Translated by iseuli
edited by delishnoodles

Death always follows life.

As there is always an end to a beginning. This is not difficult to understand, is it?

“Look over there, her dress is black.”

“How could she dare to wear a black dress on the day of the ceremony of Sainthood….?”

The black dress amongst the flood of white dresses stood out like a sore thumb. There were ten girls, but everyone’s attention was focused on the girl with the black dress. Of course nobody was looking at her kindly.

Raelia looked downwards. Everyone on the platform alongside her were nervous and fearful. She alone remained still without any sort of emotion.

This position was honorable, but marked the end of one’s life.

It was a new start that edged death.

This was the way Raelia thought.

The Pope spoke.

“We will officially name the 247th Saint.”

His words silenced the entire church at once. Everyone watched the Pope as a deathly silence fell upon the church and not a single person’s breath could be heard.

“Raelia Vitel.”

When the Pope spoke, all the gazes diverted to the top of the platform.

The silence felt chilling.

Raelia? Who was that? What were you doing when I was explaining all the candidates? Why, don’t you know the Vitel noblehouse? Their first born sick daughter. Ah, the girl with the bad personality? The black dress girl. Oh my word, a black dress? Elea will be so angry! How could she dare become a Saint wearing black?

A fury of emotions surged at once. Disbelief, horror, curiosity, anxiety, relief, and ridicule.

Her eyes met with Ashlea’s, who smiled kindly. You should have just died. Her lips told.

“You have been chosen by Elea, congratulations.”

Raelia took a step forward as if someone pushed her from behind.

It could be that someone, in fact, had pushed her, but she didn’t have the time to confirm this. Everyone roared with applause and cheer. Her ears felt numb from the noise.

“Raelia Vitel. Do you vow to devote your entire spirit and body for the sake of Elea?”

“… I vow.”

Raelia answered. She even surprised herself. Her voice was so emotionless, someone might assume this was just a rehearsal.

The Pope spoke very satisfied.

“Raelia Vitel, we grant you a new honorary name, Natasha.”

Raelia wanted to convey that she did not need an honorary name, but she endured. Any word of complaint, and the Pope would probably kill her on the spot.

“…. Saint Natasha. You shall hear God’s voice.”

— In the end, I’ve become a Saint.

Raelia swallowed dryly and held her breath. There it was, again.

“You will convey the words of God, and become the representative of God to share his strength.”

— See, you should have run away with me.

“You will become the nation’s hope.”

Raelia tightly closed her eyes.

People assumed she felt burden, or fear, but there was a different truth to her reaction.

Raelia could not focus on this holy day. She could hear not God’s voice, but the Devil’s.

— Then, will you make a contract with me?

It spoke in her ears.