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“It’s fine if you’ve just heard about them. The Greek God myths are usually about the gods sneaking into a woman’s bedroom late at night, sleeping with her and leaving a child. The God’s children are blessed with special powers and their children are related to various royal families in Greece. It’s possible that the influential people of that peninsula created these myths to validate the origins of their nobility.”

I have heard stories like that. Japanese mythology, like Greece mythology, was a compilation of stories from each clan about how their ancestors were deities.

“And you did the same?”

“No. The outcome might mean something but the cause that led to this was just love. I loved that  woman. It wasn’t the kind of love that God bestows upon his people; it was a more intimate love.”

The battle began below us.

This was probably the densest barrage imaginable at their technological level. The ‘Warrior Clan’ charged through while shouting in rough voices. Their actions were a mixture of bravery and recklessness. They were releasing their inner animal based on the strategy. From above, it looked as if countless small creatures were rushing towards their prey.

“I told you earlier that I won’t stop you from revealing yourself to people because I’ve been doing it for a while.”

Rilfis said in a quiet voice, his palm was slightly outstretched towards the ‘Church’ army. The air was filled with sweet karma, then a gust of wind struck the arrows which were being released. This was Rilfis’s miracle.

“I once went on a rampage with living soldiers, carrying the spear that I had given to Ruro. The other gods scolded me a lot for that.”

“Of course they would.”

I was about to say that there were no other gods who would do such a thing, but then realised that I was wrong. God Okri and the <Black-Haired Princess> both manifest and run amok on the battlefields.

“Can you really say that? The impact of your actions are much worse. I’ve never heard of any other evil gods who would go to the human world for a demon king.”

Rilfis performed two to three more miracles with a wry smile. The crossbow was superior to the bow in both distance and accuracy, but it was less stable and vulnerable to wind. It was even worse with a repeating crossbow since they focus on rapid fire. The barrage was losing its density due to the gales summoned by the <God of Wind>.

There was no way the ‘Warrior Clan’ who were accustomed to warfare would have missed that. They closed the distance in one swift movement and pulled down the anti-cavalry palisades which were set up in front of the trenches. These palisades were just a makeshift solution even if it was a ‘field fortification’. They hadn’t driven the poles deep enough into the ground, so the trenches were quickly exposed.

“It was a one-time mistake. Well, it doesn’t matter how many times it is. So, I was blessed with Ruro. It’s a strange thing, Hirano. You can become attached to a child even if they were born in such a way. Especially with Ruro since she has the same hair colour as me, but that turned out to be a problem.”

Spears were thrusted out from the trenches at the oncoming horde of warriors. The ‘Church’s’ main force has switched from crossbows to spears. The ‘Warrior Clan’s’ long spears were overwhelmingly powerful in group battles, but they weren’t suited for warfare that could be wielded from below.

“Kyrios… ah, Kyrios is the chief’s son and Ruro’s mother’s husband. He was utterly desperate. Ruro’s mother came from another clan, but Kyrios fell in love with her at first sight and took her in, but she didn’t bear him a child for a long time.”

“… That’s quite something.”

“Ruro’s mother came from a tribe that has produced priestesses for generations. Do you know what inbreeding is? It’s when people have children with those closely related to them to keep their bloodline pure. The priestesses married close relatives to keep the blood of the ancestors who heard the voice of gods thick in their veins. Inbreeding isn’t something people should do. Because of that, Ruro’s mother had a disease that made it difficult for her to have children with other humans.”

Kyrios is the son of the chief. He probably really wanted to have a child who could succeed the Warrior Clan especially since he married outside of his clan.

“Kyrios was patient, but everyone around him wasn’t. Their affection eventually turned to irritation and finally, they started to ignore Ruro’s mother. It was difficult to watch this. She was a nice woman.”

“So, you laid your hands on her.”

“She really did have the blood of a priestess. She could see me. She asked me for advice a lot when she realised this. I have no way of knowing what she was thinking anymore. But have you ever experienced asking someone for advice about a relationship and ending up in a relationship with that person?”

Adultery and infidelity are troublesome matters no matter the world or time. And there’s nowhere to take your anger since the other party is a deity revered by the clan. Kyrios’s, Ruro’s father’s, misfortune was beyond imaginable.

“He must have been baffled. He became an alcoholic for a while but one day, he left for a hunt and never came back. And the next thing I know, he was a priest in the ‘Church’.”

Rilfis pointed at a spot on the ground where a melee battle was taking place. There, a ‘Church’ warrior with dishevelled red hair was fighting with a short spear.

“That’s him. That’s Kyrios. Kyrios Banten.”

“That’s Ruro’s…”

“Yes, Ruro’s mother’s husband, and also the one who killed her.”

“… What?”

Rilfis smiled gruesomely.

“Ruro’s grandfather didn’t willingly give Ruro to the demons as a hostage. He did it because Ruro would probably try to kill Kyrios. And if that happens…”

“If that happens…?”

“Ruro will die.”

The battle became a melee and the two armies remained intertwined as they slowly began to move. The ‘Warrior Clan’ was gradually being pushed back. The ‘Church’ pushed the warriors back step by step at a steady pace as they crawled out from their trenches.

At the front stood the red-haired Kyrios Banten, who was driving away his brethren. This was what being intense, and menacing was like. His strength was far beyond that of a human’s.

“Is Kyrios that strong?”

“Kyrios is blessed with divine protection. Neither Ruro nor an ordinary human stand a chance against him. Ever.”

Rilfis jerked his chin after he said that. I looked closer and saw something pale on Kyrios’s shoulders as he rampaged in all directions. A god, or should I say an angel?

“The ‘Church’ is using a god who has lost their divinity in this way?”

“The ‘Church’ uses angels to enhance an individual’s abilities such as enhancing their strength and improving their eyesight. The effects may be small, but the slightest difference can save your life on the battlefield.”

“Like a hero?”

“Hero is a good way of describing him. Yes, Kyrios is a hero. He was originally talented, but he became even stronger with the blessing he received. I would say he is an imitation of a hero.”

Kyrios’s short spear killed another person. The way he fought as he was bathed in blood made him look like a beast.

“To the ‘Church’, Kyrios is a heretic who converted to the faith. It’s good publicity for the ‘Church’ to reward him for his deeds and it lowers the psychological hurdles that prevent other heretics from converting to the One and Only God.”

“Are you saying they might fear being heavily used by the ‘Church’?”

“At least, this could serve as an example that they won’t be treated with disdain. The ‘Church’ puts a lot of effort into appeasing and pacifying people. They’re probably taking inspiration from the Vatican from our previous lives and their organisational management is remarkable, but they might be expanding too hastily. There might be some internal cracks in their organisation.”


“I believe it would be difficult to exploit it. The One and Only God has a lot of karma. You’d be crushed before the cheap trick is discovered.”

“I haven’t done anything yet.”

“Your eyes are saying you will. You’re friends with the <Goddess of War> Yoshinaga, aren’t you? You two have the same eyes.”

Rilfis’s mention of Yoshinaga made my heart flutter a little.

It was strange to know that there was a side of her that I didn’t know. Of course, I’m not conceited to believe that I know everything about her, but if she shows other sides of herself to other people, then I want to see those sides too.

“Hmm, the <Goddess of War>…”


“The <Goddess of War> Yoshinaga, Junior Left Fourth Rank General, is a famous Goddess.”

“Junior Fourth Rank, that’s pretty high…”

“A god’s rank isn’t the only thing that determines their status, Yoshinaga was also ―――― the Goddess of Hope. She did a lot of things with the gambling gods and other young people.”

“What kind of things?”

Rilfis’s voice sank as I was about to lean forward.

“We’re no longer in a position where we can chat.”



Three angels were leaving the ‘Church’ and coming up to us. The way they carried their swords in their hands made it hard to believe that they were coming up to us to have a friendly chat. They made no attempts to hide their hostility and looked more like demons than angels.

“Have you ever fought before, Hirano?”

“… I’m afraid not.”

“I see. Then you have an important role to play. Go get the <Goddess of War>.”

“But then you’ll be outnumbered.”

“I’m trying to indirectly tell you you’ll be a hindrance. Get the hint.”

He cut his words there then drew a spear from out of nowhere. The pumped-up muscles on his back bulged out. He was truly imposing as a God of the ‘Warrior Clan’.

“Go, Hirano. Don’t linger around here.”

“Okay. Good luck, Rilfis-san!”

“… The god who you’re praying good luck to is the one fighting. I wonder who will hear your prayer.”


“Just go!”

He pushed me back and I flew away. My body felt light since Rilfis had shared some of his karma with me. I was heading towards the Demon Army where Yoshinaga-san was.