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【Demon King】


It seemed that even Evil Gods had novices. 

Draco understood this after exchanging a few words with the hornless Evil God. 

He said he had only just become an Evil God. 

(I suppose that’s how it is. He’s an Evil God who I have just decided to worship.)

A newly made Evil God. 

This was an auspicious omen for Draco. 

He was just an Evil God who had nothing to show. Believing, not praying or clinging to. He might be able to have a relationship with this Evil God if he does just that. 


【Evil God】


I was relieved to see that Draco, my follower, seemed very loyal. 

As an ‘Evil God’ appearing before a ‘Demon King’, I was worried about what would happen if my first believer was a scary guy, but this Draco seemed like a good guy. We had a proper conversation. 

I knew from Draco’s explanation that this was the outskirts of the Demon Realm. 

The demons here are probably simple since this was the countryside. Well, it was just a hunch. 

I don’t know how to gather karma, but my experience as an excellent gamer whispered that gathering believers as an Evil God was enough for now. 

If Draco can quickly take control of this remote area, then I can gather believers, and spend the rest of my life sleeping and eating. A wonderful plan, if I do say so myself. 

“By the way Draco, I have one more question for you.”

“What may that be, Evil God-sama?”

“How many men do you have under your command?”

He is a Demon King after all. He must have 10,000 or even 20,000 men. I would be happy if he had 100,000 men under his command. 

Famous idol groups had more than 100,000 fans, so it wouldn’t be strange at all if a Demon King had many demons under his command. 

“Let me see, I think I have 200 men right now.”


“Yes, the demon army that I, Draco, led are all combatants, but there are only about 200 men.”

I felt something rattle and crumble inside of me. 

200, only 200 he said? 

I was a little disappointed when Draco told me about the size of the demon army. 

They were a demon army yet only numbered 200. 

My class in high school had about 40 students, so the army was five times my class. 

He could remember the names and faces of everyone with just that many. Yoshinaga-san, how are you? 

I thought he would have more troops under his command since he had a cool alias <Dethroned Crown Prince>. I can tell you that 200 troops was nothing because I’ve played a lot of ‘Records of the Three Kingdoms’ and warring simulation games. Even the battle of Thermopylae had 300 soldiers. 

What the f-ck can you do with 200 soldiers?

“Excuse me… Evil God-sama, is there something troubling you?”


【Demon King】


“Hmm? Oh, I was just thinking that the numbers were lacking for a Demon King who worships me.”

Draco discreetly clenched his teeth. 

It was the truth. The numbers were lacking. Most of his elite forces had been lost in the battle with the <Northern Overlord>, and all that were left were the defeated soldiers. If it wasn’t for that, then the strategic and tactical genius Draco wouldn’t have resorted to worshipping an Evil God. 

“Yes, Evil God-sama. We were involved in a great battle recently. My army was defeated, and our numbers drastically decreased. Being out here in the outskirts is also a result of that defeat.”

“I see. By the way, how large was the opposing army?”

“About 240,000.”

“240… 000?”

“Against my united coalition of 190,000.”

That’s right, he had 190,000 men. Draco’s assembled army was outnumbered by 50,000, but they had the home field advantage. 

It was a battle they would not have lost if luck had been on their side. 

“And now you’re down to 200?”

“That is correct.”

“… That’s rough.”

“It is.”

Just what was rough? 

Evil Gods should just sit back and be worshipped. Warfare was for demons. He had no complaints as long as he watched over them and gave them luck. Draco didn’t expect much from him since he was a newly made Evil God. 

“I see.”

“You don’t have anything to worry about, Evil God-sama. Despite how I look, I am well-versed in military tactics. I am perfectly capable of protecting us. I’ll show you that I can increase my army of 200 men by tenfold.”

“By tenfold, you say?”

“Yes, if I increase my army by tenfold, or by 2000, then we can maintain our current freedom.”

But the Evil God’s expression didn’t seem happy when he heard the number ‘2000’.

“Is something bothering you?”

“Oh, if you have those 2,000 at our backs, then I was thinking…”

“Thinking what…?”

“… That we might be able to take over the world.”

“T-take over the world?”

“Yes, the world. Do you want to take over the world?”

It was natural for Draco to be confused. 

It was an ambition that he had kept to himself. 

The Evil God had only just met him, but he had already seen right through him? 

If he increased his troops to 200, then he could take over the neighbouring demon territories. 

If they didn’t use surprise attacks, then some might be up for negotiation. He could take the entire southern region in one swoop then begin preparations to deal with the detestable <Northern Overlord>.

If this Evil God could see through his ambition, then he really was an Evil God even though he was only a novice. 

The Evil Gods from the legends weren’t interested in this world, so he thought this Evil God would be the same. 

“… Please forgive my oversight. I am indeed plotting to take over the world.”

“Then all is well. You must have high aspirations as a Demon King.”

“As you say, O’ Evil God.”

As Draco prostrated himself before the Evil God, he heard him say, “This has become quite interesting.”


【Evil God】


After parting ways with Draco, I was enjoying an aerial walk in the demon realm forest by myself. 

Just because I’m his Evil God doesn’t mean that I have to be with him all the time and there are things I need to do. Walking in the air was more fun than I thought it would be. 

Even so, the whole world. 

Whenever I play ‘Records of the Three Kingdoms’ or warring simulation games, I always want to unite the whole world at least once. 

It was a boy’s dream. 

The Demon King, Draco, seemed quite ambitious, so I can just enjoy the unification of the world from a special seat by riding on his coattails. It really was magnificent. 

I didn’t like the idea of being transmigrated as an Evil God at first, but it was surprisingly good. 

I saw what I was looking for as I was thinking this. 


There was a door in the air. 

It was a door to the Divine Realm. It looked like an ordinary door you can find anywhere at a glance.

It was designed to be invisible to living beings. 

It was connected to the ‘Divine Realm of this world’ and not to the world of the dead. This was one of the few useful pieces of information that the old lady of the afterlife had taught me before I was transmigrated. 

You can’t get clothes or food from this world if you’re an Evil God or God unless they are offered to you. So, I needed a place to get them, and for that, I will need to visit the Divine Realm often. Of course, there are Gods who are self-sufficient and rarely come to the Divine Realm.

Anyway, I couldn’t wear the cheap fleece top and jeans that I was wearing when I died, so I needed to get some clothes. 

“Now then, hello, oh.”

I opened the door and there was the Divine Realm. 

I can only describe it as a Divine Realm. Anyway, it was absurd. 

There was a Parthenon temple next to a building that looked like the Ise Grand Shrine, and there was a Mexican Pyramid of the Sun next to a majestic St Pietro Cathedral. There was a Taoist temple between some Buddhist temples… Are the unfamiliar buildings temples of other planets? 

Surrounding these large temples were many shopping districts and side streets.

It was extremely crowded. It was a thrilling sight to see Gods and other unfamiliar beings wandering around. 

“Excuse me, is this your first time in the Divine Realm?”

A faint man who looked like a spirit photograph spoke to me as I was looking around. 

“Ah, yes. I’ve just been transmigrated today.”

“I see. I thought that might be the case since new deities usually act the way you are now. Welcome to the Divine Realm.”

“Oh, thank you….”

The faint gatekeeper told me that new deities had to go to the city office to register, so I decided to go ahead and do that first. It would be foolish to go to the city office with all the clothes I will buy. 

Anyway, why was that gatekeeper so faint? 

I’ve just transmigrated, but I can see his essence. 


“That’s a God who has lost all his believers.”

I asked the lady at the reception desk a question and she answered. 

I heard that Gods become like that when they lose their believers and use up all the karma that they have. 

There were no other Gods besides me in the quiet reception room. 

I heard that there aren’t many new Gods these days. 

“Will he always be like that?”

“He will, until the end of the world… so I guess he’ll be guarding the gate for another 5.6 billion years or so.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

It was terrible. 

It was probably more difficult than hell to be a gatekeeper for 5.6 billion years while smiling forcefully. 

“In addition to guarding the gate, there are Gods who live quietly in the forest, having been given the role of Mushroom God by the other Gods. They are called genus deities.”

“Genus deities. What happens to their karma?”

“The Gods who they serve pay them wages.”

“Oh… that sounds tough.”

“You say that, but you’re still a novice and only have one believer, so you have to be careful.”

“I will.”

She was right. 

I only have Draco right now. 

And he only had 200 troops.

I’m sure he’s strong since he’s a Demon King, I’m getting a little worried. 

I was fired up about unifying the world and all that a while ago, but it would be dreadful if that fails.

“Excuse me Hirano Bonta-san, your application is complete. You’ll start from the Lower Junior First Rank.”

“Lower Junior First Rank [1]Not really sure since info on Shinkai is so hard to find…?”

“Yes, it’s your rank as God, your divine rank.”

Ah, it’s just as I had suspected, Evil Gods also have ranks. It’s really troublesome. You increase in ranks and then you get a title or something. What’s with this? 

“About the divine rank system…”

“Ah, it’s fine. I’m not interested.”

“Eh, you’re not?”

“Yeah, I’ll come back if I have trouble understanding it.”

“Ha, hah.”

The lady seemed stunned. 

It’s painful to listen to something you’re not interested in, so it’s good for the both of us. 

“More importantly.”


“I’d rather know about stores that sell comfortable clothes.”


1 Not really sure since info on Shinkai is so hard to find…