Associated Title: 後宮香妃物語 

伊藤たつき ・ Tatsuki Ito
カスカベアキラ・Akira Kasukabe

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Status: Dropped – No more volumes

Shinzui, a country where perfumers are highly respected. Riri lives downtown, but her skills as a perfumer have earned her a place in the inner palace (harem) of the Crown Prince Kousho. However, her goal isn’t to become his favourite consort. Riri wishes to create the legendary treasured incense that her late father failed to produce, and clear his name. Kousho learned of her ulterior motive as soon as she entered the inner palace, and told her something unexpected!?

In a country where women aren’t allowed to become perfumers, a girl carves out her own destiny and finds love through the power of incenses.

A Chinese harem story!