Chapter 254: Beautiful Person and Small Person

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


I don’t mind if Hubert was surprised, but it wasn’t like I wanted to surprise him, so I don’t really care.

” Why are kingdom’sh marwighthsh shmaww? (Why are Kingdom’s marlights small?)”

“Well, if you ask me why, smaller magic tools are more convenient, so the smaller  they are, the smaller the magic tools are.”

To be precise, I wanted to ask why Kingdom’s marlight is smaller and performs better.

“Do you know that we use many magic tools but there are only three basic ones?”

“Ai, wighth, heath and barrier. (Light, heat and barrier)”

“That’s right. Good job, Lei-sama.”

Oh, isn’t he becoming more and more like a tutor? I dangled my legs on the chair with a meek expression on my face. The workbench was for adults and was a little too high for a toddler. The meek expression on my face should say all I need to say.

There are only three types of magic tools. The one that was mostly used was the one that generated heat. There are various types like the ones in Wester that simply boil water or cook and heat and so on. The ones used for heating had a combination of magic stones like the castle’s barrier room.

I think they used a combination of small magic stones since large magic stones aren’t easy to obtain.

“The magic tool mechanism itself is simple and can be made by anyone who knows woodworking. In other words, Frontier artisans can be anyone who can obtain magic stones.”


I remembered Brendel’s magic tool shop. I also remembered that Bart had made his own magic tool as well.

“But the Kingdom’s magic artisans are different. You have to have power to make these small marlights.”

“Power tho mawe marwighth. (Power to make marlight)”

I tilted my head in confusion. Marlight is the same in Kingdom and the Frontier. What other differences are there apart from shaping it into a tablet?

“I don’t mean the shape, I mean…”

Hubert glanced at me and was probably wondering how to explain it to a toddler. I waited patiently.

“In order to use marlight more efficiently, it needs to be altered.”

“Awther? (Alter)”

“Ah, so you don’t understand what I’m saying after all. Alter, hmm, how should I put this.”

“Lei-sama understands. She always questions you if she doesn’t understand. Don’t jump to conclusions and look at her properly,” The one who gave Hubert advice as he was scratching his head was Natalie. This was rare.

“Lei wanthsh tho shee you awther it. (Lei wants to see you alter it)”

How do you alter it? That was the key. I think my eyes are sparkling.

“Eh… But you know. This is a secret of the magic tool artisans. It’s not something we can show to others.”

“I can’th do ith even if I shee ith.”

Perhaps it isn’t a secret technique or anything like that. He simply means that only those with magic power and the ability to delicately handle magic can work as Kingdom’s magic tool artisans.

“Well, it’s true that there are some magic tool artisans who can’t do it at all.”



Natalie was the one who called out to Hubert. Hubert jumped as he answered, and Natalie quietly told him.

“Hubert, you must have had a difficult time because of the unfair treatment you received because of the incident with the barrier.”

“Natalie, you’re so kind.”

Hubert was moved to tears. Hans looked conflicted, but it seemed like he was holding back his urge to laugh. I wish he could hold back normally as well.

“And the person who saved you from that?”

“Of course, it was the family head!”

“Then, the request of his beloved daughter?”

“Of course, I will fulfill it!”

Natalie smiled at him. I was about to open my mouth in surprise, but Hans was gaping. Stupid.

“Then, you know what you have to do?”

“Yes! I will alter the marlight as Lei-sama asked! You see, it’s a simple task for a magic tool artisan.”

If it’s like this, then he shouldn’t have put on airs and just showed me.

Hubert cheerfully brought a locked box from the wall. It’s the one Otou-sama was talking about yesterday. As I recalled, it was…

“Meashuresh, (Measures)”

“Lei-sama, why do you know… Ah, you remembered after hearing it once yesterday? I’m surprised.”

That was the third time he was surprised. I calmly counted the number of times I surprised him in my head.

“That’s right. Originally, each workshop has a sample of the altered marlight which is called the measure. For a magic tool artisan to work on their own, they must be able to produce something identical to the measure. A magic tool artisan’s power depends on whether he can replicate the same thing.”

In short, it was the power to copy and produce exactly as it is.

“But when a magic tool artisan alters a number of marlights, the alteration becomes fuzzy to them, so the proper way is to have a magic tool artisan channel their magic power through the original measure from time to time to make sure they’re not out of alignment.”

I was a bit disappointed. I thought a magic tool artisan was a researcher who was constantly studying and developing new magic tools.

“Before I was a barrier technician at the castle, I worked at the Albans workshop to improve barrier boxes. The measure is important, but I believe we should consider how to make it smaller and more efficient. Though my master scolded me for neglecting what could be accurately copied.”

I immediately contemplated. Of course, it’s because there are magic tool artisans who can correctly alter marlight that even the common people can buy light and heat magic tools in Kingdom, but there are magic tool artisans who are striving to be more ingenious.


I clapped and complimented Hubert.

“No, I’m not, but I’m happy. I got a lot of compliments from pretty people and small people when I came to the Albans mansion.”

By ‘pretty’ he meant Natalie and ‘small’ meant me. I feel bad for Hubert, who was happy, but we weren’t complimenting him much. I glanced at Natalie who shrugged. We were thinking the same thing. Let’s keep quiet and let him be happy.

“I wanth you tho quicwwy shhow me. (I want you to quickly show me)”

“Yes! Huh?”

This time before Hubert could nod his head, Hans quickly moved in front of the door.

“Wait! Please wait!”

The panicked voice belonged to Jude.

“Whath? I don’th need a guide shince I remember thhe way tho thhe greenhoushe. (What? I don’t need a guide since I remember the way to the greenhouse)”

“That’s not it. We’re troubled because you didn’t announce your arrival first…”

I heard several footsteps. Hans sighed before relaxing.

“Ah, I guess this means my peaceful days are over.”

And my exciting days are about to begin.