Chapter 247: Let’s Go to School 05

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

The first floor was where the 5th and 6th graders studied. As expected of upperclassmen, the students, not the teachers, were out in the hallway. Maybe because the upperclassmen were free. 

“Oh, I thought it was noisy, but there are some small children. That’s unusual.” 

One of them came up to us, and like Gill, he was as tall as an adult. I have to admit I was a little scared to be surrounded by students like this even if I was used to Nii-sama. 

“Wait. That’s the same as Luke. And Your Highness? And a child like Felicia…” 

I was curious why Felicia’s name was the only one who had a suffix added to it, but now wasn’t the time to ask about this. 

I was panicking but Nico was impressive. 

“Hmm. This is Chris Remington. I am Nicholas Kingdom. This is Leila Albans. We came here to observe the Academy.”

“I-I see. Well, have fun.”


As expected of an upperclassman, he was aware of statuses. A student came running down the stairs and yelled as we were about to enter the classroom, “Ah, senpai! Please catch those children!”

“Huh? Why?”

“Those children have been scribbling all over the place!”

How did you notice that?



Nico said and we ran into Gil’s classroom, but I was the only one who couldn’t move. 


“Yes. I’ve captured her.”

I, who was a little slower, had been caught. 



Nico and Chris looked hesitant for a moment, but they went into Gil’s classroom like we had discussed beforehand. We vowed that the rest would carry out the mission if one of us got caught. 

“Oh, she’s Luke’s sister? Luke’s cute, but she’s cute too.”

“Teww me more abouth thhath. Nii-syama ish cuthe?” (Tell me more about that. Nii-sama is cute)

I turned around in the student’s arms.

“Tell you more? You’re using difficult words for such a small child. Do you want to know about Luke?”

“Ai! I wove Nii-syama!”

 The students around me were oohing and aahing. I wonder if they were okay. 

“Luke is reliable, but he looks like that. He’s cuter than most girls, but he’s popular with the upperclassmen because of his cold personality. He acts cold towards everyone regardless of if they’re male or female. And, he has a secret fan club.”



I looked up and Nii-sama was standing there with his arms crossed. 

“What are you trying to tell my sister?”

“Well, she wanted to know more about you.”

The upperclassman quickly let me go and made a soothing gesture in front of his body. I wanted to hear more about Nii-sama, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by. 


I ran like the wind and slipped into Gil’s classroom. My eyes met with the grinning Gill as soon as I entered, but in front of Nico and Chris, who were supposed to be scribbling, were the underclassmen who had run down the stairs earlier, so they stopped their prank. 

“You guys, you can’t interrupt the classes just because you’re the Prince and Four Marquises. You can’t scribble on the blackboard where we study.”

What a good boy. He was definitely the student who had discovered Nico’s identity on the 3rd floor. 

“Now, you’re good children, so go home with Molesey.”

He said what he had to say even though the upperclassmen and teachers hadn’t said anything. I applauded him in my mind. 

“He’s a relative of the Remingtons who entered the academy this year. He’s pretty talented,” Nii-sama was behind me and muttered in a quiet voice. 

“You’ve got a good point.”

Nico crossed his arms and nodded. 

“You said what you had to say even though the adults couldn’t stop us. Wonderful.”

“What are you talking about? I’m telling you not to play pranks.”  

Nico was also wonderful since he didn’t falter. 

“SUCCESHSH!” I shouted loudly and everyone turned to look at me in surprise. Gil, who had been sitting there smirking, moved to the window. 

“Hmm. It was a success, but we didn’t come here to scribble.”

“Then why?”

Nico and Chris looked at me. I nodded. 

Then we all ran to the window. 

“Yoshi, Your Highness.”


It looked like Gil had picked up Nico and threw him out the window. 

“Ah! Gil! What are you doing?! Stop!”

The students in the classroom stood up, causing their chairs to rattle, but it was too late.

“Next is Chris!”


“Chris is so cute.”

Now isn’t the time to say that.

“Now Lei.”


He lifted me up and handed me to the guard who was waiting outside the window. You should have called me cute too. No one in the classroom noticed that there were guards outside the window. 

“Thish ish cwoshe thoo!” (This is close too) I yelled and ran towards the hedge, followed by everyone else. According to Gil, there was a hole big enough for the smallest student here to slip through. 

“Lei, Chris, it’s over here.”

I crouched down, and sure enough, there was a small hole there. 

“This is bad. People are coming out of the window one after the other,” Chris looked behind her and said in a panic. 

“Ok, Lei.”

“Ai!” The slowest should go first. I replied and quickly crawled through the hole. 

“Then Chris.”


Chris looked worried but Nico smiled.

“Leave it to me.”


We crawled through the hedge on all fours. It was more than big enough for a toddler. After passing through the hedge and hole in the wall, we found ourselves on the same path that the carriage had taken, and there were several guards waiting for us.


“Yes. You did your best. You have cobwebs everywhere.”

Hans reached out and brushed the cobwebs and dust from my hair. Chris and Nico were coming out from behind me, but he didn’t care. Well, that wasn’t the case. 

“Prince Nicholas, you’ve done a great job. Excellent.”

“Hmm. I had to protect them both.”

“You did a wonderful job.”

It was rare for him to give a compliment. 

“Lei-sama will have a hard time if I don’t start teaching them from now.”


The other side of the fence must be in an uproar right now. Now, what will happen?