Chapter 250: Employment

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Hubert led me to a place I had never been to before. 

“Master will scold us if he finds out that you brought Lei-sama here. But well, he’s never been here in the first place,” Jude mumbled to himself, but Otou-sama only goes to a few places in this big mansion since he’s a busy man. Jude and the other butlers and maids manage the entire house and keep it running smoothly since Otou-sama is busy. I was excited to go to a place where Otou-sama had never been. 

I walked deeper into the corridor hidden by the stairs on the first floor and found myself in a room that looked like a dining room with several long, narrow tables lined up inside. I could hear the clatter of cooking and chefs talking from the door on the other side. 

“Lei wnowsh. The withchen ish over thhere.” (Lei knows. The kitchen is over there)

“That’s right. You’ve come to the kitchen to help out before, haven’t you Lei-sama? But this is a dining room used only by servants.”

“I didn’th wnow thhath.”

I looked around the room in wonder. I guess they took turns eating. The coachman, who had just led Hubert here, and the servants of the mansion were eating in a corner. They stood up and greeted me when they noticed me. 

“Don’th mind me. Keep eathing.” I motioned for them to continue eating and sniffed. 

“Onionsh, cabbagesh and bacon shoup. Griwwed shaushagesh. Dewicioush bread withh buthther, hmm…” (Onion, cabbage, and bacon soup. Grilled sausages. Delicious bread with butter)

I think it’s jam, but there’s a smell I can’t identify. 

“This is bridge berry jam. It’s commoner food and I don’t think you’ve ever been served it, Lei-sama.”

“Lei wanthsh tho eath thhath thoo.”

“I’ll ask the chef to make you some,” Natalie promised, so I sat down in a chair across from Hubert and waited. Hmm, the chair is low. 

“Kuha, it’s a severed head.”

“Hans, stop laughing and get Lei-sama a cushion. Really, this guard is…” Natalie ordered in a stern voice while swallowing the words ‘useless’. I’m sorry for making you work, but I’ll be able to eat while looking at Hubert’s face thanks to you, Hans. The food was already cooked and the menu that I had just ordered was immediately laid out in front of me. 

“Eath Huberth.”

“But how can I eat in front of the lady?”

It must have been nerve-wracking to be seated at the same table as the Master’s family, and I guess it’s rude to eat before a lady. Amazing. 

“Lei can’th eath thhath, you eath firshth.”

“Don’t hesitate and eat since Lei-sama says it’s alright,” Natalie said. Hubert looked at Natalie with a stunned expression on his face, then he started eating. He took a sip of the soup, teared up, then started to shove the food in his mouth as fast as he could without looking impolite. Judging from the way he was behaving, he must be from a noble family, or a rich commoner family. They could have given him a proper meal even though he was restrained. 

While the soup and sausages were cooling down, I spread the clear yellow bridge berry jam onto a small slice of bread. I’ve never seen this yellow jam before. 

“Nom, nom, ith’sh a bith shour. Ith shmewwsh weird and ish wiwe a thomatho” (It’s a bit sour. It smells weird and is like a tomato)

“That’s right, Lei-sama. Bridge berries are small, yellow, tomato looking fruits. They’re a little sour to eat raw, and have a peculiar aroma, but they’re delicious when made into jam.”

“Ai, Nathawie. Very dewicioush.”

“The sausages are nearly cooled down enough.”

I was enjoying the new flavour with Natalie while ignoring Hubert, when I felt his eyes on me, then I noticed his plate was empty.

“Wouwd you wiwe shecondsh?” 

“No…” He refused but I can feel his eyes on my big sausage. 


“Yes. Sausage, soup and bread too?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“You don’th need tho be resherved.” 

Hubert looked down and nodded shyly.

“All of that, please.”


I allowed him to have seconds, but I’m sure the chefs in the kitchen will cook more food if there’s none left. 

“Then, I’ll go pick up the Master.”


The coachman said to me and then left. The servants who came in shifts were surprised to see me and greeted me cheerfully. The Albans manor was turning into a house without walls even with the servants.

By the time I finished eating my sausage, Hubert had started to nod off. 

“He mushth be thired. Jude.”

“Yes, Lei-sama?”

“Tawe Huberth tho reshth. Wiww he be here thomorrow?” (Take Hubert to rest. Will he be here tomorrow?)

“I don’t know, but I’m sure he’ll make time to talk to you no matter where he goes.”

Jude knew what I wanted. He clearly tells me when he doesn’t know something. That’s good for now. To top it off, my boredom was gone now that I even found a new place. 

“The food wash dewicioush. I wanth tho come here again.” 

“You can come here again if the Master isn’t around.”

“I’ww bring Otou-syama here thoo.”

“That would make everyone nervous.”

Jude put his index finger over his lips and said, “Don’t tell anyone I said that.” I also held my index finger to my lips. I can do this much. 

Otou-sama finally came home after I woke up from my nap. He immediately picked me up in his arms and complained, “Lei, I’m tired.”

“Ai, you worwed hard.”

I was disappointed because I thought I would be able to spend time with Otou-sama today, but it was okay since I had something fun to do at lunch.

“Otou-sama, Huberth ish awsho thired and reshthing.”


I want you to stop making an expression that says, ‘who the heck is that?’. 

“The barrier box thechnician.” 

“Oh, that technician? He has the lowest rank in the Albans and is one of our technicians. I brought him here because of that, but what should I do with him?” 

I can’t believe you brought him here without any plan. No, wait, I believe I just received some important information right now. 

“Awbansh? Oursh?”

“Yeah. We’ve had few children for generations, so we don’t have many relatives, but well we do have some. He doesn’t have a lot of magic, but is great at dealing with magic, so he became a technician. The castle poached him because he can make barrier boxes. I reluctantly lent him to the supervision department since it was for the country, but this is how they treat him. I took him back.”

You should at least remember his name since you took him back. 

“He’sh shwinny and thired.”

“Did you look after him, Lei? Thanks.”


Otou-sama patted me on the head.”

“Whath wiww you do withh him?”

“Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think I should send him to our magic tool department right now.”

Then, I have a great idea. I took a deep breath. 

“Lei wanthsh Huberth.”

“Hah? You want him?”

It was funny to see Otou-sama with his mouth wide-open, but I’ll keep it in for now.

“I can’th go tho thhe cashthwe righth now. I’ww mawe him my sensei.”

“Sensei? You want him to be your private tutor? I see.” 

Otou-sama understood what I said. 

“He’s still an Albans even though he has the lowest rank. He’s timid but smart. Luke is at the Academy, and you’re under house arrest. Alright, I’ll employ him to be your sensei!”

That’s how I got a tutor.