Chapter 249: House Arrest is Boring

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I’m bored. 

I’m in the greenhouse because I’m bored. It was autumn and getting colder outside, but the sun was shining brightly in the Albans greenhouse, and it was warm even if the windows were opened and the breeze came in. 

The greenhouse was also used for practical purposes and fruits and vegetables that normally couldn’t be cultivated in autumn were grown here, but it was boring to see them all the time. 

Even if I wander around the greenhouse and sit on the couch when I get tired, boredom is boredom. It’s been two weeks since our attack on the Academy, I mean, our visit to the Academy, but I was still under house arrest. It’s a waste of time to lock up a toddler who doesn’t understand the reasoning behind things for two weeks. I wonder how Nico is doing. 

“Hmph, I’ww read a boow.” (Hmph, I’ll read a book)

I lifted myself off the couch and Hans chuckled.

“You look like an old lady, Lei-sama.”


But I have a feeling that I’ll really lose my motivation if I continue living this lazy lifestyle. 

“Lei-sama, isn’t Master coming back for lunch today? He’ll be back in an hour or so.”

“Oh yeah!”

I slid off the couch when I heard Natalie’s words. Otou-sama said that he had work to do at home, so he’ll be leaving the castle early. But, depending on the nature of his work, I might be locked out of his office, so I might be bored in the afternoon too. 

“It would be nice if Chris-sama can come over, but she’s under house arrest too. Well, I don’t think anything good will come out of you guys getting together, so I guess not being able to meet is the right decision. Though it still won’t improve the situation even if you don’t meet.”

I don’t know what Hans was mumbling about, but I’m not going to pay any attention to him. 

After that, I passed time by walking up and down the stairs to kill time while waiting for Otou-sama. So, I was the first person to think it was strange when I heard the sound of the carriage.

“The carriage shoundsh differenth thhan normaw.” (The carriage sounds different than normal)

“Then, it must be a guest. Since that’s the case, please go back to your room, Lei-sama,” Jude, the butler who was waiting in the hall with me for Otou-sama, reminded me. Everything should have been successfully wrapped up, but the people in the mansion were still overprotective since they were scared that I might be kidnapped again. 

“The guard ath thhe gathe weth thhem thhrough, sho ith’sh awrighth.” (The guard at the gate let them through, so it’s alright)

I know that the guard at the gate will check guests before they enter the mansion, so no suspicious people will make it to the mansion in the first place. Jude knew this and came up with a plan to compromise. 

“Then, you can take a sneak peek from the top of the stairs if you want. Hans.”

“I know. I’ll have her retreat to her room immediately if anything happens.”

Even though I was the lady of the house, I had to take a sneak peek at my guest. 

To my surprise, a young man who I knew, and Otou-sama’s carriage driver were the ones who walked through the front door. Otou-sama often rode his Rug Dragon, but it was getting colder now, so he rode in the carriage sometimes. The young man looked nervous, and he clenched the hat that he had taken off. I whispered to Hans who was also peeking from the top of the stairs while enclosing me in his arms.

“Lei wnowsh thhath person.” (Lei knows that person)

“You mean that weak-looking guy? I remember him too. He’s…”

Hans’s words were harsh, but it was true that he looked somewhat shabby and pathetic. 

“He’sh thhe thechnician for thhe barrier room.” (He’s the technician for the barrier room)

Hans was silent for a moment, then I felt tension run across his body. 

“He’s the technician who removed the magic stones from the barrier box?”


“The one who was with Lei-sama and Prince Nico but was of no use?”

I nodded quietly. Hans put up his guard, but I patted him to calm him down. I believe this technician had to remove the magic stone at that time. And what could a simple technician have done to help out? 

The barrier box in the castle and the one people carry around with them was made the same way. The only thing that was different about them was how big they were and how fancy they looked. I believe that’s why magic stones are so easy to replace. If the technician had not listened to the Third Prince at that time and resisted, then he would have been killed and the barrier box would have been destroyed. 

“He’sh jushth a normaw pershon. Ith’sh awrighth.” (He’s just a normal person. It’s alright)

Hans seemed to hesitate a bit but decided to watch the situation unfold. 

“Oh, it’s you Hubert. Did they let you out? And why are you here?” Jude seemed to know him and spoke to him in surprise, but the technician named Hubert quietly held out a folded piece of paper from inside of his shabby jacket. 

“I’ve decided to look after him for a while. Dean. Oh Master, is this all you wrote…?” Jude whispered in exasperation.

But the driver next to the technician explained, “Master is busy, and will be a little late, so he asked Leila-sama to have her meal first.”

Otou-sama won’t be here for lunch. I was very upset when I heard that. 

“As for this man, he said, ‘We’ll take him in, so toss him in the house first. I’ll come pick him up later’.” 

“I see. Then, go to the kitchen and have something warm to eat before he comes to get you.” 

Jude wasn’t perturbed by Otou-sama’s sudden action and quickly made arrangements for the guest to have a meal. Then, he faced the young technician. 

“Hubert, I heard you were being held in the castle. Have they already decided on your charges?”

“Yes. I’m grateful that they didn’t charge me with anything since the circumstances were dire, but I was dismissed from my position as the castle’s barrier technician. I was at a loss of what to do, and Dean-sama told me to come to the Albans mansion.”


I also understand the situation. This meant that this technician is now our property, I mean, our man. If that’s the case, then I guess I’m in charge here. 

“Since thhath’sh how thhingsh are, weth’sh have food firshth!” (Since that’s how things are, let’s have food first)

It must have been surprising to suddenly hear a loud voice from the top of the stairs. The young technician panicked when he saw me walk down the stairs. 

“Aaah, Ojou-sama. I’m really sorry about what happened back then! It was my fault. I’m really…”

He remembered me and bowed his head to the point where it was almost touching the floor.

“You had no choish. Lei didn’th mind.” I held out my hand and declared this clearly so that everyone in the house would understand. I was actually curious about what had happened to the young man who had been forced to remove the magic stone at that time. I hoped that he wouldn’t be charged with anything. They had only fired him, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have made him quit and made him work on making the barrier boxes more complicated. 

Otou-sama hadn’t picked him up out of kindness. He probably thought this man would be useful, but I want him to be properly taken care of first. 

“Food firshth, Jude. Lei wiww eath withh him.” (Food first, Jude. Lei will eat with him)

“But Hubert needs to get cleaned up first.”

“Food ish more importhanth thhan appearance.” (Food is more important than appearance)

Hubert looked hungry. He was shaking so much that he might fall over if you pushed him. 

“Understood. Then, I’ll leave Hubert to you, Lei-sama. Natalie.”

“Yes. This way, everyone.”

Natalie had been waiting nearby. She made eye contact with Hubert and began to guide him to the dining room. I also began walking to the dining room as Hans patted the timid Hubert. 

“Lei-sama, your eyes are sparkling.”

“They’re noth.”

It’s just that I have a feeling that my boring days are finally coming to an end.