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The messenger put his ear close to Shulicia’s mouth. A strange silence fell amidst the burning oil. The mercenaries were looking at him.

“W… Won!”

Even Shulicia hadn’t expected to hear the words that he had uttered. How is the general proclaiming victory in this situation? The messenger and mercenaries looked at Shulicia with a dumbfounded expression.

――― And then a mercenary pointed to the south.

“Hey, that’s…”

It was the <Gonane> army.

There are at least 1,500 gonanes. Ri Gudang, who was facing the city, quickly tried to reorganise his troops, but would he make it in time?

Shulicia understood.

Why did the <Gonane> reply with ‘not needed’ when asked whether the walls can be repaired instead of ‘don’t repair it’ or ‘I don’t mind if you repair it’?

The answer to that question was approaching Ri Gudang’s army.

―― There was no need to repair it or not.

The southern part of the city will be guarded by the <Gonane>.

A single line broke through Ri Gudang’s camp as if to show off their determination.

They had dug several small holes between Baal Gonane and Alunaha and had a unit on standby, ready to respond whenever Alunaha needed them.

The Gonanes don’t make alliances, but when they do, they take pride in never neglecting their alliances.

The multi-legged soldiers galloped towards the enemy. The way they fought was like an axe chopping wood. The castle answered with shouts. Their voices were cheerful as if the dejection they had felt a few moments earlier was an illusion.

The tide of the battle had completely turned in their direction.


【Evil God】


It was surprisingly quick to get to the demon army from where the ‘Warrior Clan’ was fighting.

The demon army was much closer than I had expected them to be thanks to the horses that they had borrowed from the ‘Warrior Clan’. They couldn’t gather enough horses for everyone, but they were able to move much quicker just by having the horses carry their things. The less the burden, the faster and farther the march will go.


I called out to Yoshinaga-san, who was floating above the army, looking bored. Eulenspiegel was with her. She seemed to have sensed me and her expression quickly became serious.

“What happened, Master?”

“The fight has started, and the angels are fighting Rilfis!”

“Angels, how many?”

“I saw 3.”

Yoshinaga-san tried to fly in the direction that I had just come from as soon as she heard this, but Eulenspiegel stopped her.

“Yoshinaga-san and Hirano-san, can you wait a little longer?”

“Hey, Till! What’re you saying?! Rilfis is in danger, I…!”

“It’s for Rilfis.”

Yoshinaga-san crossed her arms. She was going to listen to what he had to say, but she was irritated since she kept tapping her crossed arms with her index finger.

“So, Till. Why do we have to wait for Rilfis’s sake?”

“Because… Rilfis is looking for a place to die.”

Eulenspiegel didn’t answer with his usual smirk, instead he looked slightly more serious and somewhat resigned.

“Rilfis is… looking for a place to die?”

“Master, do you know what he’s on about?”

“Yes, well, I mean, do you remember that girl Ruro who you kept asking about? Well, she’s Rilfis’s daughter.”

“… Oh, no wonder.”

“No wonder what?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you about. I was curious why a human child had so much karma.”

Oh, so that’s what she wanted to ask. I was nervous since I thought I would be accused of cheating or something. No matter how well-developed she is, I’m not a pedo or a lolicon.

“… I might have needed to reconsider my relationship with you depending on the situation, but let’s forget about that since it was just an unfounded suspicion. But a demi-god, huh?”

“Are they that rare?”

“There must be a few of them, and I only know one other demi-god.”

“Well anyway, Ruro is Rilfis’s daughter and the husband of the person who he slept with joined the ‘Church’ and is even a priest now.”

Yoshinaga-san frowned.

Yoshinaga-san was the love counsellor. She could probably imagine the hell that followed from this explanation, and it was a love triangle between a God and human at that.

“So, Till, does Rilfis want a place to die because he feels responsible for this?”

“I’m not saying that isn’t one of the reasons why he wants a place to die, but it’s probably because of a different reason.”


“He’s fed up.”

“Fed up?”

“Yes. Fed up.”

Eulenspiegel smiled sadly.

“Think about it. I tried my best to lead my followers to do better things a long time ago. Rilfis feels more strongly about leading his followers to do better things than anyone else. He was a high school teacher in Australia or something in his previous life. He quit his job as a teacher and ran a farm. He loves nature and children, so he has been pouring his love onto the clan for about 100-200 years as a god. He was a good god even in the eyes of us fellow gods.”

I didn’t interrupt him. I couldn’t. Yoshinaga-san was listening with cold eyes.

“Only once. One mistake nearly tore apart the clan he was protecting. Kyrios’s wife was a religious woman. She never mentioned Rilfis’s name since no one would believe that the god of their clan was the one who got her pregnant. It was painful to watch.”

I can’t imagine.

What you have protected and nurtured collapsed because of your own mistake and you weren’t even blamed for it. I wouldn’t be able to stand it.

It might be better to let him do what he wants.

“Rilfis wants to die. I understand that feeling of wanting a place to die.”

Wait, what? ‘I understand that feeling’?

“Wait, Till.”

“Yes, what is it, Hirano-san?”

“Was all that just your assumption? You’re the one looking for a place to die?”

“It isn’t an assumption or a fantasy. It’s supported by intricate logic…”

Eulenspiegel flew.

I’ve hardly punched anyone even in my previous life, but it was a surprisingly good punch. I glanced at Eulenspiegel who was slammed to the ground and spoke to Yoshinaga-san.

“Let’s hurry. It might not be too late!”



One of the angels was defeated without much difficulty.

Two angels remain. The one with the mushroom haircut wasn’t much of a swordsman but the other one, the blonde with feminine facial features, was quite a good swordsman.

But Rilfis wasn’t easily defeated by angels who have lost their karma and are kept by the ‘Church’. He may be the <God of Wind> but he was also the ‘Warrior Clan’s’ God of War.

The blade of the double-edge sword held by the angel and the handle of Rilfis’s spear were different in length. He deflected the angel’s slash with the butt end of his spear and then thrusted the tip of the spear at the angel’s face.

Rilfis had never used a spear in his previous life but after nearly 1,000 years of self-learning, he had become quite proficient with it. It was a miracle considering a person only lived to 100.

He had no intention of dying.

He had called that <Goddess of War> Yoshinaga as his reinforcement. She was the strongest, hard-liner in the battle against the ‘Church’. Rilfis remembered well how she united the young gods and quickly established a large force.

She was also strong in actual battle.

It will be two against two when she arrives. It wouldn’t be an overwhelming victory, but Rilfis and Yoshinaga would have an advantage because of their karma.

It would have been difficult to buy time while protecting Hirano, but he could do it if he was alone even if it was two against one as long as he concentrated on defending. There was nothing he could do except to endure and wait for Yoshinaga.

He tried to wind up the tip of his spear around the opponent’s sword to make them drop it, but it didn’t seem to work. The enemy seemed extremely skilled too. Even though they are now angels under the One and Only God, their origins vary greatly. At least one of the opposing angels must have been a renowned God once.

“Were you once a renowned God?”

He asked but the angel didn’t answer, but her sword changed.

The angel’s strange probing sword was gone and in its place was a bold and sharp sword. They must have recognised Rilfis as a worthy opponent. This should have been a life-or-death battle, but it was somewhat exhilarating.

“I appreciate the acknowledgement… but…”

He couldn’t just defend himself all the time now that the angel had recognised him as a worthy opponent. If he didn’t attack and maintain the distance, then he would lose his advantage with the spear. The double-edged sword would have the advantage in close combat.

Rilfis glanced at the battlefield below while fending off his opponent’s attack.

The allied forces were slowly pushing back just as planned. The ‘Church’ forces were already almost crawling out of their trenches. Kyrios was among them and so was Ostbach.

The ‘Warrior Clan’s’ cavalry were desperately trying to restrain and divert the enemy forces who have been dragged out of their trenches to prevent them from attacking. Neither side made new moves and the ‘Church’ was slowly being dragged out. It was just as he had envisioned.

When the crossbowmen have been sufficiently drawn away from their trenches, the demon army will strike them from the flank. This was a trap using tactical detours as bait and settling for strategic detours.

Rilfis barely dodged a stinging blow.

He was gradually losing his advantage from the opponent’s attacks. He had no time to play around. The other angel no longer joined in the sword fight. Battles between experts have an unapproachable aura about them.

He repelled, dodged, and parried.

Rilfis was on the defence again before long, but it wasn’t on purpose this time. He really had his hands full with defending.

Rilfis smiled sarcastically as he recalled the concept of divine warfare.

The concept was that when people fight, the gods who they worship also fight. Battles have been a clash of righteousness since ancient times and that justice is righteousness, determined not only by the battles between humans but also the battle between the gods.

Rilfis didn’t believe in this concept. He believed that righteousness and the future are won by the people. He had lived believing this and he would continue to live believing in this.

But what about the current situation? Such a battle was being waged whether he believed it or not.

The tip of the angel’s sword grazed his cheek.

Was this a legend? A strange sense of excitement welled up from deep within his chest when he thought this. A tragic heroic tale of a man who gains the power of a hero after his wife was stolen from him and takes revenge on the god who stole his wife. This was a theme that would be well received by the people. He realised his role in the story. The antagonist, an arrogant and tyrannical God of War.

His spear slowed for a moment. The angel didn’t miss this and slashed down powerfully, but that was Rilfis’s aim. While slightly avoiding the sword’s trajectory, he switched positions with the angel and went behind the enemy.


He thrusted the dagger that was attached to his waist against the opponent’s neck. The angel discarded their sword. The mushroom-haired angel had long fled.

“… The cause of defeat… What was the cause of my defeat?

The angel, who had never uttered a word before, asked as if monologuing to themselves. The angel’s voice was clear and sweet. A woman. He hadn’t noticed this before, but this angel was really a woman.

But her swordsmanship was superb. Rilfis didn’t believe that the reason for her defeat was that she was a woman.

“A child.”

“A child?”

He put the dagger away. Rilfis had lost the desire to take the life of this female angel.

“A parent with a child is strong.”

Without answering, the angel gave a small bow and flew away. She had guessed that her life was saved.

He could see Yoshinaga and Hirano in the distance.

The Demon army should also be behind them.