Chapter 248: Let’s Go to School 06

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

What happened after?

I was confined to my home and banned from visiting the castle. 

“Sushpenshion? Whath ish thhish a shchoow?” (Suspension? What is this a school)

I sighed and made a student like comment.


“Ith’sh nothhing.”

Natalie asked and I quickly lied. It was a shame that I couldn’t go to the castle, but my home was quite large, so it didn’t matter that I was confined at home. 

“It’s easier if you don’t have to go to the castle.”

“You fail as a guard.” Natalie scolded Hans. Although I missed my friends, I was able to visit the Rug Dragon Pasture for the first time in a while. My days were fun. Of course, the Rug Dragon Pasture was on our property, so it was fine. The punishment was house arrest, not room arrest. 

I was worried about Nico. 

Chris probably only got scolded a little, and then she’ll be able to have a good time at Gil’s house. It was smaller than ours, but there were lots of places to play. Unlike Nii-sama, who lived at the Academy, Felicia would be there with her at night. 

But what about Nico? Wasn’t he feeling responsible for what everyone had done and was worrying about it alone? Wasn’t he being criticised by everyone at the castle? I shook my fist at the imaginary enemy who was bullying Nico, but I couldn’t do anything if I wasn’t around. That was the only thing that hurt. 

In the end, I was only told that I was under house arrest, and no one scolded me. Otou-sama, my guardian, was working. Nii-sama was an accomplice. Who can scold the daughter of a Four Marquis? 

Some people may wonder if I was reflecting on making such a big fuss involving everyone even though Mark has suggested it. The answer was obvious. 

“I haven’th refwecthed!” (I haven’t reflected) I crossed my arms and declared this to the Rug Dragon. 


“What’s wrong, Lei-sama?”


And now I was reflecting on worrying Natalia and the Rug Dragon. 

Deep down, I’ve always been angry at the fact that we were unreasonably caught up in that incident. That, we had to get through it on our own and that people were living their lives normally after the incident was over. 

The royal family and the Four Marquises have started to change, but what about everyone else? 

“Whath if we can do shomethhing abouth thhe Hwwowsh?” (What if we can do something about the Hollows)

It would make things a little easier for the Otou-samas. 

Even though it was a prank, it would be nice if we stirred things up and helped people change a little. Of course, I thought about this after the prank. I hadn’t thought about this before the prank. 

“Lei-sama, you seem to be thinking about something difficult, but you don’t have to push yourself.”


Hans also stood next to me. He had his arms crossed and was looking at the Rug Dragons in the pasture. 

“It’s difficult for them to think for themselves after living in peace and doing as they are told.   I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to lead those immobile Easter guys. I was even thinking about retiring soon because of them.” 

I don’t need to hear Hans’s opinion, but I felt as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. 

“Prince Nico is also a splendid child. Although he doesn’t stand out because of your wildness, I think he’ll make a good king. So…”


Hans was talking while facing the Rug Dragons, so they were gathering around him. 

“You don’t have to try to protect them. Prince Nico is alright. He should be able to think and act on his own even if he gets scolded.”

When the 3rd Prince pointed his sword at us, I tried to protect Nico and Nico tried to protect me. But we ended up standing side by side. 

“Sthand shide by shide.” (Stand side by side)

“It’s alright to stand side by side. Now, it’s been a long time since you’ve ridden in the Rug Dragon basket.”


“I can’th. I promished Otou-syama.” (I can’t. I promised Otou-sama)

I shook my head. Even toddlers know what they can and can’t do. The Rug Dragon tilted their head and told me that they won’t drop me, but I was going to keep my promise with Otou-sama. 

“Hahaha. Lei-sama is cool. Do you have a suitor?”

“Yesh. Pwenthy.” (Yes. Plenty)

I’m sure I’ll be a wonderful lady by then. 

I was happy that the day Otou-sama came home from work was before the holiday and coincided with the day Nii-sama came home from the Academy. I was worried that Nii-sama might have been scolded, but he was very lively and seemed to be doing very well. 

“I think Mark had it the hardest. There are probably some complaints about the sudden visit, but I don’t think the Academy will complain since their security is so bad.”

“Then Marw won’th be in thhath much throubwe.” (Then Mark won’t be in that much trouble)

What Nii-sama was saying was a bit contradictory. 

“The fuss you caused isn’t that much of a big deal, but there’s a big problem with the Academy structure and how it is running, so he has to do something about it, which means he has to supervise and direct the Academy.”


“That’s right. Mark will have it tough.”

Nii-sama chuckled. 

“It seemed that he had prepared for this since he brought you all to the Academy. He said that the children won’t respect him if he doesn’t play an active role in times of peace.”


That was a very Mark-like thing to say. 

“Some of the students at the Academy blamed us for not being able to manage our families. But Gill’s rebuke made them shut up.”


“Yes. He said ‘You’re spineless people. You push the responsibilities to the teachers in times of emergencies and run away and hide’.”

“Wow.” I opened my mouth in shock. 

“Gill was busy running away with me at that time. I think he’s angry at himself for that, but I think it’s important to think and act on your own when something happens.”

“Ai.” I agreed.

“Gill’s a senior. He’s very excited about being able to make decisions on his own before he graduates.”


“I’m looking forward to it too, because it’s through activities like this that we’re able to determine who will be useful in the future.”

“Nii-syama, shcary.”

Nii-sama smiled. 

“In any case, I have a sister who’s like a storm.”


“You’ll only look cute even if you pout.”

Otou-sama smiled while listening to the conversation. “Lei can do whatever she wants. And show me how you look in a frilly dress.” He seemed like he was having fun, but when he came back from the castle the next day, he was really angry, and a vein was popping out of his temple. 

“What exactly did you do at the Academy, Lei? I’ve been receiving a lot of marriage proposals for when you grow up.”

“I onwy shcribbwed.” (I only scribbled)

Even though he said a lot, it probably wasn’t that much, but it was strange to think that a toddler in pumpkin shorts would receive marriage proposals. I puffed my chest out at Hans. 

“I have shuithorsh.”

“It would seem so, Lei-sama. Until then, please don’t cause too much mischief.”


Of course, that was something to worry about in the future. I held my hand out towards Otou-sama.

“Lei wiww shthay withh Otou-syama.” (Lei will stay with Otou-sama)

“Lei! Of course, you will!”

It was a bit painful when Otou-sama hugged me, but I left out the ‘until I get big’ part of the sentence. But…”

“Somethhing’sh going tho come outh.” (Something’s going to come out)

For now, I want Otou-sama to loosen his grip when he hugged me.