Side Story 04: Luke’s Autumn Thoughts

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

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“Ahh, Lei used to come to be and be more like Gill, Gill.”

“That never happened,” I politely pointed out the truth to him. 

“Even since she got her own group of little ones, she’s been so focused on them.”

“That’s a healthy development. It’s good for them to have friends their age.”


I glanced at Gill, who was standing next to me, and Felicia, who was standing on the other side of him, and softly sighed. 

Gill is three years older than me, and Felicia is four years older than me. Lei and Nico are two years apart, and Chris is three years older than Lei. This is probably different from having friends your age, and sometimes I felt bad for Gill since I’m the youngest.

“You’re thinking about how you’re the only one who’s younger than us again aren’t you? Stop it.”

“I’m not.”

I immediately denied it when Gill asked, but I couldn’t help but think that I was dragging him down. 

“It’s not a big deal that you’re younger. Gill’s also younger than me,” Felicia said. I must have looked really worried. 

“I’m only a year younger than you Felicia, and I’ve always told you not to treat me as if I’m younger than you,” Gill immediately argued back, but Felicia only giggled. 

Gill must have thought he was getting nowhere because he said this to me, “I’m about 10 years younger than Filman, and all my aunts and uncles are older than me, but I never have a problem with them.”

Gill had no problems dealing with people since he had been surrounded by a lot of people from a young age. 

“At any rate, Chris seems to be happy when she’s with Lei and Prince Nico. She could act more spoiled around us,” Julia-obasama put a hand on her cheek and sighed. 

I wondered what she meant by spoiled. Thinking back, I realised that Lei always seems happy, but I never spoil her. Otou-sama would spoil her if she asks for something, but that’s it. 

“Lei isn’t spoiled at home either.”

“Lei? She’s such a spoiled child though.”

“She doesn’t ask to be held at home, but well, Otou-sama holds her without having being asked.”

I smiled wryly. Of course, I hold her as well but not as much as Otou-sama since I didn’t think a baby would want to be bothered a lot. 

“Oh my. Then why does she ask me to do it?”

“Lei lets people who she thinks wants to hold her, hold her.”

“Oh. I always want to hold Chris, but she doesn’t come to me.”

She wants to be held, but she’s probably worried about asking all the time. 

“Chris has never been held by a woman before, so I don’t think she realises that Julia wants to hold her. She’s also already five years old.”

Felicia was told to call her Julia if she couldn’t call her mother. Julia-obasama winced when Felicia mentioned that Chris had never been held by a woman before and let out a small sigh.

“I guess I was being shy. I wanted to have a girl too.”

“I’ll be happy if you look after her without holding back.”

“Really? Well then…”

Felicia’s cheeks flushed as she gently snugged  Julia-obasama who was rubbing her back like a friend instead of hugging her. It seemed that the two Remingtons were getting along reasonably well. 

Somewhat relieved, I headed towards Lei. 

I knew I was acting as I pleased, but this was Gill’s house. I saw that Lei was trying to climb up into the treehouse. It would be dangerous if I don’t stop her.

“Lei, cwimb!”

See, I knew it.

“You can’t, Lei-sama. You climb up to this treehouse with a rope ladder, so you’ll have to be stronger with your hands before you can support yourself up.”

Lei sulking at Hans’s strict words was cute. 

“Whath if you howd me?”

“You can’t go somewhere where you can’t get to with your own power.”


Lei also looks cute when she’s pouting.

“Sisters are cute.”

“Yes. So, you finally realised this?”


Gill looked disgraceful as he smiled while looking at Chris. 

“You’re smiling too.”

“No way. I’m not smirking, I’m smiling with affection.”

“Yeah, you would say that.”

Gill clicked his tongue and casually walked up to the children. 

“What is it? You’re annoying.”

“I’m sick of listening to you tell me about how good your sister is, so now it’s my turn.”

“What are you talking about?”

I looked at Gill suspiciously. He coughed and made sure no one was around.

“It’s nice to have a sister.”


“I said it’s nice to have a sister.”

“You mean, Felicia?”

Gill nodded in embarrassment.

“She didn’t get angry that you treated her like a sister?”

“That’s the beauty of being the younger brother.”

I can’t understand what he’s saying.

“She tells me to wear more clothes when it’s a little chilly and wipes the cookie crumbs from the corner of my mouth. I get annoyed when my parents tell me off, but it’s sweet when my sister tells me off.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about at all. It’s impossible to put a cookie next to your mouth anyway.”

I took a step away from Gill.

“It’s nice to have someone a little older than you around.”

Gill laughed oblivious to the fact that there were three small children standing in front of him.

“Whath abouth an owder pershon?”

“Huh? Lei?”

“How is it nice?”

“P-prince Nico.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“C-chris. Nope, hmm…”

He looked at me in a panic, but I didn’t help him.

“Oh my, Gill. What’s wrong?”

“Felicia! Oh no.”

“You kwow, Giww said owder pershon…”

Gill picked up Lei and ran off. Chris and Prince Nico followed after him. 

“Gill is a good boy who really takes care of younger children.”

“Yes. He is. He’s a good guy.”

He’s not a child. But I didn’t refute her since Gill was happy with it. 

“Hold me up next and run!”

“Me next!”

Gill ran around and played with Lei, Prince Nico and Chris. He’s a really nice guy.

“Felicia. Are you alright?”

“I am. Everyone in the Lisburn House is warm.”

Felicia smiled and looked at me with kind eyes. 

“Luke is a good boy too.”

“I’m not a child anymore either,” I replied in reflex, and immediately hated myself for sounding so distant. 

“Nii-syama, your face ish red.”

Lei had returned before I knew it and this time, I picked her up and ran.

“Me next!”

“Me too!”

I thought for a moment that it might be nice to have an older sister as well.

But Lei is the best. 

The autumn of my 12th year is going to be fun.