Chapter 251: I Won’t be Reckless

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

But I couldn’t ask Hubert to play with me right away the next day. Firstly, Hubert’s physical condition wasn’t perfect yet. Secondly, tutoring wasn’t a good enough reason to keep him at the Albans mansion. Even if I ask him to tutor me, it would probably be for two or three hours a day at most and even then, we’ll mostly be playing.

It would take some time before he can actually start working even if my suggestion of employing him is accepted, but I can wait if I think about all the fun I will have once he starts.

But first, Hubert had to meet the approval of Nii-sama, the next head of the Albans house. Two days after he had rested, he was interviewed by Nii-sama, who had returned for the weekend. Hubert is young, so he healed quickly. His tiredness was gone, and he looked refreshed. He’s young, but he’s 24 years old and older than Mark.

Most nobles in this world are married by the age of 24.

“Huberth, are you married?”

“I have been busy, so I am not married yet.”

I don’t know why he was that busy since his only job was to maintain the castle’s barrier box, but anyway, he’s single. He has already informed his family that he’ll be staying in the Albans mansion for a while.

“Lei, it’s currently time for me to ask you questions, so why are you asking me questions like an interviewer?”

Nii-sama looked at me in astonishment. I was sitting next to him as he interviewed Hubert and acting like an assistant.

“Becaushe Lei shthiww doeshn’th wnow much abouth Huberth.” (Because Lei still doesn’t know much about Hubert)

I left him alone for the last two days so that he could rest. During that time, I thought hard about what I would like to play, I mean, what I would like him to teach me.

I’m only three, nearly four, so I’m not in a rush to study. I don’t need a tutor to teach me in the first place since Odds-sensei will teach me when I’m allowed to go to the castle again.

I started chatting to lighten the mood as I grinned next to Nii-sama.

“Le-Leila-sama, is there something you would like to ask me?” Hubert asked as he averted his gaze when he saw the smile on my face.

“How do you mawe magic thoowsh?” (How do you make magic tools)

“Magic tools? Are you interested in magic tools, Leila-sama?”


Nii-sama couldn’t believe what I Had just asked and looked at me in amazement, but this was something I really wanted to know. I wanted to learn about magic tools since there’s a magic tool technician here.

“I can explain how it works, but little children can’t control their magic or use magic stones. So…” Hubert choked, probably having remembered that Nico and I had made a barrier, but then he looked at me firmly, yet somewhat timidly.

“Even if you could do those things, you shouldn’t, since you don’t know how dangerous it can be to keep doing those things while you’re young.”

I was impressed. I was also interested in magic and magic stones since I’m interested in magic tools. I like how he firmly refused me since he knew what I wanted. I looked up at Nii-sama in disappointment since I believed he would say no too, but he was looking quietly at Hubert.

“That’s right. You may have the lowest rank, but you’re still an Albans. It’s great that you’re aware of that since you gained your position as a noble in exchange for the head’s life.”


The next head of the house is still small yet harsh. Hubert must be breaking out in cold sweat.

Nii-sama put his hand in front of him and created a barrier without saying a word. It was still an oddly beautiful barrier. Hubert froze in surprise.

“Th-this is the barrier from that time…”

“Hmm, so the report about a magic tool technician detecting the barrier that Lei and Prince Nicholas made at that time is true.”

If a person has magic, then they can probably feel that something had happened, but it’s unlikely for them to be able to detect the barrier. Hubert could see it because he’s an artisan who can make barrier boxes.

“Hubert, how many people in Kingdom can make barrier boxes?”

“I only know about the numbers in my own workshop and the technicians at the castle, but I think they total five. Three of them work in the castle and two in the Albans workshop.”

“There should be other workshops with people who can make barrier boxes, but I don’t know much about them. I’ll ask Otou-sama about them later.”

Nii-sama didn’t have a good impression of Hubert since he had dragged us down last time instead of helping us. I was worried that he would say that having him as a tutor is absurd.

“Can I assume that you’re planning on returning to the Albans workshop when things have settled down?”

“Yes. I’d like to return there if I’m allowed.”

I also hope he can quietly return there when the memory of that incident has faded from everyone’s minds. Nii-sama surprisingly ended the interview fairly quickly.

“Then, I’ll allow you to tutor Lei.”

“Th-thank you very much?”

Hubert probably didn’t want to be my tutor, so he didn’t know whether he should be grateful or not, but Nii-sama made a surprising statement, “I don’t mind if you let Lei touch magic stones or magic tools.”

“But…!” Hubert argued. I was surprised too. Nii-sama looked down at me seriously. He looked a little sad.

“Lei, you should know your limits unlike the time when you were one.”


I’ve pushed myself to the limits many times. Nii-sama looked sad because he was hurt that I had to go through that.

“If you leave it to Lei, then she won’t be reckless. Well, she will, but she knows her limits.”


I puffed out my chest while still sitting.

“You only need to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt or put her life in danger. As for her studies, she’ll be allowed to go to the castle again someday, so there’s no need for you to teach her. You only need to teach Lei what she wants to know if you’re able to.”

“But it’s really dangerous. I’ve seen many children from poor families collapse while trying to channel magic into magic stones at the magic tool shop.”

“It’s alright, because Lei is better at controlling magic than any of us.”

I was impressed by what Nii-sama had said and didn’t really care about whether Hubert would teach me about magic tools right now. My overprotective Nii-sama had told me I could do as I pleased. I had finally gained his trust.

“Lei won’th be recwweshsh.” (Lei won’t be reckless) I solemnly swore. I have to live up to Nii-sama’s trust.

“Good girl.”


Nii-sama hugged me and I smiled, but Hubert didn’t know yet that the standard to which I consider reckless for myself was quite high.