Side Story 03: Lei’s Autumn Thoughts

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I sat in the carriage with my legs dangling. 

“Funfun, fuuun.”


The Rug Dragons are healthy too.

“You’re in a good mood, Lei.”


Nii-sama sat across from me with a smile on his face. 

If Otou-sama was here, then he would sit next to me or put me on his knees, but he isn’t here so I’m free to sit wherever I want. 

“Are we noth ath Giww’sh houshe yeth?”

Today I’m going to Gill’s house. It’s actually my first time visiting. 

“It’s near the castle. It usually takes the same amount of time as it does to get to the castle.”

The Albans’s residence is located a little further from the centre of Kingdom because we own a Rug Dragon pasture, but the Lisburns have a mansion in the noble district by the castle. 

“I was also surprised that this would be your first time visiting even though we’re so close.”

“Lei two.”

You said you’re surprised, but it was you and Otou-sama who created the system where I can’t go out of the mansion for no reason, and the only place I can go is the castle. 

Not only that, but even though I’m a baby, I’ve been on trips and attacked. I’ve been too busy to play. But I’m a good child who never complains; that’s who I am. 

That’s why I’m looking forward to going to Gill’s house today to see Chris. 

“But I didn’t expect Prince Nico to come.”

“Ith ish shurprishing.”

That was a real surprise. 

Lam-ojisama, the Prince of Kingdom, and Harold-ojisama, one of the Four Marquises, have gone to Easter for the summer for post-war efforts. 

So, I thought they would be worried about Nico and wouldn’t let him out of the castle, but it seems like I was wrong. He’s allowed to leave the castle because they’ve attached more guards to him. 

“Hish guardsh… faiwuresh.” (His guards… failures)

“Incompetent people are incompetent no matter how many guards they attach to him.”

Nii-sama is harsh, but I also agree with him. The numerous mistakes they’ve made are still fresh in my mind. 

“But, as you said, there’s no reason for the Third Prince to go after Prince Nico anymore. The same goes for Easter. So, they’re only protecting Prince Nico from the usual dangers, and if they can manage that…”

Nii-sama looked anxious, and I was also anxious. However, if we continue to be anxious then we’ll have the same thoughts as Lam-ojisama who locked Nico up in the castle because he was worried about him. 

“Ith’sh bethther tho weth Nico outhshide even if thhingsh go wrong.” (It’s better to let Nico outside even if things go wrong)

“You’re right. I can only protect Lei, so let’s pray that his guards are excellent.”

“Actually, Luke-sama is the scariest,” Hans’s voice came from the driver seat. He was disrespecting his lord, but we were used to this, so Nii-sama and I ignored him. 

“We’re here. I’m going to get them to open the gate now. Don’t you want to see them open the gate, Lei-sama?” Hans called out from the driver’s seat, and I looked out the window of the carriage. The mansion that was facing the wide street was surrounded by a fence all the way around, and the giant iron gate was about to open quietly. I could see the mansion in the distance. 

“You shaid ith wash shmawwer thhan oursh.”

“It’s not even half as big as ours.”

It’s still a magnificent mansion. The carriage went straight from the gate to the mansion. It might take around five minutes to walk. Nico and Chris were in front of the mansion as well as Gill, Felicia and Julia-obasama. 

I was relieved to see that Felicia was smiling naturally as if she was in her own home, and I was secretly annoyed at Nico who made himself at home no matter where he is. 

“Welcome, Luke and Lei,” Julia-obasama was the first person to welcome us. I didn’t hesitate to reach out and have her hug me.

“Lei is so spoiled.”


I smiled and looked over her shoulders at the mansion and saw someone who looked like a butler waiting in front of the big door. 

“Huh? Where’sh Stan-ojisama?”

“Well, fufufu.”

I ran up to the man when Julia-obasama laughed and put me down to the ground. The man kneeled down in distress to show me his face. He looked younger than Stan-ojisama, had black hair and brown eyes and looked very much like Stan-ojisama. 

“Filman is the butler but he’s like an uncle to me.”

“Calling me your uncle. I always tell you to understand your status, don’t I?” The butler named Filman sternly scolded Gill. I felt like he was warmly scolding him like a relative instead of a butler.

“Uncwe. Liwe Awishthair.”

“How clever. This must be Lady Albans.”

Filman muttered in admiration and introduced himself properly. He explained that his mother was a commoner who had left him in the care of the Lisburns, and that he worked here as a butler.

“It’s a blessing for a commoner to serve as a butler to the Four Marquises. People often say that I look like the head, but I’m grateful that I can do this job, so please don’t worry about it too much.”

I looked up at Gill. 

“Yes, when I become an adult and started thinking about my path in life, as one might expect, people who were like my aunts began to look for a suitable marriage for me. But, aside from that, they also helped me look for a job. There are people working as civil servants and also military officials in the castle. So, in this way, there are also people who stayed in the mansion and worked.”

Stan-ojisama has more than ten siblings with different mothers. The people who made this all happen were Stan-ojisama and Julia-obasama.

“I used to play with Dean-sama a lot when I was younger. I can’t thank the Lisburns enough.”

Filman smiled and told me about Otou-sama and then the big door opened to let us in. 

I hadn’t felt this at the Albans since there aren’t many children there, but a lot of things go on in a noble family. 

The Remington house was locked down for now, so I won’t be able to go there for a while, and I haven’t been to Mark’s house yet. I’m sure there’s a lot of things different about their houses too. 

There’s plenty of things to see in the capital even if I don’t go to Easter or Wester. I crossed my arms. Where should I go next?

“Why are you crossing your arms lei?”

“I’m jushth thhinwing thhath thhere are a woth of inthereshthing pwacesh.” (I’m just thinking that there are a lot of interesting places)



Chris and Nico nodded with a grin. Nico had come here early to do something. 

“There’s a garden in the Lisburn mansion,” Chris whispered into my ear. 

“And there’s a lot of things to do there like play on swings and small mountains.”


“It was fun.”

“Lei wantsh to go two!”

Chris grabbed my right hand and Nico walked in front of us.

“I knew you would say that. Let’s go.”

“Let’s go.”

“Let’sh go!”

We ran out of the mansion that we had just entered. 

“Prince Nico and Lei, you act as if it’s your own home no matter where you go,” I heard Gill’s voice behind us.

“I wish they would come every day if Chris gets this energetic,” I listened a little to what Julia-obasama had to say. 

I looked up at Chris who was holding my hand. 

I wonder if she was holding back while she’s living here, but she would probably say she isn’t. 

In that case, I’ll make many happy memories with her so that she’ll forget to hold back.

“Nii-syama and Hansh, Lei wiww be bacw.”

Nii-sama laughed and Hans looked conflicted. 

“Lei-sama, we’ve only just arrived.”

“Come on! It’s fun!”

Nico was the first to arrive in the playground and waved. There was a swing set on the branch of a large tree. I looked up and saw a tree house.

“Lei’sh firshth.”


“It’s because she’s small.”

I have a feeling I’ll be able to live happily in the autumn before I turn three.