

“Let’s go.”


We ran up to the chairs and dragged them towards the blackboard and started doodling on the blackboard where the lesson was written down. 

“Nii-syama, I wove you.”

“Lei, you’re leaving evidence.”

“I also love Nee-sama.”

“Hmm, and for me. Kingdom forever.”

I stared at Nico as he wrote. 

“Bery Prince-wiwe.”

“Will this also be evidence?”


The teacher had finally regained his composure and strode up to us, but he was too timid and lacked assertiveness. 

“What are you doing here?!”

“Hmm, observation.”

“Observation? I haven’t heard about this. You’re children. Oh.”

The teacher seemed to have noticed Nico’s eyes and jumped back.

“P-Prince? Why are you here?”

“Hmm, observation.”

Nico raised his eyebrow. It was amazing how he was implying to the teacher not to make him say it twice. The teacher quickly looked around, flinched when he saw me and turned to his students. 

“Lu-Luke. There’s a child who looks just like you here.”

“Yes. I think so too, but it’s nice to hear teacher say it.”

Nii-sama looked embarrassed and cute. 

“That’s not what I meant.”

“She’s my sister. I wonder why she’s here,” he answered slyly. 

“Do something about her then since she’s your sister.”

“But teacher is in charge of any suspicious person who enters the Academy. I’ve been told that students should stay quiet and do nothing.”

Nii-sama shrugged calmly. The students had strictly been told not to do anything recently. 

“I don’t want to act however I want.”



I quietly got out of my chair while the teacher was talking and ran to Nii-sama’s seat and asked him to hold me, interrupting the teacher. 

“Lei! You can’t do that.”

You’re smiling even though you told me I can’t. 

“How did you get here?”

“I came withh Marw.”

“Mark? Marcus Molesey?”

“Ai. I came tho shee the Academy.”

The students started whispering to themselves when they heard that Mark, a Four Marquis, was here. 

“Hey, I’m sorry the children run so fast. How’s everyone’s studies going?” Mark popped up just then with a smile on his face. 

“Yes, until now,” a courageous student answered Mark. Not bad. 

“Nii-syama, down.”


“Ai. Open thhe door ath thhe bacw.”

Nii-sama quickly opened the door for me.

“Awrighth, run away!”


We ran out of the classroom like the wind.

“Ah, Lei~, wait~! It’s tough being alone~!”

I ran to the first floor while being chased by Nii-sama, who couldn’t act very well. I could see some students following after him.

“Next is Gill-niisama’s class!”

We followed after a very enthusiastic Chris.