Chapter 252: Hubert’s Work Room

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Hubert was in the custody of the Albans. He’s supposed to be with me in the morning and then work on magic tools in the afternoon. There was nothing more wasteful than leaving a valuable magic tool technician to idle around. 

But I was surprised to see that a small room that looked like a magic tool shop was completed in just a day even though it had been made hastily. 

The bed and other large furniture had been taken out of the unused guest room near the greenhouse and under Otou-sama’s instructions, a slightly large workbench and shelves had been set up against the wall. They were neatly lined with moss, small red and blue stone slabs, black powder and small boxes and tools. 

“Lei hash sheen thhe red and bwue shwabsh before.” (Lei has seen the red and blue slabs before)

“Eh? You have, Leila-sama?”

Hubert, who was standing there with a twinkle in his eyes because this was his new workplace, looked back at me in surprise. Of course, I was also observing how the room was decorated. There was no way I wouldn’t be here since such an interesting event is happening in the mansion. 

“Ai. I wenth tho a magic thoow shhop when I wash in Weshther.” (I went to a magic tool shop when I was in Wester)


Hubert was puzzled and no one in the room was kind enough to explain it to him. Hans looked really helpless as he explained to Hubert what I meant.

“She means Wester. Lei-sama used to live in Lentforce, a town in Wester, when she was much younger.”

Hans was with me today to make sure I don’t wander off. He said it was dangerous since large furniture was being moved around, so I shouldn’t wander around. 

“Come to think of it, Lei-sama is…”

He was interested in the fact that an Albans child had been kidnapped since he is also an Albans. 

“And Lentforce is a famous source of rhodolite in Wester. I see.”

It was amazing that he knew about Lentforce. To most people, the Frontier is just the Frontier, no matter where they go. 

“I’ve sheen thhe moshsh and bwacw powder before thoo. The moshsh gethsh brighther. The bwacw powder gethsh hoth.” (I’ve seen the moss and black powder before too. The moss gets brighter. The black powder gets hot)

I pointed at the items one by one. 

“I’m surprised. That’s right. Even adults don’t know what they do.”

The guy at the Wester magic tool shop and Bart were both willing to show me how they worked, and I was able to figure this out after careful observation. 

“Buth Kingdom’sh magic thoowsh are differenth. They’re shmawwer and shthronger.” (But Kingdom’s magic tools are different. They’re smaller and stronger)

“That’s also true. It’s made with a special technology, and that’s why we’re not allowed to go to Frontier.”

“I wnow.”

But I believe that even if Kingdom’s technicians went out to Frontier, they wouldn’t make much of an impact since there aren’t many people in Frontier who have the same magic power as Hubert. Even Brendel, the manager of Lentforce’s magic tool shop, only had the same amount of magic power as Sebas, and the people who do have magic power usually tend to be hunters. 

Most people in Kingdom tend to think that they only have a little bit of magic power when compared to the amount of magic power that the Albans, or Four Marquises, who support the country, have. But I’ve never seen anyone with as much magic power as Hubert in Frontier. 

And this amount of magic power is what makes the Kingdom’s magic tool technicians so special.

“Lei-sama, you’re thinking about something else.”

“I’m noth. Rude.”

It seemed that I had unknowingly folded my arms perfectly, and I was annoyed that he would believe that I was thinking of something naughty instead of complimenting me on my achievement. 

Before long, Otou-sama brought a basket of something into the room. 

“Here’s a set of the measures you used in the shop.”

“I didn’t know it was still there! Thank you.”

Hubert politely took the basket, placed it on the workbench and put his hand carefully on top of it. 

What are measures? I tilted my head since I couldn’t get a clear image of it in my mind. 

“That’s something Hubert brought in the first place. He said he was just keeping it in case you come back one day or start your own business.”


Hubert teared up at Otou-sama’s words. It must be something important since he kept it at the shop even though it was his. I was itching to know what was inside. 

“Lei-sama, they haven’t finished cleaning up yet. You shouldn’t be wandering around.”


I almost went to the workbench to check what it was, but I sat back down quietly. Anyway, Otou-sama should have built Hubert’s workshop right next to his room, but he had it built very far from the room where he was staying. 

“Why did he have hish room sho far?” I asked Hans since I didn’t want to disturb everyone else. 

“Ah, you’re talking about Hubert?”

Hans looked at me and chuckled. 

“The workshop to a technician is what Prince Nico is to you, Lei-sama.”

“That’s difficult to understand Hans.”

Natalie resorted instead of me. Thanks. 

“He means that it’s something fun so you will always want to do it. If Hubert put his workshop next to his room, then he’d probably spend all his time making magic tools.”

If Nico lived in the room next to mine, then I’ll probably be scolded for sneaking into his room to chat to him all night long. 

“Otou-syama ish worried abouth Huberth?”

I was touched by Otou-sama’s thoughtfulness, but he is Otou-sama. 

“Worried? I’m not. Hubert will work less efficiently if he’s tired. If he can’t manage his time himself, then I have to manage it. That’s all.”

I was half-tempted to tell Otou-sama that he was also working too hard, but I thought it would be rude to say this to someone who was working hard for the people of Kingdom, so I held back. 

Once this is finished today, my classes will begin tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.