Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 24

24th Lecture

Elsa and Luca’s wedding ceremony would be held in the following spring, the reason being that autumn was when the social season ended and everyone returned to their territories.

Elsa and Luca were also busy with the aftermath of the earthquake that happened in Martinez. In addition, it was cold because they were heading into winter, and it was decided that it would be better to have the ceremony in spring when it became warmer. Both of them would have calmed down by that time.

Everything would proceed smoothly after the two had steeled themselves. The people who were doing most of the preparations for the ceremony were their parents. Although Luca was Duke Inglacia, Elsa thought, this guy. “It’s fine if you don’t do anything” she concluded and left it like that.

Dino was literally crying while making arrangements for his last unmarried daughter. The other three seemed to be having fun. The two getting married were mostly on the sideline but Elsa has one important thing to do.

It was about the wedding dress. She tried of many different designs and Alesia was the one who was deciding which one would suit her most. As usual, Elsa who had no fashion-sense, just tried on different dresses one after the other.

Elsa was tall so the hem of the dresses she tried on were too short. She could see her ankles. She would still be wearing high-heels on the day because her groom was also tall.

Elsa was also be preparing to move while the adjustments were being made on the wedding dress. Since she usually lived at the university dorm, she decided to leave everything but the important things at the mansion, as it would be easier for her to collect them after she got married. Luca was also enthusiastic and wanted to pick out her dress for her, but she was thankful that he wanted to do so because she had no fashion sense and decided to leave it to him, not without chiming in:


With the start of the New Year, Luca came into Elsa’s study at the university. This was normal but since it became well-known that Elsa and Luca would marry, they were also times when they’d get teased.

The female students had been talking to Luca ever since the marriage was decided. Please take care of the Professor. They were saying things like that when it didn’t even concern them. Please make me your lover! They even said such stupid things. She received a report saying that Luca, who still had gynophobia, got afraid every time it happened.

“Are you alright now?”

“I’m okay.”

Elsa, who was reading a student’s report while resting her chin on her hands, put the report away and stood up. Sabina read the mood and left the study when Elsa called to her.

“Sabina. Take this to the head of the secretariat. It’s the report for the Philosopher’s Conference.”


Sabina took the written report and hastily exited the study. Luca tilted his head after the door was closed.

“Sorry for bothering you?”

“Yes, well. I don’t think it’s something you should worry about.”

Elsa wryly smiled at Luca and said. It was true that he was bothering her but Elsa was considerate towards him. She, however, didn’t know how it was for Luca.

“So, what’s up? I will go to the royal capital in a week for the philosopher’s conference, you know.”

Even though the year had already ended, the Philosopher’s Conference was still continuing at intervals. Construction had progressed greatly in Martinez and the report indicated that they hadn’t ran into any problem while reconstructing the city.

They should be able to meet in a week at the palace, so why did he go out of his way to come here now?

“Yes, but…… I thought you would tease me if we were to talk at the palace or mansion.”

“It makes me worried that someone like you is saying something like that.”

Elsa put a coffee mug in front of him while saying something rude, without any hesitation. She sat down onto a chair, facing the sofa that he was sitting on.

“Elsa, here.”

He omitted a lot of things but Elsa got the meaning, standing up to sit next to him.

“And is that something to tease you about?”

She didn’t say that the he would be teased if he had done the same thing in university too. Elsa was usually the target of the teasing because she would turn it aside. It was highly possible for Luca to get teased as well, since he came to see her often but she didn’t point that out because it was funny.

“Take out your hand.”

Luca said and Elsa touched him with her right hand. He said, not that one, when she did so. She already had a feeling she knew what he wanted to do.

Pulling back her right hand to put out her left, Luca took her hand and slid a ring onto her finger. Elsa looked at the silver ring and inadvertently smiled:

“Did you get this made separately?” Elsa asked while looking at the ring she received. The ring that she would be receiving at the marriage ceremony had already been decided, it was something that had been passed down for generations in Duke Inglacia’s family and had received it earlier from Lorena.

She asked and Luca responded, “Yeah, I did”. He would certainly get teased because of this.

“…… I wanted you to wear something that I chose myself.” He said directly. It had a more simple design compared to the one she had received from Lorena and looked like something she could wear even when she was at work. More than anything, she was happy that Luca had chosen this ring for her.

“…… Thank you.” She docilely said thank you and Luca looked relieved. Elsa felt as if he made that face often in front of her.

Luca only showed that look to Elsa. She gently held Luca’s hand while feeling happy about the ring, but she was also feeling a bit shy. Luca has said “If it’s Elsa, then it’s fine” but this was the result of her taking his gynophobia into consideration. Luca grabbed Elsa’s hand, whether he knew that or not.

“I’m glad I met you, Elsa.” Luca said earnestly, to which Elsa wryly smiled:

“Me too.”

She thought that she was glad that they met, their relationship was already inseparable. Nevertheless, it was interesting so she didn’t comment on it. She would get teased for wearing the rings anyways.

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